One little flame to burn a body down.
To spread the fires throughout the ground

To set fire to his limbs, first his feet.
The soles, the toes, peeling away so dark and neat

The body will scream, fighting against his fate
Once the flames show, they cannot be sate

Climbing up his legs, eating away at his knees
The boy fights against the bindings, scanning the crowd, praying "Please, Save me! Oh god please!"

The flames crawl higher, till they hug his hips. He's wriggling, straining and screaming.
Parched from the heat are the boy's lips.

He's begging, pleading, praying to be set free.
He swears he will go far away from here, where they can no longer see.

Golden eyes meet blue, from the fiery ground up.
Up to where his prince now stands, guards forcefully holding down his hands.

He will not be set free, ordered the King, but he must see,
His son has to learn where a manservant's place shall and forever will be.

The Prince screams, cries, begs, all in sync with the pleadings of the boy.

But tears are not enough to extinguish fire

And flames have no choice but to climb higher and higher...