Yugioh GX

Duel of the Gods

Hey hey hey everyone! Here's my first Yugioh GX Fanfic; Hope you like it!

Summary: Three students from the prestigious Duel Academy are chosen to represent the Egyptian Gods as they battle for supremacy amongst the Gods. However, many darker forces are at work, and one god will stop at nothing to win...

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Chapter One – Enter Slifer!

Dark, ominous clouds were forming overhead as Tokoi ran down the street at full speed, heading towards the Duel Academy entrance exams.

Of all the days to sleep in, why did it have to happen today? He thought as he ran. Suddenly, a gust of wind and rain caused him to lose his balance and slip, falling face-first into the ground.

Tokoi groaned and sat up, holding onto his now-aching nose...But something caught his eye. A small object flowing through the wind, coming his way. Is that...a card?

Now ignoring the pain in his face, Tokoi stood and followed the card with his gaze. It was definitely being blown his way, but the wind could shift at any moment. Knowing this, he quickly ran up to a nearby railing and climbed up onto it, barely able to stay standing on the slippery metal.

Once the card came close, Tokoi leapt out and grabbed hold of it, doing a luckily-executed roll to help break his fall. He let out a sigh of relief, then took a look at the card he held in his hand...

His breath was taken from him. No...this can't be, he thought. It was a little different from other cards, whereas most monster cards had a yellow background to it, this one had red. At the top, the name 'Slifer the Sky Dragon' was clearly printed.

I'm holding one of the legendary God cards? Tokoi stood and was hit by a gust of wind, holding the card close to him so he doesn't lose it. The rain suddenly started up again, so he quickly placed the card in his inside-jacket pocket, not wanting to ruin it. Then, realizing he was still late, he began to run again, the location of the entrance exam just in sight.

How am I expected to beat a senior student of Obelisk Blue? Calvin thought with a sigh. He was one of the last people to duel. It was his second year taking the entrance exam, and, so far, things weren't going his way.

Calvin: 200

Drake: 2000

Calvin gazed at the tall, slender senior who was facing him on the other side of the dueling field, dawning a blue jacket, representing the Obelisk Blue dorm. In front of him were two Totem Dragons, and, on Calvin's side of the field, one Strike Ninja in attack mode.

"Now kid, are you ready for this?" Drake said. He took a spell card from his hand and played it to the field. "I'll play White Dragon Ritual, and tribute my two Totem Dragons in order to bring in the Paladin of White Dragon!" As he spoke, his two dragons faded into a white light, and dark clouds formed over him. A spiral of white light came down onto the field, eventually revealing the Paladin of White Dragon.

That's not good! Calvin thought. The senior smirked. "Now, I'll attack your Strike Ninja and end this!"

Paladin of White Dragon flew up into the air, then dove down towards Strike Ninja. However, Calvin revealed his one face-down card. "I'm not going down yet! I'll activate Spirit Barrier!"

The trap card let off a shield of light in front of Calvin, and, as Strike Ninja was destroyed, he took no battle damage.

Drake shook his head. "Just stalling, I see. Well, I'll end my turn then." he said.

Calvin nodded and drew. He now had four cards in his hand, and, to his relief, he knew exactly what he could do.

"I'll start off by playing Book of the Moon to flip your Paladin of White Dragon to face-down defense mode," he said, and watched as the card flipped face-down. "Now I'll place a monster in defense mode, and activate Book of Taiyou to flip it over!"

Calvin's monster emerged from the card, revealing itself as White Ninja. Drake was surprised, knowing exactly what was going to happen. "Now, I'll activate White Ninja's effect to destroy your defense-position monster!"

The face down Paladin of White Dragon shattered, leaving Drake defenseless. Calvin then played the last card in his hand. "I'll use Fuhma Shuriken and attach it to my White Ninja, giving it just enough to take you out!"

White Ninja's attack was boosted to 2300. The Ninja ran at alarming speed at Drake, giving swift hits to him, and dealing enough damage to end the duel. The monster hologram faded, and a few cheers could be heard from the students watching.

Calvin gave a sigh of relief and wiped the nervous sweat from his forehead. The two duelists approached each other and shook hands.

"Good job kid, that last move you pulled was pretty neat." Drake told him. He then turned and walked away, and Calvin was left with a sense of pride in himself.

As he made his way up into the stands to watch the last couple of duels, he couldn't help but notice that someone was arguing near the entrance to the building. It was a kid, probably about the same age as him, talking with one of the security personnel.

"What do you mean? There's got to be someone I can duel!" the boy exclaimed. The man sighed and shook his head.

