The Savior and the Fox

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Normal Speech

'Normal Thoughts'


Demon/Summon Thoughts

AN2: The fox's thoughts and speech in his small chibi form will be normal.

Chapter 1: Return of a Savior

It was a sunny morning on the road near the village of Konoha when three figures walked down the road that lead to one of the gates of the village hidden by the leaves.

One of them was a white haired man. He was tall man who had dressed in red vest. He carried a large scroll on his back. He wore a headband that saying "Oil" and down his cheeks, two red lines crossed his each cheek. His wore an expression that showed he was slightly worried about something.

The second one was a young man. He wore black pants, a mesh shirt underneath a black short-sleeve shirt with the red Uzumaki Spiral and a white hoodie unzipped. His pants around his ankles were wrapped in medical tape as they approached his black sandals. The Shodai's necklace hung proudly on his neck as his new black bandana headband was barely visable under his now untamed locks. His hair had changed as his Uzumaki blood began to show as deep-red streaks appeared in his hair making it look like his head was on fire. Two bangs framed his face as he looked like a whiskered version of Minato Namikaze, save with natural red highlights. Sudden wind pushed his hair aside revealing an ugly looking, but healed scar which crossed his forehead. It had been hidden under the hair and disappeared again soon as the wind settled. Over his shoulders he had threw a long, loose, white, robe-like jacket. Beneath the jacket was a shoulder bag. The back of the cape had markings that resembled red leafs flying uncontrollably around while the hem and the sleeves were lined with red fire. On his back there was some writing reading "Promise of a life time" along with "Mirage" and "God of Flash." On his left forearm he had tied his old head protector that had the leaf symbol etched into the metal surface. The symbol was cut in half by an ugly looking fracture. He had black leather gloves with the fingers cut off so his were exposed.

On his waist laid a wakizashi. It sheath was bright orange reminding him from his old jumpsuit. There was a black, nine-tailed fox painted on the side of the sheath. The handle of the sword had bright white wrappings around it which fitted perfectly on black hilt and orange sheath. The sword laid at ease, tied to his waist with a deep red belt. Its owner gave a fox-like grin, thinking about how, soon, he would be back at home after three long years of training.

"What's so funny?" The third person asked. He had been annoyed all the way from the Land of the Wind since they had decided to finally return home.

He was most worried member of the group. It was a red haired fox, no bigger than a housecat, that could talk, well at least to one member of the group. It had hypnotically beautiful red eyes.

"Nothing," the young man said with calm voice. "Just a little happy to be back."

The oldest person in the group looked slightly more worried to his young apprentice. He had only heard some growling from the fox yet the boy had answered it like one friend to another. Even it had already been a year and a half since the third person had joined the group he just couldn't get used to it. It was just so strange even with a certain shinobi clan that specialized in fighting alongside with dogs.

"You should stop grinning like that," the fox growled again. "You look like some kid."

"I AM only sixteen year old, you know!" Boy snapped back.

"Fifteen," the fox corrected. "You turn sixteen in October!"

"All the more reason!" the boy yelled back. "And compared to you everyone is a kid. So stop acting all high-and-mighty."

The fox snorted and picked up the pace.

"Naruto!" the old man said to him. He had stopped and left behind from the talking two. "Could you come here for a minute?"

The blonde boy hurried to man. "What's up, Ero-sennin?"

"How many times have I told you to stop calling me that?," the older man sighed while crying anime tears.

"I've counted five-hundred-seventy-eight times now," the fox said casually.

Naruto hold back his snort and rolled his eyes. "What is it, Jiraiya-sensei?"

"I want to talk you about something before we enter the village," the white-haired man told him and lowered his voice.

"About what?" Naruto asked even he knew what it would be about. He let out a small sigh when thinking how many times this discussion had been had.

"It's about your friend." Jiraya nodded to the little fox sitting onto ground waiting.

"What about him?" Naruto asked patiently.

"Are you sure you want to bring him in to the village?" Jiraiya asked. "You know what will happen if they found out the truth about it. The truth about you."

"I thought we've been through this. First of all!" Naruto corrected him firmly. "He's not an 'it!' He has a name. Use it!"

Jiraya gave another sigh. "It's for Kurama's own safety."

"He doesn't have the right to call me that name!" the fox growled loudly, even though he knew that old man didn't understand a word he would say. "He should call me…"

"He knows it already, so don't worry!" Naruto said calming down the little thing. "But Kurama is your name. You might as well get used to it being said often. Besides, Son hates being called Yonbi."

