Chapter 15: Sirius

Harry dressed in his silver robes ruffling his hair and making sure his wand was in his pocket.

"Are you ready dear?" Narcissa asked appearing at his bedroom door.

Harry nodded solemnly.

"Good luck, Hades," Draco called from his bedroom just up from Harry's.

"Cheers, Watcher," Harry returned as he walked down the hall with his mother.

He was nervous.

It felt like there was a stampede of elephants in his stomach but he squashed them down.

If he liked him through letter he couldn't not like him in person.

"He'll be mad you're there at first, Harry, but he didn't want this to happen. I'm going against his wishes by letting you come with me," Narcissa said on the ferry to the prison.

"How bad is it there?" Harry asked understanding now why his mother had made him wear his winter robes to visit.

He could feel the dementor affects already with the bone chilling coldness and the lack of happiness.

He could feel his fears coming to the front of his mind but he used his Occlumency to push them back.

"You can visit with your aunt as well if you wish to if not Sirius' cell is just around the corner to hers,"

"Padfoot is innocent though," Harry breathed.

"The ministry doesn't believe that though. He's thought of as a very dangerous criminal and it's only because we're Malfoys and because of your father's influence that we're allowed to visit."

They exited the ferry and the guard nodded to Narcissa and looked at Harry with curiosity.

"My son, Michel," Narcissa said coolly to the man.

The guard nodded and allowed them to pass.

Harry let the guards screen him and had to hold in his snarl as they inspected his wand and a quill they'd found in his pocket.

"Go through," they finally granted to them.

Harry followed his mother to his aunt's cell.

"Ah Cissy, June already? How mundane your life-" Bellatrix cut off seeing Harry come to the side of his mother.

"Hadrian," Harry supplied coldly seeing the question of which twin he was in her eyes.

"You're perfect," Bellatrix whispered her eyes shining with delight. "The Dark Lord will be pleased with you,"

Harry gave her a cold smirk.

"Voldemort will no doubt kill me if he regain's a body considering that I'm the reason he's still bodiless,"

Rage swam onto Bellatrix's face and Harry walked away.

His heart was pounding in his ears as he neared the cell he knew to hold his Godfather.

He stepped closer to the bars seeing the man he knew was Sirius Black laid on the ratty cot.

There was scratched images of a stag, wolf and dog on the wall just up down from his head.

Sirius felt someone watching him and slowly opened his eyes.

Whoever was there was in the shadows, he could just see their legs.

"Who's there?" he demanded.

His heart jumped as the figure emerged from the shadows and he knew for a fact who the boy was.


Harry grinned.

"Only my mother calls me that,"

Sirius gave a hoarse chuckle.

He was impressed by the effort Lucius put into the charms to make Harry look like a Malfoy.

"What are you doing here?" he asked standing up and walking closer to his bars.

"After another round with Voldemort and a basilisk my mother couldn't say I would be incapable of handling Azkaban,"

"Your experiences will make it worse," Sirius said longing to touch his godson's face.

Harry stepped closer to the bars.

"But I am not weak, Padfoot, I can handle my experiences and I can push them to the side when I need to,"

"You've grown and changed so much since I saw you last," Sirius breathed.

"He has hasn't he,"

The two looked to the side and watched as Narcissa appeared with a soft smile on her face.

She stroked her son's face.

"He is magnificent,"

Sirius nodded letting a tear fall from his eye.

"Are you sad?" Harry asked seeing the tear.

Sirius noted the boy was very observant.

"No, overjoyed actually, I would never have thought I could feel like this in this place,"

"I will give you both some privacy," Narcissa said walking down a few cells to her brother in law.

Harry stepped closer to the bars and took the quill back out of his pocket handing it over to his godfather.

Sirius looked at him with confusion.

"I won't let you rot in here," Harry said quietly looking him in the eye. "It'll turn back to its original form when you need it most,"

"How did you know?" Sirius asked amazed.

"I didn't until I got here. Your mind is an open book I see your plan shaping and morphing even as we speak all it needs is a trigger and you will be free,"

"You shouldn't know that," Sirius said shaking his head. "You can't know that,"

Harry smirked.

"I do a lot of things I shouldn't and you know that. My Occlumency and Legilimency has been growing rapidly,"

Sirius was in awe.

Harry's features turned aggravated as his protective nature rose.

"You shouldn't be here, they've done you injustice,"

Sirius shook his head.

"It my own fault I'm here, if I had thought before I acted-"

"True Gryffindor always taking the blame," Harry chortled.

"Harry we need to go," Narcissa said coming close again.

Harry nodded.

"I'll come again," Harry stated to his Godfather before handing him a letter. "Thought I'd save Hedwig a journey. It's a two way parchment anything written will be passed through like a conversation. The quill I gave you should work,"

Sirius nodded in thanks not being able to get over how gifted his godson seemed to be.

Narcissa smiled at her son for how he was taking everything.

"I'm proud of you Harry," she smiled.

Harry beamed at her kissing her on the cheek knowing she had no idea of the aid he'd just provided his godfather with.

Sirius would be free.

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