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Chapter Two – Wound Up

"Welcome all freshman and returning students to Duel Academy!" the Chancellor spoke. Her name was Hale, and she was a tall, slender woman who looked much younger than she actually was. Her hair was a long, brown swirl that nearly matched her light-brown jacket, which slightly resembled the ones the students wore.

The class all stood in segregated rows, depending on their dorm color, standing at attention. "Blue, Yellow, and Red alike, we are all here for the sole purpose of becoming the best of the best!" she continued.

This is pretty much how I'd expect this speech to go, Tokoi thought with a sigh, letting his mind drift from the happenings. He looked around at his fellow classmates, noting that the Blues looked like snobby rich kids, whereas the Ra Yellows appeared to be respectable, at least. As for his dorm-mates, they were all slouched, geeky, or a combination of both.

Tokoi tuned back in as everyone began to clap. "...Now, I will let Vice-Chancellor Rhodes tell you about the duelists chosen for the first duel of the year!" Chancellor Hale said, stepping to the side and allowing Rhodes to step up.

Tokoi raised an eyebrow at the man who stepped up. He was wearing a Hawaiian shirt and shorts, along with sunglasses and a pair of sandals. "Sorry about my appearance, but I just got back from doing some surfing, so I didn't have much time to change." he told everyone apologetically. Several murmurs and giggles came from some of the girls, and a lot of guys rolled their eyes.

"It's my second year here as Vice-Chancellor, so I'm still pretty new here, but believe me, I've seen my share of great duelists when I was a student here!" Rhodes said, "And now, I get the honor of telling you who the two chosen duelists are for the first duel of the year!"

Upon him saying that, the screen behind him turned on, showing the silhouettes of two students. "I received a request from one of our well-respected students, Miss Blaze, to allow one of our new freshmen to participate in this duel!"

Upon hearing that, Tokoi gulped. Wait, so does that mean... As if on cue, the silhouette on the right of the screen faded in to become Tokoi's picture. Several people turned and looked over at him, silent, and he sighed. Why me?

"As for his opponent, our very own top-ranking student, Gero, will be dueling!" Rhodes continued, and several cheers came from the Obelisk Blues. They all turned to Gero, a smug-looking Blue student, and started to tell him how easy he'll have it, since he's facing a Slifer Red.

"I know that it may seem odd, an Obelisk and a Slifer dueling, but I'm sure we'll get an exciting battle no matter what!" Rhodes exclaimed, and several students cheered. Seems like everyone definitely likes him, Tokoi thought.

A nudge to his side made Tokoi turn around. It was Calvin, who was looking worried already. "What are you going to do?" he asked. Tokoi shrugged.

"I'll just do what I have to do, I guess," Tokoi said, looking over at Gero. Maybe this will be just another way of proving myself for Slifer...

Tokoi knelt down and reached under his pillow, grabbing Slifergazing at it for a moment. Maybe this duel will be the perfect time to unleash his power, he thought.

Slipping Slifer somewhere in the middle of his deck, Tokoi stood. From the corner of his eye, he could see someone standing there, and jumped in surprise.

"Calvin? How long have you been standing there?" Tokoi asked. Calvin shrugged.

"Not that long, but I saw that you had some card. What was it?" he asked, obviously intrigued.

Tokoi sighed. "It's nothing," he said, walking past Calvin. However, the smaller boy jumped back in front of him.

"Hey, if it's something bad, I won't tell anybody!" Tokoi shook his head and tried to move past him again, but Calvin was much faster.

"Come on, I said it's nothing!" Calvin still wasn't buying it. Tokoi sighed and scratched the back of his head in thought. "Fine, how about this: If you beat me in a duel, I'll show you it, alright?"

Calvin's eyes lit up. "Now you're talking!"

"It'll be good practice for tonight's opening duel anyways," Tokoi said with a grin.

Tokoi: 4000

Calvin: 4000

The two of them stood a good distance apart in front of their dorm, which had a nice clearing that was perfect for dueling.

"I'll go first!" Calvin said as they drew their first five cards. He drew his sixth card and placed it in his hand, then placed one monster face-down on the field. "I'll start off by summoning Ninja Grandmaster Sasuke!" The armor-wearing ninja rose to the field, holding his two blades in an odd-looking stance. "Then I'll play The Allied Forces, which will increase my Warrior-type monsters' attack by 200 for each one I have on the field!"

Tokoi grinned. "Not bad," he commented as Ninja Grandmaster Sasuke's attack rose to 2000.

"I know, it's great isn't it? I'll end my turn by placing one card face-down." Calvin said, looking pretty cocky at that moment.

