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Bowser Jr. was heartbroken. Nobody wanted to play with him.

He sadly walked through the castle and breaks down crying in his room.

"*sniff, sniff* Why does no one wanna play with me? It's not fair. They're so mean to me! *cries*" Junior whined.

Junior then continues crying.

Bowser then came in, feeling pity for his son.

"Junior, what's wrong?" Bowser said calmly.

Junior turned to his father. "Nobody wants to play with me...*sniff* Will you play with me?" Junior cried.

"Of course I will." Bowser said with a warm smile.

"Thank you, Papa...*sniff* I love you..." Junior whimpered.

"You're welcome, Junior. I love you too." Bowser stroked Junior's hair.

Junior tearfully smiled.

Bowser hugged his son.

He's never too busy to play with his son.


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