Hey Everyone! Here it is, the long awaited sequel to Fire and Ice. A nice long first chapter, to get us all through the hiatus, and get everyone back into the story. Don't expect all of them to be this long in the future :)

Also, just as a note. I tried to keep my writing style, pacing, etc similar to Fire and Ice so that the two stories would flow together. So if you've read my other fics and this one seems a bit different, that's why. Or maybe it's not that different, I don't know haha

Fans were cheering, shoes squeaked across the floor, the clock ticked down the red seconds. No one saw it. It happened in the blink of an eye. Everyone else was focused on that game. But Caroline saw. Her vampire senses caught it all, but it was too late. As she arched back into her flip, someone flashed forward, knocking her to the side. She felt herself stumble and twist in the air at an old angle and then she felt the sickening crack as her shoulder hit the gym floor. Hard. It hurt like hell.

The rest of the cheerleaders stopped and ran over to her. Some of the fans too. Caroline rolled onto her backside as everyone crowded around her. Every slight movement of her arm caused her to wince in pain. She looked around and saw that the entire game had stopped because of her. One of the team doctor's came over and looked at her shoulder.

"Definitely broken," he said, "we should get you to the emergency room."

Caroline looked worried for a second. She couldn't go to the emergency room! What would they say when, by the time they got her there, she was perfectly healed?

"Step back," she heard her mom yelling. The sheriff was pushed her way through the crowd and crouched down by her daughter.

"Broken. I'm pretty sure," Caroline said, looking into her mother's eyes, a secret conversation passing between them. Liz nodded and lifted off the ground.

"I'll take her to the ER in my squad car," the sheriff said. Everyone backed up and gave them room to get by. The crowd started clapping as Caroline rose and began to make her way out of the gym. She smiled graciously at the supportive response. But her smile faded as she looked to the gym doors.

There was the person responsible for her injury. The injury didn't matter so much, but the fact that the girl was even standing there was a big warning. An evil smile spread across her face as the two made eye contact. She gave Caroline a wink before slipping out.

Rebekah had returned.

Caroline stood by her locker, awkwardly trying to fit her books into it. Having the use of only one arm was incredibly difficult. She huffed and groaned and cursed everything about this current situation.

"Morning Caroline," Matt said greeting her.

"Good morning," she returned, finally getting her last book inside. She turned to face him with a smile. Matt noticed the blue sling around her shoulder, incasing her arm.

"Uh Care, why are you wearing that?"

"I take it you weren't at the basketball game last night," she replied.

"No. Had to work."

"Well let's just say I had an unlucky tumble. And by unlucky, I mean psycho sister of the year showed up and knocked me down in the middle of a double back-handspring."

"Wait, you mean like Rebekah? That psycho sister?"

"That would be the one," Caroline replied, nudging her locker shut and clumsily shouldering her messenger bag. Matt, ever the gentleman, stepped forward and took the bag from her. She smiled gratefully.

"I'm still confused. Why do you have the sling? Wouldn't you just heal?"

Caroline stood closer to him, lowering her voice to a whisper. "Well yeah, I'm already as good as new, but out in public I have to wear this for a few weeks. Rebekah broke my shoulder in front of a crowd of people. They all saw it happen. So I have to pretend for now that my shoulder is actually broken."

Caroline hated that part the most. One of the great things about being a vampire was never getting sick or permanently injured. Rebekah has known exactly what she was doing when she attacked Caroline in public. Matt graciously carried her books and things to her first few periods, since they were in all of the same classes. A couple girls gave her the eye as Caroline slid into her desk. She knew rumors about them would be flying by the end of the day. Which made Caroline long for her actual boyfriend.

Klaus had been gone for months following Rebekah around, chasing after her and his pseudo-dead family. She hadn't seen him since Christmas. She fingered the diamond bracelet that wrapped around her wrist. Klaus had sent it for Valentine's Day. Ever since Christmas, he knew that holidays and human traditions were very important to her. She smiled to herself, remembering the gifts he had also sent her on Groundhog Day and President's Day. He didn't really know which holidays were important and which ones weren't, but at least he was trying.

But more than gifts and the occasional phone call, she wanted him there, in Mystic Falls. They had only just begun when he took off. Caroline tried to be and understanding girlfriend, but deep down she hated it so much. She hated that it seemed like getting back at his sister was more important than being with her.

