The Savior and the Fox

Summary: This is adopted from ares88's Naruto Has a New 'Pet.' However, dear fans of his story; this one will be a little different. This will be a combination of my Naruto: Savior story along with the original telling by ares88. NarutoXHarem.

AN: I do not own Naruto. That pleasure belongs to Masashi Kishimoto.

Normal Speech

'Normal Thoughts'


Demon/Summon Thoughts

AN2: The fox's thoughts and speech in his small chibi form will be normal.

AN3: By the way, getting updated with canon, I have decided that Hinata will NOT be receiving any such bashing. The jury is still out on Sakura. But seeing as bashing has become really annoying to me, it will be minor, if there is any at all. Sakura will MOST LIKELY be in the harem as well as a late addition of Shizuka from the feminist village. Due to the strange desire to see such a thing, Gaara will also be receiving a harem of his own. I already saw three girls with their eyes on some Kazekage already.

Chapter 4: I'm Never Drinking Again

Naruto took seat in Tenten's kitchen while drinking his tea. Let's just say, he was "escorted" to a club by Rock Lee and met Tenten there. After a few drinks, things got steamy and now here we are the next morning.

"How's newly-wed life treating you?" He heard a rather snarky voice. He looked and saw Kurama sitting on the neighboring building. He had Naruto's wakizashi around his neck.

"Morning to you too." Naruto looked at him when he jumped across the street and landed on window board and stepped inside from open window.

"I was wondering where you were when you didn't return home." Kurama looked around small kitchen.

"I was busy." Naruto mumbled looking away.

"You know… alcohol, you and female population… don't mix together, remember?"

"So we…" The fiery haired boy nodded over to bedroom.

"Yeah. And loudly." The fox nodded and grinned. "So? Ready to go home or are you waiting for a morning quickie?

Naruto looked him angrily. "I don't get her. First she wants me to go. Then she says, don't go. Then she wants me to go with her to buy new clothes. And treat her a dinner." He sighed. "I'm starting to miss Ero-sennin more and more. At least back then I could sleep sometimes."

"And now you are too 'busy'." The fox grinned. Then he realized something. "I guess I'll take my leave now. I wouldn't want to be a bother on your first date." He grinned and jumped away.

"Bastard." Naruto mumbled angry.

"I'm ready!" Tenten jump to kitchen smiling. She had put her best 'average' clothes, corrected her make-up and put her hair back to balls over her head. "Shall we?"

"Sure." Naruto walked to door but she stopped him.

"Why don't we do some training while we are at it, hm?" She whispered gently to his ear.

"What that idiot is doing?" Kurama looked from shadows when Naruto and that girl jumped from the window. Or he jumped while carrying her in his arms.

"Are you sure this is okay?" Blond boy asked nervously. "I mean if someone sees us…"

"Then we just say we are training." China girl grinned. "I want to see how much you have improved while gone. And this is the best way."

Naruto looked little troubled about this. He couldn't see how this was any proof but decided to be silent. This girl already had practically forced him to be her servant. If he started to ask stupid question, he had no idea what she would create. Naruto's thoughts ended with an abrupt, 'I'm never drinking again.'

"So? Where did you buy that dress?" Naruto asked looking around while jumping on the rooftops. "Or do you want to go eat first?"

"Hmm… I think I want some flowers first." She grinned and looked down on one the shops. "Down there…"

Naruto held back a growl in annoyance. It was times like these that he wished he was like Sasu…


Saya and her friends were walking down the street when man in a white coat dropped in front of them. They recognized his back and started to smile when this girl appeared in front of them.

"Let's go here!" This girl with china balls in her hair led this man to flowers shop.

"Wasn't that…" Tsumura look astonished.

"Yes." Gogo answered.

"And that…?" Asuka.

"Yes. That ninja bitch, Tenten." Saya looked like she was about burst. "How in hell those two got together?"

Soon the couple exited the flower shop.

"Thank you, Naruto-kun!" Tenten smiled happily. "So sad that Ino wasn't here today. I would have wanted to ask her couple of things." She held in her hands beautiful yellow flower. "You shouldn't have bought this for me. It's like I'm your GIRLFRIEND!" She made sure everyone on the street heard her.

Saya and her friends looked her angrily.

"It's okay." Naruto smiled kindly. "I thought it suited you. Here, let me help you." He took the flower from her hands and placed it in her hair. "There. I think it you should were it like this." He smiled and looked away. "Let's get going then. Oh wait here for a minute. I think I'll get some dango. You want some?"

"Yeah…sure." Deeply blushed Tenten mumbled not realizing what was happening.

"Okay. Wait here. I'll be right back." Naruto run away towards small dango-shop.

Meanwhile Saya and friends were furious. The man had returned only yesterday and now was already taken! The other girls had to hold Saya back so she wouldn't attack the dreaming Tenten.

"If you do that, Naruto-kun will get mad at you and never go out with you." They said to calm her down. "Let's wait and see. Tenten is a bitch. No man has ever lasted with her. We can be patient and they'll break-up sooner or later."

They hoped so and decided to fall back for now.