Fox snorted and looked away. "Because I at least don't need to rely on calling myself a pompous title like he does in order to feel important."

A snort is heard from the fire-haired ninja, "And constantly referring to yourself as Kyūbi, which so happens to be your title is any less pompous?"


"This is another thing I would want to talk about." Jiraya said back to get his attention. "You can't start a chatting to a little fox in the middle of the street! They will send the ANBU to take you to nuthouse if they see that!"

"You say that about Inuzukas all the time and I don't remember anyone who had ended up to nuthouse." He looked over to Kurama who was scratching behind his ear furiously. He couldn't but smile at the sight.

"Actually former clan head actually was…" Toad sage said scratching his chin. "Though it had nothing to do with talking with his dogs. That lady was crazy. "

"I'm not sending him away." Naruto said simply and continued to walk. "And much as I like to talk about nutty old people, which includes you if you ask me, I want to hurry so we can get back Konoha today. End of discussion."

Jiraya looked worried but nodded. "Then, I must go. I have some urgent business to take care of." And with that he vanished. "Go directly to Tsunade and wait for me there!" That was the last thing that he heard of him before he was gone.

Naruto and Kurama looked after him annoyed. They both knew where he was going; he always went on little "research" expeditions at hot springs.

Naruto gave out a sigh and looked at the fox. "Shall we?"

Kurama started to walk beside him suddenly looking a lot more settled. That old hentai's company always made him a bit more edgy.

"Are you sure we need to go there?" He asked quietly. "Now that the hentai has left us, we could try to make a run for it. We could be at the border of the Land of Fire before evening. There would be nothing in the world that would stop us."

Naruto just laughed quietly. "You can't stop joking, can't you?"

Kurama looked at him and sighed, "But that hentai had a point. How do you think people will look at me?"

"Look at you? Like cute little fox that you are," the spiky-haired boy smirked. "You don't have anything to worry about."

Kurama wasn't so sure. He had experienced these kinds of things before. And a secret as big as this, never stayed hidden. And when it was finally found out…

They reached the gate soon. Izumo Kamizuki and Kotetsu Hagane, the so deemed "eternal chunin" were sitting behind the desk and looked at Naruto curiously as he passed.

"Hey guys!" Naruto smiled to them and waved.

"Eehh… hi…" The two guards waved back looking confused as Naruto walked by trailed by a fox, heading into the village.

"Who… was that?" Izumo asked surprised. "I haven't seen him before."

"But he obviously knew us… didn't he?" Kotetsu confirmed. "Did we ask for his ID?"

"…no …should we stop him?"

Kotetsu shrugged and decided to go back to sleep. "I don't think so… he looks like he is going to Hokage tower directly."

Naruto looked around happily. He was finally home! After long training he was finally back where he had started. He almost wanted to climb up the street light and yelled his lungs out. But he decided to waste some time. He looked quickly around and jumped over to nearest roof. He saw that there were now five faces on the Hokage Mountain. Each and every one of them looked over the village guarding it. Naruto smiled when he saw the fifth face—Tsunade of the Sannin. He looked quickly over to forth face and gave a determined nod to it. Then to the third.

"I'm back Old Man. Just like I promised." He whispered to the face on the middle. "Be sure to watch over me like before won't you?"

Finally he jumped back to the street and smiled. He started walking towards the great red tower behind at the back of the village.

"So what do we do now?" Kurama asked looking around as well. He felt slightly fearful as they walked around the village.

"I guess we should go to Baa-chan's. At least that's what Ero-sennin wanted us to do." Blond and red-haired boy looked down with worry. He knew why his friend was apprehensive. Last time he had entered the village it had been to a slightly different tune. Then he extended his hand and smiled. "Come on."

Quickly the red-furred fox jumped over to his hand and climbed onto his shoulders. Naruto touched the little fox gently and gave his own fox-like grin. "Don't worry."

They walked along the street looking around the buildings. Naruto could see that the village had finally recovered from Sound Invasion. He recognized many of the streets and places around the city. But something had changed. He couldn't just figure it out.

"Was the village always this small? I had a feeling it was a whole lot bigger." he asked confused looking around.

Kurama gave a sigh and didn't answer. You can dress him, you can train him, he can even grow but he will always be that somewhat dense idiot he had always been. "Let's go already. I'm hungry and tired! Let's talk to that old hag and be over it!" He growled, clearly annoyed.

"Hai, hai!" Naruto smiled and fastened his legs movements.

Meanwhile, somewhere in Konoha, "You should totally go out with that guy!" Tenten said with confidence to her shy friend. "He was cute and funny. What's the hold up?"