"Well, it's only a first move," Tokoi said as he drew his card, "So I'll just have to outdo you on that one!" He placed down a spell card. "I'll play Mind Control, so that I can take control of your Ninja until the end of turn!"

Ninja Grandmaster Sasuke leapt over to Tokoi's side of the field and faced Calvin. "Luckily for you though, he can't attack. I'll make up for that by summoning Wind-Up Soldier!" The toy soldier appeared onto the field. "And I'll activate his effect, so he gets 400 extra attack!"

Wind-Up Soldier began to glow, and he began to wind. "Now, I'll attack you directly!" The toy leapt forward towards Calvin and punched at him, dishing out an alarming 2200 attack to his life points.

Calvin flinched as he lost over half his life points.

Calvin: 1800

"Now I'll place two cards face-down, and end my turn." Tokoi said with a grin. Ninja Grandmaster Sasuke leapt back over to Calvin's side of the field.

"Well, I guess you got me there," Calvin said with a sigh as he drew his next card. "But I'll get my revenge, after I place one monster face down, then activate Book of Taiyou to flip it over!" The monster card flipped over, revealing another Ninja monster, who looked similar to his other. "Since he was flip summoned, Ninja Grandmaster Hanzo's effect kicks in, letting me get one Ninja monster from my deck and add it to my hand!"

Calvin got his deck and looked through it for a moment, before picking a card and putting it in his hand. Then, he reshuffled his deck and placed it back into his duel disk. "Don't forget, my Ninjas now get 400 extra attack thanks to The Allied Forces!" The Ninjas began to glow slightly purple as their power increased. "Now, Grandmaster Sasuke, attack his Wind-Up Soldier!"

The Ninja leapt forward and delivered a cross-slash with his blades, destroying the toy soldier. Tokoi barely flinched at the small shock as he took damage.

Tokoi: 3600

"Now that you're open, I'll attack you with my Grandmaster Hanzo!" The second ninja ran at lightning speed towards Tokoi and unsheathed his katana, delivering a clean slice at him to deliver its damage, making Tokoi react quite a bit to the shock.

Tokoi: 1400

"I'll end my turn there," Calvin said. "How was that?" Calvin grinned.

"Once again, not bad," Tokoi said, not wanting to show that he was nervous as he drew his next card. "I'll start off by activating my trap card, Call of the Haunted, to bring back my Wind-Up Soldier!" The toy soldier arose to the field once more. "Next, I'll summon Wind-Up Magician!"

The toy spellcaster came onto the field, floating above its card with staff in hand. "Now, I'll activate the spell card Wind-Up Factory, which I'm sure you recognize, then I'll activate Wind-Up Soldier and Wind-Up Magician's effects!"

Wind-Up Soldier began to glow like it had before, and Wind-Up Magician's staff began to glow. "Since my Wind-Up Soldier used its effect, my Magician's effect lets me summon one Wind-Up monster from my deck to my side of the field. Don't forget about Wind-Up Factory either, which lets me find one more from my deck and add it to my hand!" Tokoi took only a few seconds to search his deck and find what he wanted. "For my Magician's effect, I'll summon Wind-Up Warrior, in defense mode!"

The toy warrior came up onto the field, its arms crossed in front of it defensively. "Now, I'll use Wind-Up Warrior's effect to give my Wind-Up Soldier 600 more attack!" Wind-Up Soldier began to glow even more. "Now, I'll attack your Grandmaster Hanzo!"

Wind-Up Soldier shot forward towards Grandmaster Hanzo. "I'm going to activate Spirit Barrier, so that I take no damage from your attack as long as I have a monster on the field!" A barrier of light formed in front of Calvin, and, as Wind-Up Soldier destroyed Hanzo, no damage was taken.

"Well, that's disappointing," Tokoi said with a sigh. "I'll end my turn by playing one card face-down."

Calvin nodded and drew his card. "I'm going to play Fuhma Shuriken, and equip it to my Grandmaster Sasuke!" He played his spell, and Ninja Grandmaster Sasuke's blades transformed into two large throwing stars. "Now, I'll attack your Wind-Up Magician!"

Ninja Grandmaster Sasuke leapt into the air and threw the shuriken and the toy spellcaster. "Not so fast! I activate my trap card, Mirror Force!" Surprise flashed across Calvin's face as the shuriken hit a barrier of energy, then flew back and destroyed the Ninja.

"There goes your Ninja!" Tokoi said with a grin, but, suddenly, the shuriken emerged once more and flew at Tokoi, hitting him and dealing some damage.