Caroline glanced over at Matt, who was doodling something in his notebook, not paying attention to the math lesson at all. They had dated once. Caroline had loved him and he had loved her. How easy would it be to have a boyfriend who was there all the time? Who wasn't chasing around evil bitch demons and wasn't a thousand years old with a million issues. Someone who would come see her cheer at basketball games and carry her books to class and pin a cheesy corsage on her hand at prom.

Just then Matt looked over at her and gave her a little smile. She returned it and then looked back toward the front of the class. Matt was nice and a great friend, but if she was being honest, all that time had past. She had changed too. She had also become a vampire with issues. And Matt had told her he couldn't handle it. They hadn't worked out as a couple because of the imbalance. Caroline hoped that it wouldn't be the same for her and Klaus.

Klaus sat behind the bar, sipping at yet another scotch. The brown liquor tasted bitter on his tongue. Alcohol never affected vampires the way it did humans. He could drink a dozen more of these and only just begin to feel the effects. Klaus took the glass and knocked it back quickly, signaling to the bartender for another. The busty, blonde girl walked over and poured another double into his glass.

"Wow, you can really knock em back," she said in a thick southern accent. Klaus smirked at her and pulled the new glass toward him downing the contents. The bartender poured him another.

"You wanna talk about it?" She asked, pouring him another.

"No." Klaus replied.

"Well," she said, her blue eyes narrowing seductively, "if you change your mind, I get off at four."

The girl replaced the bottle and sauntered away, swinging her luscious hips as she walked to the other side of the bar.

He glanced around the bar. It was seedy and a bit gross, but charming in that way. He reckoned it probably became a small town hang out much like The Grill at a later hour. But now it was filled with desperate, sad day drunks. Himself included. Klaus winced as he thought of The Grill. Which made him think of Mystic Falls, which made him think of a particular luscious blonde vampire.

He pushed the thought away and drank his scotch, feeling the burn as it slid down his throat. He couldn't think about that now. He was on a mission and he couldn't be distracted. It turned out that Rebekah was better at this cat and mouse game than Klaus had thought. He had just missed her yet again. Apparently she had learned something while running with him from Mikael for all those years.

Klaus watched the bartender glance surreptitiously at him from across the bar. A glance at the overhead clock said it was just after three. He downed the rest of the drink and stood up, heading over to where she was. The other bar patrons got up and left, giving him some room.

Klaus smiled at her. "You said you get off at 4?" She nodded. He leaned over the bar and whispered to her. "You know, I'm not really a patient man."

His pupils dilated and the bartender's eyes glazed over. Not that he would have needed compulsion. He had noticed her undressing him with her eyes ever since he walked in. The girl grabbed his shirt and pulled him toward her, her lips brushing against his ear. "In the back, five minutes."

Klaus smiled wickedly as he exited the bar. He sauntered around to the back of the bar. It was a dirt parking lot, with only a couple of trucks. The woods behind looked dark and deep, even in the daytime. He turned as the blonde girl appeared from the employee entrance. Her hair was curly and her smile bright but it was just slightly off. Not the quite the same. She was a bit too tall and her eyes the wrong shade of blue. Klaus extended his hand to her.

"Come," he said. She smiled and took his hand. He led her into the woods, so far that the trees began to block out the sunlight overhead. Klaus tried to squash down the slight feel of guilt rising inside of him. There was no reason to feel guilty, no reason at all.

He stopped and pushed the girl against the tree. She gasped and locked her arms around his neck, pulling him forward eagerly for a kiss. But his lips passed hers and went straight for her neck. The girl moaned at the contact, her hands running all over him. This felt wrong. So wrong. But it couldn't be avoided. He had needs. Again, there was no reason to feel any sort of guilt over that. Klaus only let it last before half a second before sinking his fangs into her neck. Then the sensual moans turned to screams.

After feeding he sent the blonde back into the bar, a huge smile on her face and never the wiser about the true nature of their 'tryst'. Klaus drove away in his Camaro, feeling sated for the moment. He had a pretty good idea where he was going, based on Caroline's last tip. She had told him that she couldn't always promise she would help him and put Stefan in the line of danger. He didn't like it but he understood. He also had his remaining hybrids out spying for any sign of the rouge Salvatore or his sister. It seemed they had a newfound sense of loyalty after watching him rip their friend's head off outside the boarding house.