A confused-looking Hinata looked down at her feet. "But Naruto-kun…" She started to argue with low voice. They were walking down the streets towards the gate.

"But nothing!" Tenten yelled annoyed. "KAMI! What is so great about that brat? He has been gone for three years already. And that's all for the better."

"But I heard that he would come back after…" Hinata tried to argue with her soft voice.

"So what?" Tenten cut her off again loudly. "Even if he comes back, he will still be the same brat as always. Think about it! Do you really want to go out with someone like that when there are a lot more hotties walking down the street. Look at that one there."

Hinata raised her head. An absolute Adonis with long, blond hair with red highlights and a fox around his shoulder was walking towards them. His face was really mature-looking but somehow familiar. He was currently looking to opposite direction from the girls so he didn't notice them but they caught a glimpse of his beautiful blue eyes.

"Oh my god…" Tenten gulped when Naruto walked passed two girls. She got a good look at him and realized just now how good looking he really was. "Who is he?" She whispered weakly.

"He looks familiar…" Hinata said quietly. "Look. He's wearing a leaf-forehead protector on his left forearm."

Tenten nodded. "And look at that fox! Soooo cute! I haven't seen him around though. Who is he?" Naruto passed them smiling pleasantly and looking around. "Seems like he doesn't really know his way around here. "She looked around and cursed her bad luck. "If I weren't in rush I would be running after him. Same goes for you." With last look at his back, they continued their walk.

Hinata looked at the blond stranger's back for a moment longer. "Promise of a life time…" She whispered.

"What?" Tenten asked.

"Nothing! Let's get going!" Hinata said surprised and stared to walk faster.

Tenten made a promise in her mind that she would find out who this stranger was.

The new and improved, but somewhat oblivious Naruto hadn't realized one thing, but Kurama had. And at the very moment they had entered the village. Almost every girl in town looked at Naruto with hungry and curious eyes. Some even eyed him with pure lust that they didn't even bother hide while others at least made some token effort to try to hide it. Kurama raised his head a bit more confidently. After all, if they were to be under constant surveillance, he could give them something to look at. He grinned internally and jumped down from blond boys shoulder.

"Kurama! Where are you going!" Naruto shouted when little fox started to run towards some random group of girls. The girl's had stopped when they had seen Naruto passing by, but now they had a fox running towards them.

"Come back!"

The fox ran directly to girls and picked out his favorite; a brunette with C-cups and pretty face. He looked up to girl with heart breaking glance of his best puppy dog eyes.

"Aawww! Who are you, little guy! You are so cuuuute!" The brunette raised him from ground and hugged him closely. Fox had a perfect view down girl's shirt. Even if he wasn't a hentai like that old man that didn't mean he wouldn't enjoy the views when they were possible. He grinned and licked girl's neck. "Oh my god! That tickles!"

"Kurama! What are you doing?" Naruto reached them and looked at fox. Naruto then noticed the girls looking at him with unusual stares, 'Oh no. Oh you are not…' "Come now, let's not bother these beautiful ladies anymore." He reached his hand over to fox who gave him another heart breaking look and gave a little squeak. All girls followed example and squeaked in chorus. They watched when the owner looked with his big blue eyes directly into the fox's own red ones.

Naruto looked at Kurama questioningly, 'What's the matter with you?'

Then fox jumped back to his friend and licked his face suddenly. "Now, now, Kurama stop that! That tickles," the boy laughed. 'Something is seriously wrong with him.' "Sorry about my friend here." He places fox back to his original place, over his shoulders. "He normally behaves but sometimes it just runs wild."

"It's okay!" Brunette who had just hugged red furred puppy stepped forward and smiled. "It's just so cute. Is it yours?"

"Yeah. His name is Kurama." Naruto introduced little guy to girls.

"I'm Saya." Brunette said smiling happily. "And these are my friends, Kikyo, Tsumura, Gogo and Asuka. What's your name?"

Naruto bowed gracefully to each girl and smiled. "I'm-"

Kurama yipped loudly.

"Oh yeah…" Naruto looked at Hokage-tower. "I'm sorry but I have to go. I have a meeting with Hokage now."

"So you are a ninja?" Saya asked sounding very interested. "Why haven't I seen you around before?"

"I just finished my training." Naruto explained. "I just returned village today. I'm on my way to report the results to the Hokage."

"Really? So… we will… see you around?" Brunette girl asked carefully.