Naruto run back to Tenten who had some time to recover.

He had eaten the small shop almost empty when he had remembered. "Oh yeah. I better take couple to Tenten too or she will get mad at me."

So he walked carrying couple of dango-stick and offered them to her. "I brought you these." He smiled and watched her when she blushed again.

'What the heck is wrong with me?' She thought herself. 'It's only a freaking dango!' She took little sweets and enjoyed it. She hadn't had a bite since yesterday so she was glad of something to eat.

"Shall we?" She asked happily and placed herself again in his arms. "I know this cute little shop that way." She pointed ahead.

Naruto tried to act cool as possible but it was very hard considering what he had in his arms. A beautiful young woman who he already had sex with. Thought made him blush slightly. 'Why is it that I can't have a normal relationship?'

Naruto carried her to other side of the village.

Tsunade was sunbathing on some roof that she could find. It was as far a possible from Hokage-tower and all the paperwork. She wore revealing bikini and shades and in her hand was half bottle of sake. She grinned when she thought that none could find her here. Then she heard some noise around.

"What the hell? Cant a woman have a moment of peace around here!?" She yelled angrily and looked around.

There was Naruto jumping on the rooftops holding girl in his arms.

"It has started already. And it looks like Tenten is leading." She mumbled to herself when they passed her. Naruto gave her a quick glance and nodded because his hands were full. She shrugged. "Well…he could have chosen better one but not the worse choice either."

She continued enjoying herself.

Suddenly something landed on top of her.

"Yo! Hokage-sama. Nice outfit." A little dog said to her.

"Aren't you one of Kakashi's summons?" Tsunade asked. She looked around but there was no white-haired ninja around. Actually she hadn't saw him since last mission. It's like he had disappeared with the wind.

"Why are you here?"

"Well…" Dog scratched behind its ear. "One person asked Kakashi to find you."

"Who?" Blond woman wondered when she felt enormous killing intent behind her.

"Tsu-na-de-sa-ma!" Shizune stood behind her.

"Crap…" Old woman let out.

Naruto looked when Tenten was changing her outfit like a little fashion show. "How about this? Does this look better than the last one?"

The blond boy personally couldn't care less what she wore. He was starting to get really hungry. Those dango had only helped so far. But he had to admit this was nice too.

'Man this is almost as bad as that time in Storm Country. I should have known that this would happen. I can't drink with women. I mean when I was there I…OhShitOhShitOhShitOhShit. I completely forgot to tell…her…that I was leaving. Then again we were in kind of a hurry to get away from that…that…unspeakable one. I really hope she doesn't find me.'

"I think you should go with the first one." He said finally to smiling to the china girl.

"Oh really? Then I think…"

"Tenten? What are you doing here?" They both turned around and saw Ino, Sakura and Hinata walking together while carrying some clothes. "And why are you here?" Asked a suddenly angry Sakura looking at her team-mate.

"I-I- was only helping Tenten to buy some clothes." He tried to explain. She had asked him not to reveal the secret but it wasn't easy. Sakura's eyes seemed to penetrate his skull in seconds.

"Why?" Sakura walked ahead. "Naruto! Tell me what are you doing in girls section with Tenten?"

"Naruto?" Ino looked astonished. She could remember handsome stranger from yesterday but this… Then she too realized the situation.

"If you must know." Tenten stepped between them. "Naruto promised to buy me new clothes as an apology for the old ones."

"What did he do?" Sakura looked fearing the worst.

Not answering this, black-haired girl turned around and smiled. "What you think Naruto-sweetheart? Doesn't this one look a lot like the same dress that I wore yesterday? You remember? The one you had tear off me last night when were at my place?" She laughed with evil voice echoing though store. "You were so drunk that you couldn't even open my shirt buttons. They were only in the way." She grinned looking her fellow kunoichi.


And to boost that image. Tenten leaned down and kissed Naruto on to lips passionately.

Boy was surprised but decided to enjoy the kiss and leaned forward kissing her back. 'This feels good…wait what am I doing?' China girl grinned at them.

"That man is Naruto?" Ino asked amazed of the change.

"I-I-it's not true. N-n-n-naruto-K-k-kun wouldn't do such a thing!" Hinata stammered and was about to faint.

Sakura did faint. She fell down to the floor banning her head hard.

"Sakura-chan! Are you okay? What happened?" Naruto rushed to help her wondering what might have happened. But a hard fist flew him out of the store into street.

The pink haired devil was breathing hard and looking like was about to go berserk. Naruto could only stare in absolute fear at his teammate. 'Oh fuck my life.'

"Naruto!" Tenten shouted terrified and ran to street. The blond boy was holding his head and trying to pull himself up. "Are you okay? Tell me! Please don't be hurt!" She run to him and took tight hold of him.

"I'm fine." He groan and then gave his fox-like-grin. "The whole store is a mess." He laughed. "For a minute I thought she was in danger but I should have known. She must have played possum. But why hit me like that? Isn't that bit too much?"