He heard his phone buzz where it lay in the passenger seat next to him. He scooped it up and pressed the answer button.


"Nik, how are you?"

"Rebekah, haven't heard from you in a while. Still angry with me?"

"Dear brother what a stupid question," she replied mockingly, "you know what's interesting?"

"Please, enlighten me," he snapped back at her.
"Caroline just can't seem to master that pesky back -flip at cheerleading practice. It's fun to watch her become so frustrated with herself." Klaus's face dropped. Worry flooding through his veins. Rebekah being in Mystic Falls was not good and somehow she had figured out about their relationship, which was even worse. "You know you should really thank her for me the next time you talk to her."

"What are you talking about?"

"Her little tipoff to Stefan gave me the perfect exit strategy. Let's just say we've gone our separate ways. All he wanted was to kill you, but I've got something much better planned."

"Revenge really isn't your thing sister."

"Well we shall see won't we? Now that I've ditched the ripper and have our family perhaps I'll just start waking them up."

"Rebekah you—"

"Oh and also thank the her for giving me another fabulous idea—instead of taking out my frustrations with you on your doppelganger, I'll be turning my attentions to someone else."

Klaus's jaw clenched tightly. "If you dare touch Caroline I will end you without a second thought."

"Guess I'll be seeing you soon, brother."

Klaus threw the phone down and spun the wheel, as the mobile crashed into pieces on the floor of the car. He stomped on the gas willing the car to go faster. He was over a thousand miles away from Mystic Falls. He needed to get back as fast as he could.

"So you and Matt are back together?" Elena said sitting down at the picnic table next to Caroline.

"I heard they aren't back together officially but they are heading in that direction," Bonnie added joining them.

"Actually," Caroline said, "he's just giving me attention because of the drama at the basketball game. He's my white knight and I'm his damsel in distress."

Elena laughed, "Why is everyone so crazy?"

Caroline shrugged. "Got me."

"You are ok though right?"

The blonde nodded. "Perfectly perfect. Just have to keep up appearances."

"It was Rebekah though wasn't it?" Bonnie said, "I saw her."

Elena's eyes went wide. "Rebekah?"

"Yep. The evil blood slut is back in town," Caroline replied.

"Have you told Klaus? What does he say?"

"I haven't talked to him yet. His phone keeps going straight to voicemail."

"But he'll come eventually right?"

"If he figures out that she's here he will," she replied.

"How would he not," Elena said, "especially if you tell him."

"I would if he would answer his damn phone!" Caroline said feeling frustrated. She was already worried enough. It was unlikely that something happened to him, but it had been a couple weeks since they had spoken, which was a lot longer than usual. Just then, the loud speak clicked on, interrupting her thoughts.

"Attention students. We would like to announce to you the 2012 Prom Queen nominations. Gina Warner, Olivia Fell, Jessica Roberts, and Caroline Forbes. Congratulations ladies." The speaker clicked off.

"Oh my god! Caroline!" Bonnie exclaimed.

"You're nominated for prom queen!" Elena said.

Caroline just sat there, completely surprised. "I'm nominated for prom queen? How were you not nominated?" She said pointing to Elena.

"Oh please, I dropped out of that race a long time ago. I'm a loner now remember?"

"Caroline this has been your dream since forever," Bonnie said, "you've been running for Prom Queen since kindergarten."

Caroline's smile became big and bright. "I can't believe it! Prom Queen!"

For the rest of the day, everyone was congratulating her on her nomination, telling her that she was "totally" going to get it. Caroline couldn't help but beam as she strolled from class to class. She even smiled when Olivia Fell gave her a nasty look. Caroline wasn't one to be intimidated by the competition.

When the school bell finally rang, Caroline had completely forgotten all of her Klaus worries. She shouldered her bag and headed out to the parking lot. It was Friday which meant no cheerleading practice and no after school commitments, she was totally free to relax. She couldn't wait to call Klaus and tell him the news, even if he wouldn't really understand how much it meant to her. Caroline dialed his number as she reached her car. Again it went straight to voicemail. She exhaled loudly, but refused to let her absent boyfriend dampen her good mood.

"Prom Queen? That's a pretty big deal. I'm sure I could have been prom queen if I stayed in school."

Caroline froze at the sound of the familiar, yet feminine, English voice. She turned slowly to see Rebekah, standing only a couple feet away. She took a deep breath, trying to calm herself. Certainly Rebekah wouldn't attack her in the middle of the busy parking lot with all of these witnesses around. Then again…she did attack her at the basketball game. Caroline decided it was best if she kept her guard up.

