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Be warned this fic does contain some Blasphemy! So if you don't like it, don't read.

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Chapter One

"You know the best thing about weddings right? The Bachelor party"

The famous last words spoken by one Dean Winchester, just eight months earlier.

As the wedding of his half sister Jo and her fiancé Ash approaches rapidly, the day of the bachelor party is finally upon them.

Little did Dean know but this one simple night would change the rest of his life forever.



Sam Winchester paced the length of the living room, waiting for his older brother to get his ass moving.

Considering Dean was more excited about the bachelor party than the groom to be himself, he certainly took his sweet time to get ready.

"DEAN!" Sam yelled loudly up the staircase.


Dean trotted down the stairs, throwing a cheeky grin in Sam's direction and earning one of his brother's infamous bitch faces in return.

"How the hell does it take you so long to get ready?" Sam bitched, glaring in his brothers direction, as Dean grabbed his worn leather jacket.

"Chill dude, I'm ready now aren't I? Come on or we're gonna be late for the stripper"

"Ok number one, YOU are the one who is making us late and two, Ash already said he wasn't getting a stripper."

"Yeah Yeah, we'll see" Dean replied with a wink and heading out of their front door.


The bachelor party consisted of;

Ash, the groom to be. Wild party animal with a mullet and proven genius.

Chuck, nerdy little guy with a talent for writing and Ash's best man.

Adam, little brother to the bride to be, Jo Harvelle and Half brother to Dean and Sam.

Sam, the youngest Winchester, the BFG as Ash liked to call him or Sasquatch as Dean liked to call him and big time hot shot lawyer

Finally there is Dean, the eldest Winchester, full of charm, infamous ladies man and working as a car mechanic at 'Singer's Autos'.

Together they made an odd bunch and in Dean's mind it should make for an interesting night.

As the guys hit the third bar of their crawl, the alcohol was now flowing freely and Dean was anxious for the arrival of Ash's stripper.

"So when does the stripper get here?" Dean beamed, slapping Ash's arm playfully.

"Deaaannn there is no stripper" Ash replied, chuckling as he downed his next shot.

Dean's smile dropped and eyebrows raised.

"What! You are joking right?"

Sam shot Dean a smug smile that read 'I told you so'.

"You can't have a bachelor party and NO stripper…come on guys, help me out here…" Dean pleaded, eyes darting to each member of the party. All of which gave the oldest Winchester a small shrug in reply.

"As long as I got my boys and my booze, I'm happy!" Ash drawled out, throwing an arm around Chuck.

Sam chuckled at Dean's clearly disappointed expression and resembled him to a child having a tantrum.

"This sucks"

Dean slumped back in his chair and pouted.

"Chin up man, the night is young" Ash declared happily, clapping Dean on the back.


By the time they hit the 6th bar of the night, the novelty was beginning to wear off for Dean.

Sam had disappeared two bars earlier claiming he had some paperwork to do early the next morning, Dean's money was slowly dissolving into nothing and the guys were becoming less and less entertaining.

Oh yeah and NO STRIPPER.

When Dean had returned from the bathroom to find the party had moved on without him and that he had well and truly lost them, it was fair to say he actually couldn't have cared less.

Before Dean could make a swift exit out of the bar, a loud piercing scream of his name pulled his attention back.


"Jo, what are you doing here?"

"My bachelorette party, duh! Where is Ash?" Jo jumped up and down excitedly, grabbing Dean's arm and subconsciously leading him to a table full of girls enjoying the party.

"He ummm, well I kinda lost them. They must have headed to the next bar."

"Ahhh that sucks! You can stay with us, come on…"

Dean shook his head and pulled out of Jo's grasp.

"No thanks, I don't really fancy seeing my little sis get up to no good on her bachelorette party."

Jo huffed, putting her hands on her hips and pouting.

"Come on Dean, it will be fun! Plus a whole table full of girls…it's like your dream come true."

Usually Dean would be inclined to agree, but being the only single male amongst the pack on a wild night out was not always his idea of fun.

Especially when that pack consisted of his half sister Jo, her mom Ellen, Jo's bitch of a friend Ruby and her timid and heavily religious best friend Anna. Dean was sure that was NOT his idea of a good night.

"I think I'll pass…"

"No way, you are staying…come on Dean, what's the worse that could happen."

Dean rolled his eyes, letting himself be dragged towards the table and pushed to sit down next to Ellen.

"Oh I don't know…I start talking about make up, boys and weddings…and oh yeah turn into a big girl"

"Quit whining Dean, that isn't all we talk about." Jo sat herself down between Ruby and Anna.

Ellen smiled at Dean, giving him a sympathetic pat on the leg.

"Don't worry hunny, give them 10 minutes and you will probably be able to sneak off."

"Thanks, guess I could stick around for one drink" Dean mumbled.

"Good boy, so tell me…is my future son in law behaving himself tonight?"

"Yeah he is…a little too much if you ask me. NO stripper Ellen…he didn't even have a stripper at his god damn bachelor party, I mean come on?"

"Even I know that ain't right" Ellen said with a chuckle.

"Right? That's what I said! See even you get it…Jeez" Dean said loudly, nodding his head rapidly in agreement.

Ruby's phone buzzed and she jumped up excitedly.

"Speaking of strippers…Jo's has just text me to say he's ready. You can stop whining now Dean, at least you get to perve over one stripper tonight."