"I think so." Tenten looked at him worried. She was amazed. There weren't that many shinobi who could stand after taking a hit from Tsunade's apprentice. But Naruto stood there like nothing was wrong. "Let's get going." He smiled. "Before-"

Kunai flew directly at him. He was about to push Tenten to safety when little fox flew out of nowhere and grabbed flying throwing knife into his mouth.

"How come every time I took my eyes off you, you end up in trouble?" He spit the kunai away and smirked. "Did you have nice time?"

"Shut up." Naruto looked annoyed. "I know you've been following us all the time."

Kurama shrugged. "I thought you learned your lesson from that Unspeakable She-devil in Storm Country. But nooo. Naruto had to go and get plastered and screwed again."

"She reminded me of mom a little bit."

Kurama deadpanned, "I know, that's why I didn't really like her."

"Kurama." Tenten smiled. "He saved your life!" She smiled and petted the little thing.

"Yeah. I guess." Naruto nodded. "But who an earth would-"

More kunais flew followed by shurikens. He pushed her away and grabbed Kurama by the tail. Then he saw three very angry kunoichi stepping out from the shop and throwing attacks at him.

"What happened?" He asked. Even Hinata, who he had always thought nice and kind, was already using her Byakugan and was running towards him. "Why are you attacking me all of a sudden?"

"I'm sorry, Naruto-kun!" Pearl eyed girl whispered while trying to hit him with her 'gentle fist' technique. "But I must hit you!"

"But why?" He asked dodging her hands. He knew what would happened if he got hit by them. "Did I do something wrong?"

Meanwhile Ino jumped behind him and threw another set of kunai in his back.

"You too?" He yelled while blond woman kept attacking her. Now he had to evade two people's attacks.

"Since when did you start dating Tenten?" The Blond woman screamed angrily. "I didn't know you were back in town and first thing you sleep with her? Why?"

"Y-yes Naruto-kun? Why?" The Blue haired girl attacked again with will behind her attack. "Why her?"

For a second, he could have sworn that she added in her mind, 'Why not me?'

"I'm sorry Hinata-chan! But I'm not –." He tried to explain but at that moment the pink haired devil ran into the mess. People in the street started to run in panic in front of fighters.

"NARUTO!" She yelled while raising her fist. "Go to hell!"

At that moment when the hit landed on him, he disappeared with a puff of smoke.

"Shadow clone?" Sakura looked around. "Where is he?"

All girls started to look around of him.

Naruto looked down from the roof worried. "What did I do?"

"You slept with Tenten." Kurama answered simply. "And that caused a jealous reaction in the lot of them."

"Jealous? Over me?" He asked not believing.

Fox sighed. "Hinata has been love with you since the academy. Of course idiot like you didn't notice. Ino has never seen anything else than brat in orange, so when you return looking like this, she starts to think things of her own. And then there's Sakura, your old childhood crush who has always known it, but has never taken it seriously because you were a brat in orange. Now when you slept with Tenten, she starts to think like you cheated her and acts like…an angry girlfriend."

Naruto felt like from his life had just flipped upside down. All the information he got was too much too soon. He felt like lying down.

Kurama shouted. "At the moments like these…it demands drastic measures."

At that moment something happened that any of the girls could explain. First they felt terrifying chakra on one the roofs. Sakura felt something familiar about it. But at that moment she couldn't place in here mind where she had run to it. It somehow made her think Naruto and danger but couldn't understand why.

Then suddenly a great dog, probably a fox flew across roofs, towards Hokage-tower.

"What was that?" Ino asked looking terrified. "It felt like a monster had appeared."

"Yeah I know what you meant." Tenten nodded.

"What did you see from it?" Sakura asked from Hinata who was looking like crying. "Was it that bad?" Others looked gulping.

"I attacked N-n-n-naruto-kun!" She started to weep and felled to her kneels. "He must hate me now!" Others looked her sadly.

"It's okay." Pink haired girl smiled and hugged her. "I'm sure that idiot understands."

"But h-h-he must l-l-l-love Tenten-san." She wept looking really desperate. "T-t-they k-k-ki-kissed!"

Sakura didn't know what to say. She didn't understand how could that happened. Then she used her last string of hope. "He didn't say they were in love." She smiled to blue haired girl who stopped weeping. "All we know something happened. But it doesn't necessarily mean love. And besides, that idiot is way too stupid to fall with girl like that."

Tenten gave murderous looks to her back. "Then why don't we go ask things from Naruto?" She said angrily. "And get things straight."

"Sure." Sakura looked angry and hold her friend still in her hug. "After that we set things straight, okay?"

"Okay. But you must promise not to attack him when you first see him." She looked around. "Now… where to start…"

At that moment an ANBU soldier appeared in front of them. "Hokage-sama has asked for your presence immediately."

"Why?" Ino asked looking at man. He wore an ox mask.

"I think you already know." ANBU looked around. The street looked like an earthquake had just run through it. The man left silently as he had appeared.