"What do you want?" Caroline said in her bravest voice possible.

"Well that's a long list. Aside from a new pair of Christian Loubitans I'd quite like to get revenge on my brother."


"For killing our mother," Rebekah replied.

Caroline was taken aback. She hadn't heard this portion of the story. Still Caroline kept her poker face on.

"So what does that have to do with me?"

Rebekah smirked, stepping closer to her. "Oh don't bother playing coy. I know all about you and my brother…that you're involved."

Rebekah stood in front of her, staring her down. The heels the vampire wore made her a good three inches taller than Caroline. But Caroline didn't back down, she raised her chin and met the original vampire's stare.

"Caroline is there a problem?" Matt walked up behind Rebekah. Caroline felt afraid for him for half a second. She knew that Matt would want to protect her, but if he made any move against Rebekah, the girl would snap him like a twig.

"No Matt. Rebekah was just leaving."

Rebekah smirked again and gave Matt a cursory glance before strutting away from them. Caroline watched the vampire go, glaring in her direction.

"You sure you're alright," Matt asked her once Rebekah was far out of ear shot.

"Yeah I'm fine. I'm not even entirely sure what that was all about," Caroline said tossing back her curls.

"So," Matt said changing the subject, " you going to the party tonight?"

She had heard about "the party" that was taking place that night. It was the usual get drunk in the woods bonfire party. It had been ages since Caroline had been to something like that. The last one was probably when she was still dating Matt. Still, if she was going to be Prom Queen, she would have to make appearances.

"I don't have anything else to do tonight," Caroline replied opening up her car door.

"Are you supposed to be driving?" Matt asked.

"No, but I can fake it well enough. My arm isn't really broken, remember?"

Matt shook his head. "Yeah. Right. I forgot. Well, I could use a ride. My truck is in the shop and I really don't want to take the bus."

"Sure," Caroline shrugged, "hop in."

Matt lunged forward though and snatched the keys out of her hand. "Not a chance Forbes. I've been in the car with you, I know how you drive."

"Hey! I'm an excellent driver. Especially since I became a vampire."

"Yeah whatever, I'm driving. Besides it will help you're cover story."

"And add to the one where we're supposedly back together," Caroline muttered. As soon as the words were out she immediately felt horrible. She hadn't meant to say them.

Matt just smiled. "Don't worry, I already told anyone around that you're dating some hot foreign guy. Way more interesting rumor. I'm sure they'll latch on to that soon." The two of them laughed as Caroline walked around to the passenger side of her car and got in.

Matt drove to his house first and dropped himself off and then Caroline resumed her place in the driver's seat and headed home. When she reached her house, she noticed her mother's car was gone. It was fortunate that her mom was working that night. She wouldn't have to lie about the party in the woods. Sometimes having the sheriff for your mother put a serious dent in your social life.

Caroline walked through her front door and threw her keys and bag on the front table. Now that she was finally home, she could remove the sling and fake bandages covering her arm for a few hours. It only took one day of faking it and now she was definitely contemplating how believable it would be that she was a really fast healer.

"Hello love." A voice said from the living room. Caroline's head snapped up and she ran around the corner. There was Klaus, standing in her living room, a smile on his face.

"How did you get in?"

Klaus chuckled. "Your mother was here earlier. I think she's starting to warm to the idea of me."

Her sling forgotten, Caroline ran up to him and threw her arms around him. Klaus returned her embrace, lifting her off the ground and squeezing her tight. But a second later he dropped her to the ground, holding her away from his body, and gave her a muddled look.

"I'm confused," he said starring down at her "injured" shoulder and arm.

"Oh yeah, don't worry its not real," she said lifting the blue sling strap over her head and taking it off. She tossed it onto the couch.

"Then why are you wearing it?"

"Well you would know if you would answer your phone," she admonished.

"Sorry love, had a bit of a bad temper moment with my phone. Haven't had the chance to pick up a new one."

Her eyebrows rose. "Bad temper moment?"

"Nothing to worry about. And you, as usual, are avoiding my question." He brushed her hair behind her ear, letting his fingers glide through her curls.

"Hmm, seems with both have a talent for that," she quipped.


"It was Rebekah," she said. Klaus's face didn't change, he simply waited for her to continue.