"Yeah." Naruto smiled lightly. Then the little fox yipped again. "I really have to go now. My sensei will kill me 'or use me as inspiration' if he finds out that I'm talking to group of beautiful girls. See ya!"

The group felt like their feet were swept away when Naruto rushed away waving his hand to them.

"Who… was he?" Tsumura asked after she gulped. "He was SOOOO hot."

"I don't know. He didn't tell us his name. A giant mystery..." Saya smirked. "But he said he would be staying in the village. So we will see him again."

"Did you see that fox!" Gogo asked almost tearful eyes. "Sooooo cute! I totally wanted to rip him away from you and squeeze him tightly to my chest."

"You can have the fox. I want that man." Saya said grinning wickedly. Just like a predator that had just selected its prey. "But it's obvious who will win." She looked at the others arrogantly. "The fox came to me. So I'm clearly favored to win."

Others grinned at her but decided not to give up. "May the best girl win," Asuka said with a slight smirk on her face. "And we have to hurry. When word gets out a hottie like that has appeared every single girl (and some already taken) will start to run after him."

"So let's make it clear." Saya looked at others taking the lead. "We should work together against others. I rather give him to you guys than to others."

Other girls agreed to this. "But still, we don't know anything about him? Not even his name."

"Yes we do!" Asuka said. "He's tall, handsome, blonde with red-highlights, blue-eyed. He has a perfect taste in clothing and he is a ninja." Girl smiled victoriously. "And has a cute little fox as a pet."

"But that's something everyone will find out just by looking at him! What we know about him?"

Everyone stayed quiet.

Saya nodded to herself. "He said he would be staying here. So we will see him again and then we will find out everything we need to know about him." She looked others. "Ladies, game on."

Naruto felt sudden feeling of cold air blow through his shirt. 'What is this feeling? It's like someone's after my head? It could be… NO she is on the other side of Demon country. I've got to relax now.'

"Everything alright?" Kurama asked. They had just entered the Hokage-tower and were walking up the stairs.

"Yeah sure…" Naruto replied, looking over his shoulder. "Just my imagination acting up."

At the same moment a chair flew out of the window. He recognized the window… and the chair.

"Is that…?" Kurama started to ask.

"Yes. That's Baa-chan's room alright. And chair. And window."

Suddenly a yell of pain filled the air as the chair obviously hit some unlucky guy making Naruto smile happily. "I'm home," the young man said looking up to the tower.

Tsunade was drowning in her paperwork. She cursed the day that she had accepted her old team-mate's offer to become the leader of Konoha. If she had known that it would be like this all the time, she would have run away before she ever met that old pervert and that apprentice of his.

'It's certainly been an odd week.' She thought as she recalled all of the odd guests she had coming into the village for the upcoming Chunin Exams. 'Which are seven months from now.'

First, was the Daimyo of Yuki/Haru no Kuni, Koyuki Kazahana, who said she was here scouting out the village for the Chunin Exams. 'Funny enough that Haruna-dono of Na no Kuni said the same thing. Then Priestess Shion of Oni no Kuni arrives in my village for the same reason and the new Mizukage is going to attend as well, but that's to be expected. Certainly something weird going on around here.'

She sighed and looked behind her desk. Shizune was gone at the moment, probably finding new paperwork to cause her some more pain. But now she wasn't here, Tsunade smirked. She looked around carefully before tearing open her secret drawer and smiling to herself. 'Come to mama. Hehehe.' The bottle of sake was waiting for someone eager to drink it. She took the bottle and sake saucer into her hands and opened the cork smiling. She poured some of transparent liquid into the cup.

"Kanpai." Woman whispered and drank. And at the moment the drink touched her tongue, which was supposed to be some good sake, flew out from her mouth all over her paperwork. "What the fuck is this!" She yelled furiously. She noticed small piece of paper in her secret draw. She grabbed it. And soon as she read it, her heart sunk. It said,

"Your alcohol drinks have been confiscated. I took the liberty to change the sake to more healty drink. It will give you strength and will to continue your important work.

Yours truly,


PS. You can have your sake back when you have finished your paperwork.

PPS. Don't bother looking for anywhere else either. I have found ALL of them.


Tsunade scrunched the paper she had in her hands. She looked at her chair. Next thing she knew there was a broken window, her chair was missing and all her paperwork was flying out from the window. She heard knocking sound from the door.

"Enter." Tsunade gave a lovely smile and turn around. "What can I do for you."

Her smile faded away when tall good handsome young man in white robe and a fox in his shoulders entered her office. "Long time no see, Baa-chan." The man gave a wide smile. "How have you been?"

Chapter END

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