Tsunade and Shizune looked worried. It wasn't because Akatsuki or Orochimaru was on the move. It wasn't because of some disaster. It wasn't even because there had been a 'riot' on one of the business streets. It was because in the Hokage's office sat a pale looking Naruto and giant fox waving his two tails, on his couch. The boy looked like he had seen a ghost (and Tsunade knew how scared he was of then) and the fox looked troubled. That she wasn't sure though. You couldn't really tell from those expressions.

"Is there anything I can do for you two?" She asked looking at them but gained no answer. "Or did you come to explain about that mess on Shironinjo Street?" No answer. "Shizune-dear, could you leave and let me and Naruto talk alone?"

She looked like a devil for a moment but left. "You read those reports today." She said and closed the door. "And no sake!"

"So? What's up?" Fifth Hokage asked and walked to her shell soon as a door closed. On one of the shelves had a sake bottle as decoration. She had to congratulate herself from excellent hide took the bottle and couple of glasses and smirked. "Want some?"

There was no sign of life in him yet. Tsunade had to look over to fox.

"There's something he needs to know about his situation." Kurama explained. "And that's something he needs a different opinion."

"Different?" Blond woman asked curiously. "How?"

"Well you see-" Fox started to explain when suddenly Naruto spoke.

"Am I handsome?" He asked bluntly looking disbelievingly at her. "I can't be? Can I?"

The woman looked startled. She had been totally caught off guard with that. "Well…" She started when door was knocked.

"Tsunade-sama? It's Sakura with Ino, Hinata and…" Tsunade could believe she felt sudden cold feeling from other side of door. "Tenten. Can we come in?"

"There here. So if we could continue this talk later…" She nodded herself and looked to Naruto. "Naruto?" She looked around but there was no trace left of him or his fox. "Where did you disappear to?" 'Excellent skill to be able to disappear so fast. But I don't know should I be proud of him or worried of myself.'

Then door opened and four kunoichi entered the room. Tsunade could feel the tension between them. "You called, Tsunade-sama." They looked around and saw two sake glasses on couch table. "Did you talk to someone just now?"

"Me? No… I guess. Anyway, good of you to come." She walked to her desk and took her seat. "I wanted to talk with you about something I heard from ANBU patrols and angry civilians." She looked extremely angry. "Rumors about some ninjas fighting between each other in the middle of the street? Was it a sparring match, because for that we have training grounds. So you people better-" She felt how her leg hit something. "Better talk…" She looked under the table and was about to yell. Naruto was hiding under her table looking absolutely terrified.

"Is there something wrong?" Sakura asked stretching her neck to see better.

Naruto made begging image not to reveal he was there.

"No…nothing. My desk just…seemed like it needs fixing." Blond woman said and looked back up. "Where was I… oh yes…I'm waiting an explanation? Why did you start fighting? I remember that there was Naruto involved too somehow… where is he?" She asked without revealing that he was crouching in front her.

The girls shrugged. Tsunade noticed that all of them gave angry gaze on Tenten, even Hinata.

"Would you like to tell me what happened?"

Tenten started to the story way she had saw it. They had enjoyed their date (she had to use the word even if it wasn't completely true) when these girls started to bother them. Then without no reason they had attacked him. He didn't want to fight so he had fled. And now his whereabouts were unknown.

Tsunade looked at other girls asking few verifying questions. After a while she had an understanding of what was going on. .

"Explains a lot." She asked looking out the window.

"What did you say?" Ino asked trying to hear her.

"That it's about time to set you girls straight!" Tsunade rose from her chair so suddenly that she accidentally kicked Naruto into head.

"Ow." He mumbled. Another kick silenced him.

"Did you hear something?" Tenten looked around. "Like something was hurt."

"I didn't hear anything." Hokage said firmly. "As I was saying, you girls need to get set straight and I have exactly the thing to do that." She looked at her desk and browse through the mountain of paper for one particular paper. "I got this bodyguard request from a feudal lord of Land of Swamps. His daughter is getting married with the heir of the Land of Honey to secure their alliance. I want you four to go and make sure she and rest of the wedding convoy reaches its destination without any victims or accidents." She looked around the table. Everyone looked astonished. Was she serious?

Pink haired girl was first one to mention about it. "Eeh, Tsunade-sama…isn't four chunin a bit… too much for simple bodyguard mission. Is there even any reason to expect any assassins?"

"No far as I have heard." Hokage said looking at paper calmly. "But it's a perfect opportunity to see how you people act behind the walls of Konoha." She looked each every one of them with a scathing look.

"Sorry." Sakura hurried to bow and others followed example.

"Now… I think I understand the reason behind this fight. Don't look so surprised I too was once head over heels in love with same person as all my friends. But that's not a reason to start to fight each other. Believe, most of you only see what is on the outside. How many of you actually know him?"

Everyone looked each other and eventually started to look at Sakura. "I guess that's me." The pink haired girl couldn't help but feel a bit proud. Others gave her murderous looks behind her back.

"Really?" Tsunade asked looking serious. "What's his second favorite food?" She asked.

"What?" Sakura asked looking her sensei. "What you mean?"

"Simple, what's – his – second – favorite – food? Not his best but his SECOND best?"

"That's…eh…" She mumbled not knowing the answer.