Calvin chuckled. "When Fuhma Shuriken is destroyed, you take 700 damage to your life points!"

Tokoi: 700

This isn't working out so well, Tokoi thought.

"Now," Calvin began, "since I have no monsters on my side of the field, I'll special summon Earth Armor Ninja from my hand!" The brown-dressed Ninja card came onto the field, striking a pose. "I'll end my turn by placing one card face-down."

"Well then, here goes nothing..." Tokoi mumbled to himself. As he placed his hand on his deck, he felt a slight pulsating sensation come from it. He looked down and slowly drew his card...

It was Slifer. I completely forgot that I had him in my deck, he thought, looking at his field. He had three monsters, just enough to summon it. But I don't know if it's the right time...

A shocking sensation flowed through Tokoi, making him gasp. "Use my strength...Prove that you can..." came the voice of Slifer.

Tokoi looked at Calvin for a moment, who was totally oblivious of what he had just drawn. No...I can't use you yet, Tokoi thought.

"I'm going to play my Hand Destruction, so we both send two cards to the graveyard, then draw two new cards!" Tokoi said as he played his spell. He hesitantly placed Slifer and another monster from his hand into the graveyard, then drew two cards. Calvin did the same.

"Now, I'm going to attack your ninja with my Wind-Up Soldier!" Tokoi said. The toy soldier leapt towards the Ninja much like before.

"Not so fast! I activate Ninjitsu Art of Super-Transformation, and I'll use it to remove my Ninja and your Wind-Up Soldier from the game!" The two monsters froze in place and erupted into a spiral of light, which ascended into the sky. "Now, I get to summon my ultimate card: White Dragon Ninja!"

Up above, a Ninja wearing white descended from the clouds, a long, white dragon following. Once she landed on the ground, the dragon settled on her arm, its long tail flowing behind them.

"You're no match for this card, because now, none of my spell and trap cards can be destroyed," Calvin said.

That's incredibly strong, Tokoi thought. I guess Slifer wouldn't be too bad right now.

"I'll switch my Wind-Up Magician to Defense mode, then place one card face-down and end my turn." he said.

Calvin drew his card, then grinned. "I'm going to activate The Warrior Returning Alive, so that I can bring back one Warrior-type monster from my graveyard." he said, taking out his graveyard and taking a monster from it. "Now for the return of Ninja Grandmaster Hanzo!"

The Ninja monster came onto the field once more. "Thanks to his effect, I can bring one Ninjitsu Art card from my deck to my hand," Calvin said, finding one in his deck, then shuffling it afterward. "Now, White Dragon Ninja will attack your Wind-Up Magician, and Grandmaster Hanzo will destroy your Wind-Up Warrior!"

White Dragon Ninja held her hand out towards Tokoi's Magician, and the dragon shot forward along her arm, clamping down onto the toy spellcaster and destroying it. Grandmaster Hanzo leapt forward and gave a clean slice through Wind-Up Warrior, destroying it as well.

"Then I guess I'll end my turn there," Calvin said.

Tokoi nodded, and drew his card. Perfect, he thought with a grin. "I'm going to start off by summoning Wind-Up Snail!" The jester-like toy monster came onto the field. "Now, due to its effect, I can send one set card on your side of the field back to your hand, and I'll choose your Ninjitsu Art of Super-Transformation!"

"Oh no," Calvin said, as his trap returned to his hand, and his White Dragon Ninja was destroyed.

"Next, I'll special-summon Wind-Up Shark from my hand, since I normal summoned a Wind-Up monster this turn!" The toy shark came onto the field. "Then I'll activate my trap card: Overwind, giving my shark a grand total of 3000 attack points!"

The shark began to wind up at an incredible speed, and it began to glow with immense power. "Now, attack his Grandmaster Hanzo!"

The shark swam forward through the air and slammed into Grandmaster Hanzo. "You've activated my trap, Ninjitsu Art of Decoy!" Hanzo disappeared into a puff of smoke, and Wind-Up Shark ended up hitting a log that replaced Grandmaster Hanzo. "Now, my Ninja Grandmaster Hanzo won't be destroyed in battle, even though I still take the damage."

Calvin: 1000

"Well, saved yourself there I guess," Tokoi said with a sigh. "Good thing I had a back-up plan!" He played a spell card on the field. "I'm going to use my Legendary Wind-Up Key to change all my monsters to face-down defense position!"

The monster cards on Tokoi's side of the field flipped over. "Now, I'll end my turn."

