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Archie blinked as he stepped into the diner, desperate to quell the itching in his eyes. He made his way over to his usual table, cursing under his breath as he ran into an unseen chair.

"Careful, Archie," a flash of scarlet cautioned next to him. "That language can't be good for your conscience."

He began to laugh with Ruby, but quickly stopped short. While he enjoyed discussing the possibility of an alternate reality with Henry, last time he checked Jiminy Cricket was not an object of desire of lovely women. And he was not about to remind her of that.

"I'll go get you the usual," she said before disappearing behind the blurry counter.

Archie dropped his head into his hands as soon as she was gone. She hadn't noticed. Why hadn't she noticed? He had only spent a whole hour sticking his finger in his eyes this morning. For her. He no longer wanted her to simply get him the usual and nod him a "good morning".

"Here ya go, Arch," she placed a plate of three buttermilk pancakes and a cup of coffee in front of him, breaking his reverie. He squinted up at her and smiled half-heartedly, letting his face fall as soon as she left.

"By the way," her voice returning shot instant adrenaline through his veins. "I like the new look. Suits you."

This time when she left to go behind the counter, his smile stayed. All day.

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