"What his favorite movie?" Old blond asked not letting pink haired girl out of her gaze.

"That's… I think it is…"

"What his best childhood memory?" Tsunade asked again with power. "When he stopped wetting his bed? Who gave his first kiss?"

"Sasuke-kun." Everyone answered with one voice finally finding a question they could answered. Tsunade looked amazed.

"Really? Sasuke?" She repeated.

"Yeah. But it must been an accident. I think it was Kiba who pushed Naruto when he was too close and…" Sakura stopped remembering the embarrassment. That day she had been placed on Team 7. It had been so confusing day. And how things turned after that…

Hokage looked around. "Really? I didn't know Naruto swung that way. Aaah!"

All other girls looked at her worried. "What happened?"

"Nothing. I just kicked my toe to desk. It really hurts." She smiled happily. "I think it's about time-" She kicked to Naruto's head once "to get myself-" twice "a new table." And three times.

Others looked scared of the sight.

"But I have proven my point haven't I? None of you knew answer any of my questions. Expect the last one. Wow… that WAS a surprise. But anyway, Tenten, did he or did he not say: You are my girlfriend?"

Others looked at her waiting for an answer they wished to hear. China girl shook her head. "No he didn't."

"Did he ever give you any reason to believe you two were dating?" Old blond asked starting to make her point.

"Well…" Black haired girl started but she was stopped.

"And having sex isn't a reason." Hokage corrected herself. "Or telling you're beautiful. Or giving you that flower."

Everyone saw the yellow flower in her hair. "But he bought it to me and placed to my hair saying it looks beautiful this way!" She said looking angry. Others couldn't believe him. He had bought her that.

"When coming from an actual boyfriend, it means a lot. When it comes from a regular guy, its flirting…not admitting being a boyfriend. But when it comes from Naruto, it's a young naive boy speaking from his heart without having any secret motives."

That made sense.

"Was I flirting with her?" Naruto asked looking terrified from Kurama.

"Kami-sama! You've been flirting with every single female of this village! Well…almost. Luckily that old hag and her assistant have yet survived without it." Small Kyūbi said annoyed from his friend's obliviousness.

"I have?" Naruto asked and then he felt a kick on his head to silent him.

"So now it's time to you girls set on your mission." Tsunade looked at girls. "Good luck and don't kill each other. If I hear even of one…just one mistake that was because you girls couldn't make up with each other, I will send you back to academy for rest of your lives! Do you hear me!?"

"Yes we do, Hokage-sama!" All kunoichi shouted with one voice. They walked to door but suddenly they all turned around. "Who is team leader?" They asked with one voice again.

"That's a really good question…" Tsunade thought herself and reach to inside of her green robe. She pulled four sticks. "You girls draw."

"What?" Everyone looked her. "You can't be serious?"

"Yes I m. Or do we want to find Naruto and ask him who should be team leader?" This left the room silent. Naruto looked terrified. "What? You girls don't want find out who he likes the best? Someone of you four could get lucky. Or all four of you may fail."

To everyone's surprise Hinata run over to room and pulled one stick. 'This girl surprises me time after time.' Hokage thought herself but smiled. "That's a good girl. Next person."

Tenten, Ino and lastly Sakura pulled everyone one stick. So the winner was…

"Hinata. This is your first team leading isn't it of this high ranking mission?" Tsunade asked from shy girl who nodded little. "Don't worry. It will be fine. Other girls will surely help you and make this mission work. Won't you?" She looked with her sharp eyes glaring at others who started to nod quickly.

They were about to leave when Old Blond stopped them suddenly. "One last question: why do you girls run after him?"

Everyone blushed.

"Don't worry. He won't hear a thing. It will stay between you and me." She held her leg ready to kick blond boys head.

Tenten went this time first. "He is an amazingly great kisser and very romantic." She said and walked away.

"He saved my life so many times so I can't remember all of them." Sakura said and followed the china girl.

"I always look up to h-him and he never went back on his word." Hinata whispered and run out.

Ino looked others and sneered. "He has grown into good looking man." The blond girl said biting her lower lip from expectation.

Door was closed behind them.

"You can come out now." Tsunade looked below the table. Slowly Naruto growled out and walked back to the couch. "So? What you think?"

"That I'm a complete idiot." He whispered.

"We both knew that." Fox talked suddenly and Tsunade turned around. Kurama was lying on her desk. Two tails waving around lazily. "But what else?"

"They are making fun of me." Naruto mumbled and walked to the window. He looked into the distance at the figures that were walking towards the gate.

"C'mon! It can't be that bad." Blond woman walked beside him. "I mean, those girls… they wouldn't do such a thing."

Naruto looked suddenly very angry. "They wouldn't? It's like in academy all over again! I was number joke among rest of the class!"

"I thought that was because you were number one prankster." Tsunade asked looking surprised of his anger.

"Yeah. I only did that so I wouldn't be so pathetic. I at least wanted to be good at something. Something worthy of attention." He looked depressed. "But before that… I was a joke nonetheless." He opened the window. "I need to think somewhere. Kurama." Fox jumped to his side, still at his second form.