Dean shook his head in frustration and groaned.

"Totally not what I meant, I should be watching a hot FEMALE stripper strut her stuff, not be subjected to some wannabe macho dude gyrating for my little sister. Urgh"

Ellen handed Dean a beer, which he promptly took a huge gulp of and cradled it in his lap, picking at the label.

The girls squealed in excitement as the mood and music changed around them, it was clear the small town bar they were currently in had help the girls set up Jo's pre-marital surprise.

When a man appeared as if from nowhere in front of the table, Dean noticed the other men in the bar roll their eyes and divert their gazes from the display that was about to take place.

Before Dean could think of doing the same, the man stepped forward into full view.

He had a pretty slim build for a stripper and had a mass of dark raven black hair, messily sticking in an upward direction as though he just rolled out of bed.

He was wearing a priest outfit of all things, simple black pants, black shoes, black shirt and a white priest collar, holding what looked to be a bible.

Anna yelped loudly and excused herself from the table, causing Ruby to laugh wickedly.

"Ruby…you know how religious Anna is; you couldn't have chosen something a bit less blasphemous?" Ellen scolded.

"Oh please this isn't Anna's party…besides it was worth it just to see the look on her face." Ruby chuckled, before turning her attention back to the male in front of them, who was currently spouting off some cheesy stripper nonsense about God's will and being sent by an angel.

Ellen glared at Ruby and turned to Dean, who couldn't help but laugh out loud.

"I'm sorry but it was a little funny"

The comment earned Dean a quick smack across the back of his head.

"OW, Hey…what was that for?"

His complaint was cut short when the music kicked in and the "priest" in front of them started to move seductively, causing Jo especially to squeal loudly piercing Dean's ear drums.

Dean rolled his eyes and slumped back in his chair, carefully watching the man in front of him.

"I could do that" He mumbled quietly, taking another sip of his beer.

The man had yet to face Dean; he didn't even notice there was a guy there at all until he caught Dean's snarky comment.

The stripper rolled his hips seductively, before turning to glance around the party, that's the first time he caught sight of Dean and that's the first time Dean caught a glimpse of the most beautiful blue eyes he had ever seen, so much so that he almost spat out his beer.

Their eye contact locked for a moment and the stripper smirked at Dean, before throwing the bible in his direction. Dean caught it effortlessly and the stripper turned back around to face the girls.


Dean felt suddenly captivated by the man in front of them. It wasn't the first time Dean had found a guy attractive and there was that one time back in college when he experimented but it never went beyond that.

But the man in front of him had definitely caught Dean's attention, the way he moved his hips, the way he locked contact with Dean, those piercing blue eyes, the small seductive smirk and hell Dean would be lying if he said the outfit didn't do it for him too.

In a nutshell, the guy was hot as hell.

When the stripper tossed away the dog collar and unbuttoned his shirt, Dean was entranced by the smooth, toned torso that lay beneath the material and noted the guy was slim but muscled in exactly the right way. The thought caused an involuntary shiver from Dean and he couldn't tear his eyes away from those grinding hips.

He felt himself getting hard in his jeans and fuck that was NOT supposed to happen.

When the stripper tossed the remains of his shirt to Jo and started working at the pants, he turned and threw Dean another small smile, knowing full well the guy was outright gawking at him.

He winked in Dean's direction and that's when the Winchester knew enough was enough, this was getting embarrassing.

Dean promptly got up and headed to the bar for another drink, hoping to avoid the rest of the strip tease, fearing for his testosterone and more importantly his sexuality.


Two beers and one shot later, Dean was still sat at the bar well away from the bachelorette party and away from the male stripper who had pretty much brought ladies man Dean Winchester, to full hardness just by gyrating his hips and throwing him a cheeky smirk.

As Dean downed his second shot, a low gravelly and downright sexy voice trickled down his ear from behind.

"You missed the end of the show, it's the best part"

Dean glanced to his side, revealing big blue eyes staring right back at him and the now fully dressed stripper crowding his personal space.

He forced an eye roll and a huff of annoyance, before ordering another beer for himself.

"Well at least you're not cocky about it huh?" Dean mumbled sarcastically, earning a low chuckle from the man beside him.

"Shame you felt the need to leave in a fluster; did it get too much for you?" The man asked with a small menacing smirk on his face.

"Don't know what you're talking about, just not my cup of tea…" Dean scoffed, taking a swig of his beer.

"Funny…you seemed to be enjoying the show to start with…"

Dean tensed slightly, worried that the stripper had caught sight of the bulge in Dean's pants earlier, which funnily enough seemed to slowly be making a comeback the more this guys voice rumbled down his ear.

He forced himself to relax and take the higher ground.

"Don't flatter yourself 'padre', I don't swing that way" Dean spat out, turning to look the man straight in the eye in a show of confidence.

The look he got in return was a set of curious blue eyes and a blatant amused smirk spreading across the man's face. Something which told him, the guy near enough knew Dean was bullshitting.


The man simply shrugged and smiled widely at Dean, before fishing out his business card and pushing it into Dean's hand.

"…If you ever want a private show, just give me a call"

One last seductive grin, a hand brushing down Dean's arm and a cheeky wink later, the man was heading out of the bar.

Dean was abandoned sitting at the bar alone, lost for words, stunned and probably the most turned on he had been in a long time.

To summarise, Dean was totally and completely screwed.