"Look...Tokoi, was it? You're the one who got here late, and there's nothing I can do about that!" he told him, trying to sound calm.

"But I'm here, aren't I?" Tokoi said. The man face-palmed in a way that said "Please let this end!"

Calvin approached the two of them. "Hey, he can duel me if he wants." he suggested. The man raised an eyebrow at him.

"That's not how it works. You have to face a Staff Member, or someone who's already a student of the school." he told them.

"But I just won my duel, so technically, I'm a part of the school now!" Calvin said. Tokoi smiled at him. I'm glad he came in. Maybe I'll get my chance after all!

"Well..." the man thought about it for a moment...

"I think I'd like to duel him." came a voice from behind. They turned, and the man suddenly seemed flustered. A girl approached them, and both Tokoi and Calvin blushed at the fact that she was very attractive.

"M-Miss Blaze." the man said, formally bowing to her. The girl had scarlet hair that seemed to go well with her name, and, instead of a colored jacket representing her dorm, she wore a white, sleeveless one-piece with sleeves on her fore-arms. Around her neck was silver necklace with a small, amethyst at the front of it.

"The first person I dueled wasn't much of a challenge, so I'm up for giving this one a shot." Blaze said with a smile, which made Tokoi grin as well.

He stepped forward and extended his hand to her. "Sounds good!" he said, and they shook hands.

"Now, for the final duel of the day, we have one of our best, Miss Blaze Roseburn, up against our late entrant, Tokoi Konoda!" the announcer said over the microphone. Murmurs and cheers began to come from the onlooking students and faculty.

The four small dueling fields had been taken down, leaving one large one for the two of them to duel on. Tokoi felt a slight nervousness as he approached it, knowing that all eyes were on them.

"Think you're ready for this?" Blaze asked, placing her deck inside of her blue Academy Duel Disk and activating it.

"I was born ready!" Tokoi said confidently, shuffling his deck a bit, then placing it into his disk and activating it as well.

Tokoi: 4000

Blaze: 4000

The two drew their first hand, and Blaze grinned at her cards. "I'll go first," she said, drawing another card, "And I'll start off by playing Volcanic Slicer!"

The large, metal dinosaur-looking monster rose up on the field. 1800 attack? That's pretty good for a first monster, Tokoi thought.

"Now, I'll activate his effect to deal 500 damage to your life points!" Blaze said. Volcanic Slicer opened its mouth, and breathed a flurry of fire upon Tokoi. He flinched at the slight shock, but didn't let his surprise at the first move show. "Then I'll place two cards face down, and end my turn."

Tokoi: 3500

"That was a strong first move," Tokoi commented as he drew his card, "But I'll give you one better!"

Tokoi placed a spell card on the field. "I'll activate Wind-Up Factory, so now, when I activate the effect of a Wind-Up monster, I get to find a level 4 Wind-Up monster from my deck and add it to my hand," he explained, "Now, I'll summon Wind-Up Soldier in attack mode!"

The toy robot-like monster appeared on the field. "Now, I'll activate his effect to raise his level by one, and his attack by 400!" Wind-Up Soldier began to wind up, and a green glow appeared around it. "Thanks to that, I get another monster from my deck." Tokoi looked through his deck, and found what he wanted after only a moment and added it to his hand. After re-shuffling, he placed his deck back into the disk.

"Now, I'll attack your Volcanic Slicer!" Tokoi said. Wind-Up Soldier sprang forward, ready to slam into the metallic monster.

"I wouldn't be so sure about that," Blaze said, revealing one of her trap cards, "Because I'm going to use Energy Drain!" A stream of energy came from Tokoi's cards in his hands and attached to Volcanic Slicer. "With this, my monster gains 200 Attack for each card in your hand."

But that makes it...2800! Tokoi realized, and his Wind-Up Soldier was obliterated by a burst of flame from the Volcanic Slicer. He flinched a little as he took some life point damage.

Tokoi: 2900

Blaze grinned at him. "Still think you've got what it takes?" she asked.

"Of course! This isn't over yet!" Tokoi told her, placing two cards face down. "I'll just put these down and end my turn."

She nodded to him and drew her card. "I'll summon Fire Princess, then I'll play Soul Absorption!" The princess arose to the field in a flurry of flames, matching her crimson-red dress and staff. "With Soul Absorption on the field, I gain 500 life points each time a card is removed from play!"

Blaze placed down another spell. "Knowing that, I'll use Soul Fire, which lets you draw a card, but I get to remove a Pyro monster from my deck and remove it from play, dealing half its attack points to you as damage!"