"Wait! One more thing." Blond woman said and boy turned around. He could see warm smile on her face. "No matter how others see you, to me you always been a reason to be proud of Konoha. And yes… you have grown into very handsome young man."

He faintly smiled back. "Thanks Baa-chan. Kurama." Fox turned into small again and jumped to his shoulder. "If you could do me a favor... could you close training ground seven for couple of days."

Hokage nodded. "By the way… I have asked one of jonin to come and check out your skills… he should be coming…" She looked at clock. "Any day now…"

Naruto smiled softly. "Tell Kakashi-sensei that I'll be waiting." He said and jumped off the window.

Tsunade looked after him while he jumped from rooftop to rooftop. He looked so different. So…serious. She then turned back to her paperwork.

Groaning, she flipped through the devil's gift to mankind when she saw something interesting. 'Request for an escort for the Lady Daimyo of Storm Country Sayuri Raiden. How odd. Storm Country daimyos only go to Kumo Chunin exams due to the proximity to their nation. I suppose I could assign a jonin or two.'

The two friends arrived at Narutos old training grounds.

Naruto looked around and was glad that there wasn't anyone there. He looked at three wood poles that stood out from ground. He smiled at the memory.

"You have to come at me with intent to kill. " Memory Kakashi said holding two bells. "And you have to get these bells."

Sakura had looked confused. "But why there's only two bells?" He remembered her saying and gave a small laugh.

"He truly had us by that." He whispered touching one of poles. "It was this pole."

"One you got tied into?" Kurama looked at it.

"Yeah. I was hungry and tired. Kakashi-sensei had left two bentos to that rock over there." He pointed over to rock. "I couldn't but help myself."

"And after: 'Itadakimasu' he appeared and tied you into this pole." Fox jumped over the pole.

"He gave the two bentos to Sasuke and Sakura-chan." His face hardened.

"Sasuke shared his food with you." Kurama remembered the story. "And Sakura after that."

"Yeah. But only because he did it." He hit the pole. "She was so deeply in love with him. Probably still is."

"I thought it didn't matter." Kurama looked at him.

Blond boy smiled. "Of course it doesn't. But I was so idiot back then."

"No need to tell me." Fox mumbled looking away.

"I wonder how he's doing." Boy sit down leaning to pole.

"I bet he's having great time with his teacher, if you catch my drift." Red fur fox yawn. "He really means a lot to you. Doesn't he?"

"He was my best friend. And now I like to think of him as my brother." Naruto looked clouds and smiled. "I mean… he was only person who inspired me to train more. Who I wanted to beat." He looked back ground. "Only one who I wanted truly to recognize me."

"I'll admit it. You're strong." Sasuke said while standing over a pole in middle of the lake. "But you won't be able to lay a single scratch to my forehead."

"Naruto, I should have been better to you. Uchiha cannot and should not be trusted. Don't forget it was an Uchiha that made me nearly destroy this village. You know the darkness he holds. You know in your heart that as soon as he gained the Sharingan, those cursed eyes, he was gone. Even back then his hatred was palpable. His clan is cursed by evil."

"Itachi and Shisui-nii weren't." Naruto said.

"They were different I'll admit. Or at least Shisui was. Itachi was always the mysterious one."

Naruto looked at the fox, "What did you feel from him?"

Kurama was silent for a while, then he sighed. "Sadness. Great sadness and regret. With some slight sliver of hope still in him. It is quite odd for an Uchiha with the Mangekyō to feel that way."

"You are the expert." Naruto grinned.

Kurama snorted. Then he looked at his friend. "Next time we meet Sasuke…" Fox jumped to his lap and looked him. "We will show him just what we can do now."

Naruto laughed and pet him. "We will bring him down so fast he won't know what hit him."

"I can't wait to see that." Fox whispered.

Naruto started to feel tired. So much had happened and he hadn't had yet even anything to eat. He reached to his pocket and draw two food pills. "Itadakimasu." He whisperd and threw first one to his mouth and gave another to Kurama.

"Thanks for the food." Fox ended sleepy. They slept lying to center pole of training ground seven. Fox and boy.


Naruto was in a white space. It was rather large, but empty save for three other presences. He saw the full sized Kurama behind him and his opponent and his beast in front.

Naruto raised an eyebrow at the rather tame Yondaime Mizukage. He sure was not acting that way a few seconds ago. Then again, he took full bijū form a few seconds ago as well.

Yagura opened his eyes and upon seeing Naruto, he smiled faintly. "I'm glad I was able to get you here Naruto."

Naruto looked around again, "What is this place? Why are you not attacking me?"

Isobu, the Sanbi sighed, "This place is a realm of consciousness that is only accessible to a jinchūriki and the bijū. We will be able to talk here."

Naruto snarled, "What the hell makes you think I want to talk you murdering peace of shit?"

Yagura flinched, "I guess I deserve that. But this is the only place in which I am myself. This is the only place I am safe."

"What do you mean by that? What the hell does that mean?"

Kurama interjected, "How long?"


"How long have you been under that bastard's genjutsu?"

