I don't even know what this is but it was incredibly fun (in a sadistic way) to write and it got me out of a rut I've been stuck in for awhile so mehhhhh.

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The End

Tears were stinging Lily's eyes, but she felt quite calm, overall.

Her husband was dead.

Her child would be dead in moments.

And, in just a few moments, she would be dead too.

She vaguely registered that maybe this last part was more important than the first two. A few years ago, it would have been. But it wasn't now.

She wondered, briefly, how it felt to die. Was it hard? Did it hurt? Sure, people said aveda kadevra was painless, but no one really lived to tell, did they now?

Voldemort was coming up the stairs, now. Any second he would be here. And any second, he would kill her son.

He'd already killed James. She wanted to lie down and weep for him, but that would be a fairly pitiful way to spend one's last moments, and anyways, maybe she would see him again now. She'd always believed that after one died, they did see the ones they'd loved and lost.

They hurt, those tears. James was dead. James was dead. And now, Harry would die too. Her baby boy, who hadn't had a chance to live. And now, if the prophecy was right, the man who killed him would never be vanquished.

A rush of horror came up to her. Her loves' murders, never to be killed? The man who took her love's life as if he didn't matter (when he did, he did, he did, he was her best friend, she loved him, he was part of her), the man who would kill her baby, the man who'd killed Marlene, Dorcas, Benjy, Gideon, Fabian, countless others – that man (if that was what he was anymore) that excuse of a human walk free?

"Mama?" whispered Harry from the corner.

Lily turned and knelt. Her mental thought process had taken little more than a few seconds, frenzied, nonlinear, mad seconds.

"Harry, my baby," she whispered, and suddenly she was terrified, terrified that her son would die not knowing how much she loved him, terrified that she hadn't given him as much love as she ever should have, and suddenly tears were flowing down her face and she was shaking, because her son, her baby, was dying, and she would never get to tell him she loved him again..

"Harry," she whispered, and her heart ached when she saw that he was crying, as well, "Harry, you are so loved." She wished she could tell him a thousand times, she wished she could explain to him just how much love for him coursed through her every day, every hour, every moment, but she couldn't. This was her last chance. "Mama loves you, Harry.." Her heart was beating wildly now, Voldemort was making his way up the stairs, and that was the first time she thought his name without shuddering. He couldn't do anything to her now that he hadn't done, or wasn't about to do. "Dada loves you, Harry." She swallowed. "Harry, be safe," she begged. "Be strong, Harry.."

Her door creaked open, but suddenly she felt no fear, and suddenly she knew what she had to do. She had to do it for Marlene and Dorcas. She had to do it for Benjy Fenwick, in so many pieces it was hard to find him. She had to do it for Amelia Bones and Molly Prewett, because both of them would grow up without their brothers. And for James Potter, the bravest man who ever lived.

She had to do it for Severus, because in that instant, with all her heart she forgave her Sev. There was nothing left for her here.

She stepped in front of Harry, and she did not move for the rest of life.

The End