Tokoi gulped and drew a card to his hand. Blaze looked through her deck, then removed a card from play. The monster's fiery spirit arose and flew in at Tokoi, hitting him and dealing 900 damage to him.

"Of course, now that I removed a card from play, I gain 500 life points. Can't forget about my Fire Princess's special ability too, which allows me to deal 500 damage to you any time that I gain life points!" she said. Fire Princess aimed her staff at Tokoi, blasting a fire-ball at him and dealing even more damage. "Luckily for you though, I can't attack on the turn I use Soul Fire."

Tokoi: 1500

Blaze: 4500

This isn't looking good! Calvin thought as he watched, He hasn't even dealt any damage to Blaze yet!

Tokoi grunted at the shock of the damage he took. His heart suddenly beat incredibly hard, causing him to clutch his chest for a moment. When he did, he could feel Slifer in his jacket pocket, suddenly remembering that it was there.

"Prove to me that you are worthy..." a deep, rumbling voice said. Tokoi looked around, but didn't see anyone around.

"Hey, are you alright over there?" Blaze asked, obviously worried about his reaction to the last hit.

"Oh, it's...nothing." he lied.

"Well then, I place one card face down, and now it's your turn," she told him, "And it'll probably be your last, so try to go out fighting, will ya'?"

"Getting pretty cocky, aren't you?" Tokoi said jokingly as he drew his card. This will work just fine, he thought. "I'm going to special summon Cyber Dragon from my hand, since you have monsters on your side of the field and I don't!" The large, cybernetic dragon came onto the field.

"Wow, that's a strong card!" Calvin exclaimed. Blaze was obviously impressed as well.

"I'm not done yet!" Tokoi exclaimed, placing down a spell. "I'm going to use Mystical Space Typhoon to get rid of your Soul Absorption, then I'll activate my trap card: Call of the Haunted!"

A spiral storm appeared below Soul Absorption and took in the card, destroying it. Then, Tokoi's Wind-Up Soldier arose from the graveyard due to Call of the Haunted's effect.

"And now, I'll attack your Volcanic Slicer with Cyber Dragon, and your Fire Princess with my Wind-Up Soldier!" Tokoi said. Cyber Dragon fired a blast of energy at Volcanic Slicer, destroying it, and Wind-Up Soldier slammed into Fire Princess, doing the same.

Blaze: 3900

Blaze flinched a bit as she took some life point damage. "Not bad, but you don't catch up any time soon, because I activate my Gem Flash Energy trap!" she said. "During my standby phase, you take 300 damage for each Continuous Spell Card on your side of the field."

"That's not so bad," Tokoi said confidently, "So I guess I'll place one more face-down card and end my turn."

Blaze drew her card. "Now, you'll take 300 damage from my Gem Flash Energy!" she told him, and the card sent a ball of energy spiraling at Tokoi, hitting him and dealing its damage.

Tokoi: 1200

"Now, I'll activate Pot of Greed to draw two cards." A green pot appeared on the field, then shattered when Blaze drew her two cards. She couldn't help but grin. "Now I'll play Blaze Accelerator, then sacrifice it to bring in Blaze Tri-Accelerator!" A large machine with three cannons appeared on Blaze's side of the field.

"What is that?" Tokoi asked.

"Well, its effect doesn't matter too much, but it'll be staying for a bit until it's not longer needed." she said. "I'll end my turn there."

Tokoi couldn't help but show his surprise at the fact that Blaze was wide open for an attack. He drew his card, then said, "Looks like you're open for an attack, so I'll summon Wind-Up Warrior in attack mode!" The toy warrior stood with the other monsters of Tokoi's. "Now, I'll attack you with everything and end this!"

"I don't think so, because I activate my face-down card, Negate Attack!" Blaze said. A vortex of energy appeared in the middle of the field, and Tokoi's monsters hit it, then jumped back, unable to move any further. "That stops your attack and ends your battle phase."

"Well, I guess you gave yourself one more turn then." he said, and Blaze grinned.

"I don't think so," she said as she drew, "I'll start with you taking 300 damage from Gem Flash Energy!" Once again, the trap card sent a spiral of energy at Tokoi, dealing its damage to him.

Tokoi: 900

"And now, I'm going to sacrifice my Tri-Accelerator to summon Volcanic Doomfire!" The large machine shattered, and an eruption of fire came up from the ground. A large, dark creature arose, with fire spewing from its head and its arms. It was much larger than any of the other monsters on the field, and its 3000 attack was much greater than theirs as well.

"Now, I'm going to end this by attacking your Wind-Up Soldier!" she said, and her Volcanic Doomfire raised its arm, ready to bring it down upon the much smaller monster.