The two of them sat down on the couch and Caroline explained to him how Rebekah had run in and attacked her in front of a whole crowd of people without being seen, which now necessitated her need to where a sling and bandage in public. Then she mentioned about the earlier conversation in the school parking lot. As she spoke, Klaus unwrapped the ace bandage from her arm, his fingertips brushing her skin. It made it a little difficult for her to concentrate. Once again, it seemed so surreal having him there in front of her, touching her. Just like it had been when she last saw him at Christmas. Once she was done speaking, Klaus started in with his own explanations. He told her about his phone conversation with Rebekah, the reason why he had returned to Mystic Falls.

"I need to make sure your safe. Time is of the essence, especially since Rebekah has already made a move. She doesn't know I'm here yet," Klaus said to her.

"Well that's good. Then we have time to come up with a plan."

"I already have a plan," he said, "we're leaving Mystic Falls tonight."

"Wait, what?"

"Pack some things. I'm taking you away from here for the time being."

Caroline shook her head in disbelief. "I can't just pick up and leave."

"You should probably warn your friends also. If Rebekah is going after you to get back at me then it's likely she'll go after the doppelganger as well. But Damon Salvatore can decide what he wants to do about that."

"Klaus stop! I can't leave. There's a party I have to go to tonight. And I have school and cheerleading and I just got nominated for prom queen."

"None of that matters," Klaus said.

Caroline stamped her foot in protest. "It matters to me!"

"Well you really don't have a choice in the matter," Klaus said, his eyes deadly serious.

At that, Caroline shot up off the couch. "Oh really?"

Klaus stood up, looking down at her, his jaw clenched in frustration. "Caroline if I have to throw you over my shoulder and drag you out of this town I will do it."

"Try it," Caroline said, meeting his stare. She could see his lips pursing together. It was something he always did when he knew he was losing an argument.

"You have until dusk to pack and warn your friends. Then I'm coming back and we are leaving Mystic Falls!"

With his final words, Klaus stalked out of the living room and out of the house, slamming the front door behind him.

Caroline ignored Klaus's demands and went to the party that night. He said that he would drag her out of town if he had to, well that was just what it would take. There was no way she was letting the threats of an evil blood slut run her out of her town. Instead she would drink cheap beer and hang out with her friends like the normal teenage girl she was always trying to be. Instead of wearing the stupid sling, Caroline had wrapped her arm up in cloth bandages. Everyone would be too drunk to notice anyways. She stood up against a tree, chatting with Elena, red solo cup in hand.

"So Rebekah is after you because she's trying to get back at Klaus?" Elena asked.

"Yeah apparently. I miss the days when everyone was after you."

"I don't," Elena replied. Caroline looked over at her and they both laughed. "And she's gonna wake up the rest of the originals?"

"That's what she threatened to Klaus. But he seems to think she won't. He said there are too many risks involved for herself by waking any of the others."

Elena's shoulders sagged a bit in relief. "Well I hope he's right," she said, "where is Klaus anyways? I'm surprised you aren't with him considering it's been like five months since you've seen him."

Caroline gulped down her beer. "We had a fight."

"You had a fight?"

"Yeah. He came in like a caveman, saying that he was taking me away from Mystic falls 'for my safety' and just completely doesn't get why I won't leave."

"He's just being an over-protective boyfriend I'm sure," Elena said.

"Whatever," Caroline replied, "speaking of over-protective boyfriends, where is Damon tonight?"

Elena still hadn't admitted that her and Damon were an item, but Caroline liked to push the envelope. They all did really. It had been obvious since homecoming that the two of them were together and that was months ago. But Elena kept things quite and Damon didn't seem to mind.

"I snuck out, I needed a girls night for once," she replied taking a sip of beer.

"Too bad Bonnie isn't here," Caroline replied, "so why did you have to sneak out?"

"Damon's just intense. He still doesn't like to leave me alone, ever since that one time, when Klaus—" Elena stopped herself and looked at Caroline.

The blonde just rolled her eyes. "It's fine. When he stole your blood. I know we don't have the best history with my boyfriend, no point in ignoring it."

"Yeah," Elena said, "well since then he doesn't like to let me out of his sight for too long. He can be such a dad sometimes."

Caroline made a face. "Ew. That is creepy in a way you can't even imagine."