"Genjutsu? Kurama what are you talking about?" Naruto asked, clearly confused.

"Right after I became Mizukage, I met with someone wearing a mask."

Naruto stopped him. "Black and orange with a hole over the right eye?"

"Exactly. I see you know him."

Naruto growled, "He's responsible for the Kyūbi attack years back. He's the reason I am a jinchūriki."

"My condolences, little brother. But we…"

"Wait, little brother?"

Yagura smiled, "You are the youngest jinchūriki, therefore you are our little brother, even if you hold the most powerful."

Kurama snorted in amusement as Naruto turned and gave him a baleful glare. "So what do you want?"

Isobu said solemnly, "The genjutsu that the bastard has on us is way too strong. We can't break it. And both of us have become sickened by what we have been forced to do. Our father wanted us to be agents of peace, not genocide."

Kurama snorted derisively, "Tell that to that bastard Shukaku."

"You still hate him for that?"

"Don't tell me you have forgiven him for what he had done." Kurama said with an edge.

Isobu was silent for a moment. "No. No I haven't. But what's done is done."

Naruto was confused, "Wait, what did Shukaku do?"

Kurama snarled, "He got bored one day and decided to massacre three villages to get his jollies. Basically, he revealed us to the world. Most people did not know about us, if any at all. But Shukaku spoiled it and eventually got us all sealed away."

"You did tease him about being weak."

"Because he is weak."

Naruto interrupted, "Look, can you guys have your family reunion at a different time?" He turned to the young Mizukage. "So what can I do to help you two?"

Isobu was shocked, "You…a human wishes to help a bijū? This is unheard of. But, I guess there are new things every day." He then glance at Kurama with his one eye. "You have an interesting container Kurama."

The giant fox smirked, "Continues to impress me every day."

Yagura sighed, "There is only one way you can save us."

"How?! Tell me damn it!"

Yagura paused, "You have to kill us."

Naruto stopped, shocked at the answer. "But…there must be some other way."

Yagura shook his head. "As much as I like to think there is, there isn't another way."

"But, you're innocent! You deserve another chance!"

"No, little brother. My sins are too great and the genjutsu is too powerful. Only death can free us."

Naruto looked down at the floor, his hands rolled up into fists. Yagura could clearly see that he was either mulling it over or going to make an outburst about how he would find another way. "You know, it was my dream to be Mizukage."

Naruto looked up, shocked. "Yep. I always wanted to be Mizukage. I wanted to be the one who finally brought peace to the Bloody Mist. I wanted to be as great as the Nidaime Mizukage, who fought the Nidaime Tsuchikage to the death. I wanted to be the one who would be considered the greatest Mizukage." He looked down in shame. "Now, all I will be remembered as the bloodthirsty genocidal tyrant that nearly caused his own village to collapse."

There were tears in his eyes as he continued. "You remember Zabuza, right?" Naruto nodded. "Well, he was one of my best friends. And because I fell to this damn genjutsu, he became one of my worst enemies. I'm a failure as a kage. I can't even talk to the woman that I have a crush one because she has a bloodline. Please little brother. Kill me. Kill me before I kill more people. That is how you can save me."

Flashback End

Naruto awoke quickly with tears coming down his face. Kurama spotted this and placed his head on Naruto's lap. The fox looked up at him, "Remembering something?"


Kurama flinched, "Oh. I'm…I'm sorry kit."

"S'not your fault."

Kurama placed his head back on Naruto's lap as he heard the quiet sobs from the boy. "I couldn't save him. I couldn't save Haruhi. I couldn't even save my own teammate. What right do I have to become Hokage if I couldn't save the ones who mattered most?"

"Naruto, you did save Yagura. You saved him in the only way he could be saved. You even dug his grave with your bare hands. He was actually more seen as a victim now than ever before."

"Doesn't change the fact that he didn't deserve to die."

Kurama sighed, "Many people who live deserve death and many who die deserve life. Can we really decide on who lives and dies? Naruto, shit happens. It's time to move on. You, Naruto Kenshin Namikaze Uzumaki, the Konoha no Shunjin and Shinkirō no Naruto, deserve that at least. They wouldn't want you to dwell."

Naruto wiped his eyes and glanced at his partner, "Thanks." He yawned and closed his eyes, smiling while thinking of nothing but the good times he had. Kurama smirked before closing his own eyes. 'You would be happy with who has inherited your will old man Rikudo.' He glanced at the face of the Shodai Hokage in the distance. 'You too Hashirama, you tree-humping idealistic bastard.' Kurama silently chuckled at what he pictured Hashirama's face would look like if he heard that.

Tsunade was drinking and watching the sunset. It had been a day of surprises. Shizune of course stood behind her chair holding papers. "These documents need your signature immediately, Tsunade-sama."

"Shizune…" The blonde woman spoke calmly.

"Yes?" Black haired woman said browsing through mountains of paperwork. The small pig was lying on the couch.

"Have you ever been in love?" Hokage asked from her assistant.

