Just a short cute family story. Only listed Margo as the second character because she does most of the talking. Reviews are appreciated. Enjoy.

Gru was staring at the numbers on the piece of paper in front of him. He was not happy. He ran the numbers through his calculator one more time to make sure. They didn't change. He growled and thumped his head down onto the kitchen counter. "This ees not good."

"What's wrong?" Edith's voice broke through his funk.

He removed his head from the countertop to find his three girls standing next to him with looks of concern. "Eet ees nothing you need to worry about. Grownup problems." He smiled reassuringly.

"Maybe we can help," Agnes said excitedly.

"Yeah. After all, grownups tend to only look at problems one way. Sometimes it takes a kid to figure out the solution." Margo was smiling in the self-satisfied way she always did when she said something smart.

Gru laughed as the three of them climbed up on chairs to see what he was looking at. "Alright. I am worried about money."

"Isn't that what adults are always worried about?" Margo rolled her eyes as she spoke.

"Most of de time, yes." Gru gave her a wry smile. "You see, now dat I am taking care of you three I have a few extra expenses. Not a big problem, we will not go hungry or anyting like dat. But I want to make shoor I can get you gorls anyting you need. I do not think I can make enough money being a villain. But I do not want to change my job either. I do not know what to do."

There was a chorus of humming from the girls as they thought.

"Why don't you sell some of the neat stuff you and Nefario make?" Edith suggested.

"I don't think anyone will want to buy a disintegrator from me."

"Actually, she has a point," Margo said thoughtfully. "Do you have any of this stuff patented? Because there are practical uses for things like the freeze ray. Like, people who need to transport food items over long distances could use it to make sure nothing goes bad. There's probably even a few medical uses for it."

Edith interrupted excitedly. "And remember when you made the smaller shrink ray so we could make popsicles out of juice without having to leave it in the freezer for hours?"

"Those were so yummy!" Agnes jumped up and down and licked her lips.

"Exactly." Margo nodded. "You could set up one team of minions who's job it is to take care of developing, marketing, and selling some of your technology. That way, you'll make enough extra money on the side to take care of the things you're worried about, and you can still be a villain in your main time."

"Dat… is actually a very good idea. Why didn't I think of dat?"

"Because you're an adult," Edith said with a grin.

"You're so set as a villain at this point that you can't see any options outside of villainy. Kids are better at thinking outside the box."

"You gorls are geniuses. I am going to have to save a lot of money for you three to go to college someday."

"Especially if I get into Harvard," Maro said playfully.

"Oh no, Harvard is too far. You will go to college near here."

"Haha, what? You're joking"

"I am serious. You also cannot date until you are thirty."

The girls giggled at their overprotective father.

"Now, I am going to go discuss this plan with Dr. Nefario. But when I come back, we will all go to the video store to pick out a new movie for us to watch tonight, and then we will get some pizza, as a reward for all your help."

All three girls got excited looks on their faces and shouted in unison, "Stuffed crust!"