They laughed again, finishing off their beers, and stood around chatting some more. Matt eventually came and hung out for a bit, but was soon taken away by his football teammates for drinking games. Damon showed up too, finally figuring out where Elena had run off. They didn't stay long after that. Caroline took the opportunity to mingle. She needed to do some major sucking up to get people to vote for her.

A few beers later, Caroline started to feel a little buzz. Must have been more than a few beers, she thought since it always took vampires a little more to get truly drunk. However her lowered senses didn't make it difficult for her to notice the swift vampire moment in the woods. She didn't know who or what it was but she knew that no human was moving that fast. It was probably one of Klaus's stupid hybrids, ready to pick off drunken teenagers. Caroline stalked off into the dark woods to go handle the problem and prevent anyone from getting hurt, or killed.

She stepped deeper into the woods, the light from the bonfire fading the further she walked. Leaves and branches crunched under her feet. She could hear a few couples getting busy around her. Caroline had to hold back the urge to gag. Sometimes she hated her vampire hearing. Next to her a branch snapped. She whipped her head in the direction of the sound and she saw something disappear behind a tree.

"You might as well come out, I know you're there," Caroline said, spreading her legs and standing at the ready. It only just occurred to her that maybe it wasn't a hybrid; that instead it was Rebekah, and here she was, without backup. But it was too late now, she thought, as she heard movement and footsteps.

Caroline dropped her stance when she saw Klaus walk around the tree and not Rebekah.

"Oh it's you," Caroline flipping her hair over her shoulder.

"I thought I told you we were leaving tonight. Yet here you are wandering around in the woods, alone and vulnerable," Klaus said walking toward her.

"I guess this is the part where you drag me outta town," she replied.

Klaus ignored her, instead walking right up to her and crushing his lips to hers in a searing hot kiss. Klaus's hands went around her back, one cupping her bum, pressing her flush against him. Caroline's arms went automatically around his neck, standing on her tip toes to meet him, desire taking over any other emotion. She could feel the heat from his body radiating through her party clothes. His tongue swirled around inside her mouth. Clearly he had been out hunting. He tasted slightly of blood. But of course she enjoyed it. Klaus lifted her from the ground and pressed her back up against a tree, tracing her lips with his tongue.

A few moments later, he pulled back, looking down at her, grinning like an alligator. "I realized after I left you earlier that I never gave you a proper hello."

Caroline fought the urge to giggle, remembering that she was still supposed to be mad at him. "We are just doing everything wrong aren't we?"

"How so love?"

"Well it's been months. We should be having passionate reunion sex or something, not fighting."

Klaus's grin got even bigger. "Well the fighting is just foreplay," he replied dipping his head down to her neck. Caroline let out a moan at the feel of his perfect lips on her throat. Sometimes she wished he could just sink his teeth right into her…but there was that whole killing thing to worry about. Then again he could just heal her right away. They'd have to try it sometime. But no! Caroline was getting distracted by her hormones. She placed her hands on his shoulders and shoved him away.

"Seriously! I'm not leaving Mystic Falls," she said narrowing her eyes at him.

Klaus groaned. "I thought you said that we'd shouldn't be fighting."

"Well we wouldn't be if you just gave in," she smiled sweetly.

Klaus stood up straight and looked away from her. She could see him trying to work out an argument that would avoid a fight but still let him win. But she wasn't going to back down.

"Klaus, Mystic Falls is my home. And yes I totally plan on leaving one day, but right now it's important that I be here. That I finish out this part of my life before I move on to the next." Klaus just stared into the forest, his eyes not meeting hers. "Look we've stuck around through every crazy vampire and an witch and war and whatever else that has come through this town. We haven't ditched yet."

Klaus looked at her then. "But this isn't about them Caroline, this is about me. And you."

"And I trust you," she said, "I trust you to protect me."

Klaus gave her a small smile at that. She was certain it was probably the first time anyone had ever said anything like that to him. He let out a deep sigh, cupping her face in his hands.

"I don't know what I'd do if something happened to you," he said seriously.

"Don't worry so much," she poked him playfully in the ribs, "no matter what romance novels claim, the over protective boyfriend thing really isn't always sexy."

She saw him roll his eyes slightly at the use of the word "boyfriend" and took his silence as an opportunity to pull him in for another kiss. Klaus slipped his arms around her again and returned her affections. Since the leaving issue seemed settled, she could now concentrate on the other point he had brought up. It really had been to long. Caroline was, for lack of a better word, horny. Maybe that's why she was being so bitchy about the whole thing.