"What!?" Shizune shouted surprised and threw all the paperwork around the room. "What did you say? What you have you –"

"Have you ever loved someone?" Tsunade asked turning around and looking thoughtful.

"W-w-why you ask?" Shizune asked sweat rushing to surface. "Has some one said –"

"I'm talking about Naruto." Hokage said ignoring her completely. "Do you think he is a person who could find happiness with another woman?"

"Aaahh… Naruto… of course." Shizune started to pick up papers suddenly. She felt relieved that her secret hadn't been found out. But couldn't be feeling a little bit of disappointed. "Why you think so?"

"Naruto had so hard past… and present. And no doubt will have an even harder future." Old blond looked out from the window. "Do you think he can ever have lasting relationship?"

Black haired girl stood up. "If he founds a woman strong enough to stand beside him, then I do."

Tsunade looked surprised. "You are little romantic, aren't you Shizune." She smirked. "Tell me… why is it that you haven't found any man for yourself? There are many good shinobi or civilians in Konoha? Why you haven't I seen you even once kissing a guy or holding ones hand? Are you gay or something?"

Shizune looked her astonished and couldn't say anything.

Tsunade on the other hand misunderstood her look and smirked. "Or is there someone special that you are hiding from me? There is? Isn't there? Oh my god! You are blushing! My Shizune has a boyfriend! A boyfriend!" She started to dance a hugged her friend. "Why haven't I seen him? Who is he? Tell me! Tell me now! And why are you here for this time of day? He must be waiting for you! Go and let me do all the work myself!" She practically threw her out from the office and locked the door behind her. "And don't come back before you and your 'mister mystery' have had sex. And come tomorrow to tell me all the details."

Shizune leaned to door without any strength to move on. She had been sent from her 'special someone' to have sex with a guy who doesn't even exists and now all the work would be left for tomorrow. The black haired woman sighed and hold her head.

"I guess early sleep and even earlier back to working to catch up." She sighed and walked away. "And what I do with this 'boyfriend' of mine?"

She couldn't find an answer so she walked home and directly to bed. After she had organized next week's papers with her 'time off'.

Tsunade drank all night thinking about Naruto, future, Kurama, girls and such. At some point she found herself thinking of Jiraya and quickly even Orochimaru and Sarutobi-sensei too.

Kakashi was reading his new book with greatest interest at his home. He had already built new shell just for this book. The shell had armored glass shield and lock. Minimum security only for this book.

Misao was listening behind Naruto's door wondering where he had been disappeared to. She hadn't seen him for days now. Ever since he had left that teashop suddenly.

Saya and her friends were partying at one of the clubs.

Kiba was sleeping with Akamaru in Training Ground 18. They had been training hard so they would be ready kick Naruto's ass. They had also trained remembering that little fox may be fighting partner just like Akamaru was for Kiba.

Shino was sleeping at his home his shades on dreaming about putting a muzzle on Kiba. Permanently. 'Ah the silence.' He smiled in his sleep only thinking about the lack of speech from Kiba.

Lee was training as usual. He was running in his sleep – with his hands around the village.

The four girls' team was at that moment camping in the woods. They would soon arrive to castle where their mission would start. They sat around campfire quietly. They didn't talk to each other if it wasn't absolutely necessary.

Kurenai was dining with Asuma who had just arrived back from mission.

At the same time Ichirakus and her daughter Ayame were closing the shop. They had heard about the fight that had occurred few blocks away. When she had heard about it, she had promised to forbid those girls ever step inside that stand.

And somewhere off Jiraiya was getting shit kicked out from him by angry women.

"I should have held on to him when I had the chance." He whispered weakly remembering Naruto and how obediently he had taken the beating for him. "Where are you Naruto!?"

"Is Naruto your guardian angel?" One of the women asked angry. "Then tell him this!"

"AAAH!" Perverts voice colored the darkness of night.

Meanwhile in the Land of Storms, a young woman with long red hair was gazing towards Konoha with a hungry gaze in her stormy eyes. 'I'm coming Naruto…my husband.' Thunder crashed in the background.

Back in Konoha, Naruto broke out into a cold sweat and shivered uncontrollably. Kurama felt the gaze upon his partner. 'Uh oh. I feel the burning eye of the evil one upon you my friend. You're on your own. Then again, it was all the hentai's fault. Yeah, just go with that Naruto. Blame the hentai. It will keep Tsunade from castrating you for getting married. Although, you are permitted to have several wives. Hehehe you lucky bastard, you. I mean, for being pure evil, the Unspeakable one is really hot.'

The Demon Country Priestess Shion and Daimyos Koyuki Kazahana, Haruna, and Toki were all on the road towards Konoha at no hurry. Of course, they each liked to spend long nights in hotels thinking about a certain fiery haired Uzumaki.

Another traveler on the road was a russet haired female who just so happened to be the Godaime Mizukage and her escorts. "Seriously Chōjūrō, be a man damnit. We're going to see Naruto now. In my day…"

Mei looked at her escort, "Ao, shut up. Or I'll kill you."

Ao only stood there dumbfounded. 'What did I say?' Chōjūrō could only shake his head in amusement.

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