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She paced from wall to wall in front of the door, constantly wringing her hands together. Multiple scenarios ran through her head. She wanted to have everything planned out. But every time she thought she had it together, she changed her mind. Eventually, she gave up that route, deciding she would just make it up as she went along. She was leaving her boyfriend, who for awhile, she could see her spending the rest of her life with, why not add another spontaneous thing to the mix?

After leaving the diagnostics department earlier, the first thing she did was pull out her phone and ask Chase to meet her at her place later. To which he replied, he would be over as soon as he finished his last surgery. If she remembered his schedule correctly, he would be here any minute.

Sure enough, she heard a key slide into the lock on the door. She paused her pacing, standing in the middle of the room waiting as he pushed open the door and came in.

"Hey," he greeted, pushing the door shut again before walking over to her.

She took a step back as his arms started wrapping around her waist. Gnawing on her lip, she crossed her arms across her face and stared up at him.

His blue eyes questioningly searched her face as his arms fell limp against his sides. His eyebrows furrowed. "You're breaking up with me."

Well, that was easy. She felt instant relief that he came to this conclusion by himself. "Yes," she confirmed.


Opening her mouth to explain, he cut her off. "It's Thirteen isn't it?"

"Her name is Remy," she corrected.

"So it is her?" Allison, what're you thinking?" he demanded. "No, you're not thinking, are you? Do you know what you're getting yourself into?"

Chase infuriated her. Who was he to say this to her? He knew nothing."I know exactly what I'm doing, and it's sure going to be a hell of a lot better than this 'relationship' we have!"

Disbelief flashed across his face before his eyes narrowed into almost slits. "House is right, you can't be in a relationship with anybody unless they're dying. You're messed up."

Very calmly, she turned and picked up a bag off of the floor and held it out to him. "Here's all of your stuff I could find. If something is missing, don't bother coming back for it, it'll be in the garbage."

"Don't expect me to be waiting around when she gets bored of you."

Pushing him out the door, it took everything within her power not to punch his face. Right before she shut the door, she said to him, "I would never come back to you."


"You should've punched him."

Shifting against the tree they were currently leaning against, Allison raised an eyebrow at the brunette besides her. She had just finished telling her about how Chase reacted. As soon as the Aussie had left her apartment, she had called Remy and asked if they could meet up. Thirty minutes later, they ended up at the park they went to after getting ice cream.

"I would've punched him if I were you. Heck, I want to punch him right now!"

The shorter woman only smiled and leaned over so that her head was resting on her shoulder. "Wouldn't be worth the probable broken hand," she mused. She felt the brunette's body shake with laughter, which made her grin.

A moment of silence passed between them before Remy spoke up. "You don't believe what he said, do you?"

"Who saying what?"

"Chase, saying I would get bored of you."

The blonde peeked up at the brunette to find her looking down at her. "No, I don't. Do you believe I only like you because of your Huntington's?"

A small smile formed on her face. "No," she rested her chin on her head. "You're nice and caring, but I don't think it would go that far," she teased.

"House would disagree," Cameron commented, nuzzling closer to the taller woman as a breeze picked up.

It surprised Thirteen how comfortable Allison was with all of this. Not that she was complaining. "House disagrees with just about everything," she pointed out. "But why would he?"

"He would bring up my first husband; say I only married him because he was dying and that you're the exact same way. But, I really did care for him."

"I believe you," she responded, wrapping an arm around her slender waist. Suddenly Allison sat up, making the brunette frown at the coolness now taking place of her warmth. She had a twinkle in her teal blue eyes.

"About that kiss you wanted to give me…"

Remy smirked, before leaning closer to the eager blonde. She paused a few inches from her face as she remembered something. "Allison?"

Opening her previously shut eyes, she looks at her confused. "What?"

"You never told me what that little boy in the ER whispered to you."

A blush and a small smile took over Allison's face. "I had forgotten about that."


She reached out a brushed her finger over Remy's prominent cheek bones, her smile growing. "He told me that I should make you my girlfriend before someone else did, because you were 'really nice and pretty.'"

Thirteen erupted with laughter. Her eyes were shining when she gazed back at the blonde. "Smart kid."

"Very…now, where were we?"

The internist smiled softly before leaning down to diminish the remaining distance between them. The territory didn't seem so unfamiliar to the blonde after all.