Tokoi's heart pounded hard again. I... won't lose this!

"I'm going to activate my trap card, Overwind!" Tokoi exclaimed. "Now my Wind-Up Soldier gets double attack and defense, enough to take on your monster!"

As Volcanic Doomfire attempted to crush Wind-Up Soldier, it began to wind itself at an incredible speed, and stopped the attack in mid-motion. It then leapt forward and slammed into the monster, destroying it instantly, and dealing 600 damage to Blaze.

Blaze: 3300

"Now that it's all done, Wind-Up Soldier returns to my hand." The monster dissipated, and Tokoi put him back into his hand.

That was amazing! Calvin thought, standing along with a few other students who were in disbelief at what was happening.

"Well played..." Blaze said, obviously surprised herself.

Tokoi grinned. "I guess it's my move now!" he said, drawing a card. "I'll play my Wind-Up Soldier again, and activate his effect once more. Then, I'll use Wind-Up Warrior's effect to increase my Soldier's level by 1 and attack by 600, giving him a grand total of 2800!" The Wind-Up Soldier began to glow with immense energy. "Now, Wind-Up Soldier, Cyber Dragon, and Wind-Up Warrior: Attack!"

The three monsters all attacked Blaze directly, causing her to fall to one knee as a shock flows through her. Instantly, the students and faculty watching stood and cheered for Tokoi.

Tokoi: 900

Blaze: 0

"Tokoi is the winner!" the announcer said. Tokoi waved to all of the onlookers, then made is way over to Blaze and offered her a hand. She smiled at him and took it, standing to wave at the crowds as well.

"You're pretty tough," Blaze said, "I think you'd fit in well with the Obelisk Blues. I can put in a good word for you."

"Really? That'd be awesome!" Tokoi told her. However, a pain crossed his chest again.

"You will serve me and only me." came the voice again. Tokoi had a sudden realization and felt the card in his jacket. Is that...Slifer speaking to me?

"What is it, Tokoi?" Blaze asked, seeing once more that he's a bit flustered.

"I, uh...I think I have to turn down that offer," he told her, then he stumbled to explain himself as she showed a look of surprise, "I just think I'd be better off starting from the bottom and working my way up. I mean, you're definitely way out of my league! I-I mean, for dueling, that is."

Blaze giggled, which caused Tokoi to blush a bit. "I see. Well, hopefully I'll still see you around then." she told him, touching his hand for a moment before walking away.

Tokoi sighed. I don't know if I'm going crazy or not, turning down an invitation to Obelisk Blue just because I'm hearing a voice in my head...

"I didn't think you'd make it!" came Calvin's voice from behind. Tokoi turned to him and shrugged.

"I didn't think so either, but, well...Here I am!" he said. They both shared a small laugh, then Tokoi told him about the invitation he was given.

"What? You didn't take it?" Calvin exclaimed.

"Not so loud!" Tokoi told him, looking around, "I just feel like I need to start from the bottom if I really want to become good, you know?"

Calvin shook his head. "Sounds stupid to me, but I guess it's not my decision. I figure that I'll be in Ra Yellow anyways." He let a smug look slip onto his face.

"Well, I guess we won't see each other that much then," Tokoi said, "But thanks a lot for sticking up for me back there."

"It's no problem." Calvin said with a grin, and they both shook hands.

"Well, so much for Ra Yellow!" Tokoi exclaimed smugly. He and Calvin stood in front of the Slifer Red dorm, dawning their red school jackets.

"Shut up." Calvin said glumly. They headed upstairs to the third room on the second floor, then opened the door and peered inside.

It looked comfy enough, but it was bit tight on space. "It's...not what I'd expect." Tokoi said.

"Well, the Slifer Reds are the lowest of the low, so we're going to be treated like that, I'm sure." Calvin said as he headed over to the beds and threw his stuff onto the top bunk.

"Hey, who said you get the top?" Tokoi said. Calvin stuck his tongue out at him and quickly scrambled up to the top, as if making it clear that it was his. Tokoi sighed and took the bottom, laying down and letting out a sigh of relief.

I'm here, and my dream is getting closer to becoming a reality! Tokoi thought. He took Slifer out of his jacket pocket and gazed at it for a moment. But with this...I don't know what troubles ahead, he thought.

"Oh yeah, we need to go to the welcome dinner!" Calvin exclaimed, jumping down from his bed. Tokoi quickly slipped Slifer underneath his pillow and stood to follow him out...

Once he was at the door, Tokoi glanced back once more at where he had hid the card, then closed the door and left.

To be continued...

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