"Looks like you saved yourself too," Calvin said as he drew. "But with no cards in your hand, there's no way you can do anything to me, so I'm going to summon my second Grandmaster Sasuke!" The armored Ninja arose to the field just as it had before. "Now, I'm going to use my Grandmaster Sasuke's effect to destroy your face-down instantly, instead of doing battle calculation!"

Grandmaster Sasuke ran at the face down monster on the right, which Calvin knew was Wind-Up Warrior. It was destroyed instantly. "Now for your Snail!" he said, and his Grandmaster Hanzo ran forward and slashed through it.

Great...Now I'm completely defenseless, Tokoi thought. Calvin smirked. "Now it's your turn. And it'll be your last for sure!"

I hope not... Tokoi drew what could be his last card. Monster Reborn? I don't think any of my monsters are strong enough to be brought back... he thought. However, sudden realization overcame him. Wait, but Calvin has a monster that's strong enough!

"This isn't over yet, because I'm playing Monster Reborn, to bring back your White Dragon Ninja!" Tokoi said as he played his card. Calvin gasped and watched as his powerful card arose to Tokoi's side of the field. "Now, I'm going to take out your Grandmaster Sasuke!"

White Dragon Ninja held out her arm much like she had done before, and the dragon shot out towards Grandmaster Sasuke, crunching down onto him and destroying him. Calvin felt a slight shock as he took the damage.

Calvin: 500

"Now that your Hanzo is even weaker without Sasuke on the field, you're toast next turn!" Tokoi said with a grin.

Calvin gulped, then drew his card. "I' one card face down, and switch my Grandmaster Hanzo to defense mode."

"That's it? Well then..." Tokoi drew another card. "I'll place a card face down as well, then destroy your Grandmaster Hanzo!" Once again, White Dragon Ninja destroyed his Ninja.

Calvin drew again, and sighed. "I'm going to end my turn here."

"Come on, are you giving up now?" Tokoi said playfully as he drew another card. "I guess this is it then, because I'm going to attack you directly!"

White Dragon Ninja prepared to attack again...But Calvin laughed. "Not once I activate my Ring of Destruction!" he said. Suddenly, a round, necklace-sort of object appeared around White Dragon Ninja. "It destroys one monster, and deals damage equal to their attack to both of our life points!"

"Wait, but that means..." Tokoi began to say. Calvin nodded.

"It's a tie!"

The necklace exploded, laying out some smoke on the field and making it impossible to see for a moment. When it cleared up, Tokoi was standing tall, while Calvin has dropped to one knee.

Calvin: 0

"Well, good try Calvin." Tokoi said with a grin.

Tokoi: 700

Calvin looked up at Tokoi, confused. A single spell card was on Tokoi's side of the field: Spell of Pain. "I'm guessing you know what that card does. It redirects any effect damage back to you, so you just took 5400 damage!"

Calvin sighed and stood up. "Well, you got me there." He shrugged. Tokoi walked up to him, and they exchanged a friendly handshake.

"But you know, I only really won this one by luck. Maybe next time I can show that I can really win!" Tokoi told him, and they both laughed for a moment, before someone cleared their voice loudly, causing them to turn towards the person.

It was a Ra Yellow Student, one who Tokoi remembered seeing in the crowd before. His hair was slicked-back, and he looked pretty fancy.

"Sorry, but I was watching the whole time because I didn't want to interrupt the duel," he started with a grin, "It was pretty good, I must admit. How you both ended up in Slifer Red is beyond me."

"Uh, thanks!" Tokoi dipped his head to him respectfully, and Calvin did the same. "My name's Tokoi, and this is Calvin." Tokoi thumbed over to his smaller friend, who waved.

"My name's Ballad, and it's a pleasure to speak to the freshman who was able to beat Blaze Roseburn." he said, dipping his head to them. "I actually came to tell you that the duel is about to start, so you should hurry it up and get to the dueling field!" he said.

Tokoi face-palmed. "Oh man, I almost forgot about it!" He, Calvin and Ballad quickly made their way towards the academy building.

"Now that Tokoi has arrived, we can get this duel started!" Vice-Chancellor Rhodes said, and the students watching all cheered.

Tokoi stepped out onto his side of the dueling field and glanced all around him. Hopefully I won't get too anxious with all these people watching me, he thought. Then, he allowed his eyes to fall upon his opponent, Gero.

"Ready for this, Freshman?" Gero said. Just by his voice, Tokoi could tell that he was very snobby and stuck-up.

Oh man, I really hope I beat this guy, Tokoi thought. "Never been more ready in my life!" Tokoi activated his duel disk.

"Let the first duel of the year begin!" Rhodes said, and the crowd cheered.

To be continued...

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