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"I can't believe they banned us," Abby said as she sat at Tony's desk. "I mean, we caught the wallet thief. We made that place safer for everyone."

"We also broke a few laws, too, Abby," Ziva pointed out taking a sip from her mango smoothie. "We are lucky they did not have us arrested."

"True, but still," Abby replied glumly, drinking the last bit of her Caf-Pow. "We still should have gotten a medal or something."

"Again, I think not pressing charges was the manager's way of giving us a medal."

Abby was quiet for a moment, fiddling with Tony's Mighty Mouse stapler. She then looked up and said, "We should do it, again."

"What? Go to the spa?" Ziva questioned giving Abby a curious look.

"Sure, I mean we could always find another mystery to solve at another spa. We are the 'crime fighting duo' after all," the taller woman replied using the exact words Ralph had used as he escorted the girls out of the hotel.

Ziva laughed, but also nodded. "I would like that," she said and Abby beamed just as the elevator doors opened.

Both women turned towards the elevator, and Abby jumped to her feet when she saw who it was. Her intention was to give them a hug, but at the sight of them she skidded to a halt. "What the heck happened to you two?" she asked taking in the state of her two friends.

Tony and Tim exchanged a quick look and simultaneously said, "Nothing."

"Are you sure? You look as if you have gone ten rounds with Ike Tyson," Ziva replied getting to her feet.

"Who?" Tim asked glancing at Tony.

"I think she meant Mike Tyson," DiNozzo responded and McGee nodded.

"Then who is Ike Tyson?" Ziva asked furrowing her eyebrows.

The boys shrugged in unison before they crossed the room. Tony helped Tim to his chair, slowly lowering him into the seat, before leaning against McGee's desk. "So, what are you two doing here on a Sunday?" he asked turning to look at Abby and Ziva.

Something had obviously happened between those two. They were acting like… well like brothers. Tony was helping Tim, they were doing things in sync, and they were acting like brothers. Gibbs had fixed them, and it only took two days. It was a new record for Gibbs.

"I am getting caught up on paperwork," Ziva said nodding towards her computer screen. "Abby was just keeping me company."

"Why are you two here?" Abby questioned smiling.

"Gibbs had to get something before he took us home," Tim responded fiddling with his crutches.

The elevators dinged again, and Gibbs stepped off of them. Abby ran towards him, throwing her arms around him. "You did it, Gibbs! You fixed them!"

"Yeah, Abbs, about that," Tony said after she broke the hug with Gibbs.

"The next time you want someone to fix us…" Tim started slowly.

"...make sure to ask anyone else," Tony finished nodding, "because no offense boss, and remember I have a concussion so smacking me might knock me into a coma, but camping isn't the ideal way to bond."

Tony's eyes suddenly widened and he grinned, but before he could say anything he was cut off by Gibbs walking past him. Abby saw him flinch, but Jethro didn't lay a hand on him. He just walked towards his desk, took something out of one of the drawer, and said," Come on." He then headed towards the elevator, not waiting for Tony and Tim to follow him.

"You should stay at my place this week," Tony suggested as he helped McGee up. "We can watch movies and I can show you how to make my special trail mix."

Abby was certain she noticed a small smile appear on Tim's face as he said, "That sounds like fun, Tony."

"Great," DiNozzo replied keeping pace with McGee as they walked towards the elevator. "This is gonna be great. We can watch all the Bond films, and I can pull out my Connery. And when we run out of James Bond movies, I have every Magnum episode on Blu Ray."

"I can't wait," Tim said without an ounce of sarcasm in his voice.

Tony kept naming off stuff they were going to do as the elevator doors closed. Abby turned to Ziva, grinning, and asked, "Hey Ziva, how fast can you drive?"

"I have gone over a hundred on several occasions," Ziva responded furrowing her eyebrows. "Why?"

"Well," Abby started moving towards the elevators, fiddling with the camera setting on her phone. "I think we need to pay Tony and McGee a visit."

"How come?" Ziva questioned shutting her computer down and racing to catch up with Abby.

"Oh, no reason," Abby replied snapping a photo of Ziva. This was gonna be great.

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