Her fingers trailed down his chest to his belt. She unfastened the buckle, the metal clinking under her fingers, and unzipped his pants. Klaus broke away from her mouth, their lips separating with a pop. He glanced down at her hands and raised an eyebrow at her.

"I didn't take you for such an exhibitionist love."

"Well this isn't really public," Caroline replied coyly, "besides we aren't the only ones."

Klaus's ears pricked. There were faint sounds of rustling and moaning throughout the forest. Teenage hormones at their finest. He looked back down at her with a wicked grin.

"Well, I think we can do better than them," he said planting his lips on her throat. Caroline arched into him as his hands passed under her shirt. He cupped one of her breasts, squeezing slightly. Just as she was getting into everything, blue and red lights started flickering, then she heard the familiar blip of a police car siren. In the distance complaints and groans could be heard as the cops broke up the party.

Klaus paused his ministrations and looked up at her. "I suppose that means we've missed the teenage fun."

"Yes," Caroline said, "but that also means that my mom isn't home right now."

Klaus smirked, discerning her meaning. He stood upright and helped Caroline fix her shirt while adjusting his pants.

"I suppose we'll be taking this indoors after all."

Caroline woke up the next morning snuggled up in Klaus's arms. It felt so nice. She could count the number of times on one hand that she had gotten the chance to do this. Her fingers trailed down his bare chest, tracing the outlines of his muscle. She should really write Rebekah a nice thank you note, maybe send some flowers. After all, it was because of her that Klaus was now back in Mystic Falls.

Caroline sat up and dropped a small kiss onto his lips. Klaus opened his eyes then, smiling at her face only inches away. Caroline knew that from the few times they actually had had sleepovers that he hadn't really been asleep. He was only just pretending.

"Morning," he said to her.

"Good morning," she replied with a big smile.

Klaus reached up and placed his hands on her back, rubbing circles against her smooth skin.

"You're in a good mood this morning."

"I am," she replied kissing him again. Klaus chuckled light heartedly at her enthusiasm.

A few moments later Caroline broke away and rolled over, her hand reaching for her nightstand. Her fingers searched for her cell phone, but it wasn't there. Caroline sat up frowning.

"Where's my phone?" she asked out loud, mostly to herself.

"Left it in the car perhaps?" Klaus said.

"Probably. I hate when I do that." Caroline turned to slip out of bed, grabbing her unworn pajamas off the floor. "I'm just gonna go grab it, I'll be right back."

Klaus moved forward. "Let me."

Caroline jumped, pushing him back into the bed. "No way! We got lucky sneaking you in here. My mom might still be home and I don't wanna have that awkward boys and sex and responsibility discussion."

Klaus chuckled and leaned back into bed, his arms behind his head, as Caroline slipped on her sweat pants and robe and headed out to the driveway.

It really is a beautiful morning, Caroline thought as she walked toward her car. The sun was high and shining and birds were singing. Maybe it was just a symptom of being so love struck. She knew that Klaus was only just returning because of the danger, but she couldn't help but be at least a little thankful for it, if it meant that he was by her side. It was odd in a way. She had never really felt this dependent on a guy before. Not that she was dependent or that Klaus was any ordinary guy. Still, she never had felt so lost whenever Matt or Tyler had gone off on weekend trips or when Tyler would go missing for weeks at a time. Maybe it was different because they were different situations. But when Klaus left, she had felt like a part of her was gone with him. She didn't even realize it until she saw him again.

Caroline opened her car door and saw her phone right away sitting in a cup holder. She grabbed and climbed back out of the car. As she spun around to head back inside the sight of a very blonde, angry vampire stopped her.

"Good morning Caroline," Rebekah said in a faux-sweet voice. Caroline almost jumped out of her skin. Behind Rebekah, she noticed two men standing there. They were tall and dark and broad. Caroline wasn't sure if they were supernatural but she didn't like the look of them either way.

"I'm guessing my brother is inside," Rebekah continued, "so we had better make this quick."

Caroline opened her mouth to respond but she didn't have the chance. In the blink of an eye Rebekah seized her head and twisted her neck. Caroline heard the snap of her own spine and then everything went black.

So the story is set and the plot thickens. Lots going on here. Hope its not super confusing or anything.

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