Title: Two Halves of a Whole

Rating: M

Summary: The man was his drug and he was the addict. He couldn't stop, no matter how wrong it was.

Warning: Dark and Slash

Two Halves of a Whole


The first time he was drunk.

The second time he was stressed.

The third time…he really had no excuse. Just like he had no excuse for all the other times. He knew it was wrong, and he shouldn't be doing this, but he couldn't help it. Jethro was his drug and he was an addict.

Tim never thought he would be one of those people, cheaters, but here he was, standing in front of Leroy Jethro Gibbs' door to his house. Abby deserved better than this. He should just walk away and stop this. All of it.

But he couldn't. He couldn't walk away.

"You gonna stand there all night?"

Jumping in surprise as he hadn't noticed Jethro at first, he nodded and walked inside. Jethro shutting and locking the door behind him. He never locked the door, only when Tim came over so there was no chance of interruptions.

The others thought that Tim and Jethro were finally getting closer than they used to be. That Tim finally turned to Jethro for something and the older man was there for him. In turn, having a stronger relationship with their leader. And they were happy, happy that Jethro was finally treating Tim like a son, like his own child, like he treated the others.

Thing was, that wasn't how they were at all. If Jethro saw him as a son, and Tim saw Jethro as a father, then lock them up for incest.

Tim sighed as Jethro pressed against his back, wrapping his arms around his waist, and pressed light kisses along his neck. "Jethro," he sighed, leaning into his lover of two months.

Tim had no idea how to label their relationship. He didn't know if Jethro was considered Tim's mistress or if Tim was Jethro's boy toy. Either way, Tim was cheating on Abby with his boss. With Jethro. With the man Abby saw as her father.

And he couldn't stop.

Jethro started to move him forward, walking up the stairs as he continued to assault his neck. When they finally reached the bedroom, Tim turned and kissed Jethro, wrapping his arms around his shoulders. Jethro's hold on his waist was tight as he held him close.

They hadn't been able to be alone and have a night together as Abby had been clingy to Tim lately and the cases have been piling up on them. There have been the short moments of being alone together during work, like in the elevator or when he and Jethro went out in the field together. Tim's missed Jethro so much, and he could tell by the grip of Jethro's hold that he also missed him.

Tim swiftly took Jethro's shirt off, his lover doing the same. Quickly they removed the rest of their clothes and Tim bounced as he was pushed back on the bed, Jethro quickly covering him. Sighing at the feel of the older man covering him, he kissed Jethro with his fingers in his hair, threading through the silver hair that Tim loved so much.

Jethro growled from deep in his chest, it vibrating from his chest and against his own, and hitched Tim's thigh high up on his waist, his hips pressing into his. Gasping, he thrust his hips in return, grinding them together and moaning as their cocks ground against each other.

"Jethro," he whimpered in need.

He needed the man. He needed to be filled by the man above him.

"Take me."

Those blue eyes flashed fire before his mouth was assaulted as Jethro reached over to grab the lube that sat on the bedside table, ready and waiting to be used for their first night together in two weeks. And for them, that was long. One week was too long for them. Tim was surprised they even had enough patience for lube.


Throwing his legs wide open, he tilted his hips and relaxed as Jethro spread his cheeks and spread some lube on his rim, teasing with his finger before he slipped it inside him. Sighing at the feeling, he looked at Jethro to see him staring intently at him, his finger moving in and out of him, quickly a second and third finger adding the first. When he thought he would explode with need and pleasure at his prostate stroked with those rough fingers, Jethro finally removed his fingers before lubing his cock and moving forward to be cradled in between Tim's legs.

Wrapping his legs around him, he waited until he felt the tip of Jethro's cock pass his rim before thrusting his hips to pull the man inside him. "Ugh," he grunted with his head thrown back, finally feeling it. Jethro pushed the rest of the way, becoming one with him.

He felt his hands grabbed and raised ahead his head, fingers interlocked by the older man's.

Jethro pulled back, thrusting back in with a grunt, his abs flexing as his hips pushed and slid his cock back inside him. Tim's breathing stuttered, his own hips thrusting to meet that beautiful hard cock.

Their bodies moved as one, working as one to reach both completion and satisfaction. He felt his heart racing as his blood ran hot and himself break out in a sweat. His hair became damp the longer their hips met, he didn't know how long they've been dancing, but he didn't care. Those dilated blue eyes above his promised so much that he couldn't even ask for.

The grunts and sighs and groans coming from Jethro just spurred him on, pushed him further.

The sound of music had him blinking his eyes, his hips stuttering in pause, Jethro's too. It took him a while to control his breathing enough to realize it was his cell phone. It took him another few moments to realize whose ringtone it was. It was some band he didn't know and dark. And he knew instantly whose name and picture was flashing in announcement.


Looking back up at Jethro, he saw fire and something he didn't know flash through those eyes before Jethro pulled back. Tim was worried he was going to answer it or make Tim answer it, but Jethro's hard thrust to his prostate not only had him scream in both surprise and pleasure but drove all thoughts of Abby away. "Fuck, Jethro," he moaned as his fingers flexed around Jethro's. "Again."

Grunting, he did just that. Thrust hard and fast, with purpose. A complete contrast to how it was before. Where it had been slow and leisurely, gentle, this was hard, fast, and a drive to make what Jethro thought was his to come.

And he was. He was Jethro's and he was going to come. All it would take is a few more strokes.

But the ringing came again and this time it was actual ringing. Meaning from Jethro's phone. Cursing and pausing, pressing a kiss to Tim's lip in apology, he reached over and grabbed his cell. Again Tim watched the man's eyes flash and knew it was immediately.

Instead of putting it back and ignoring it, Jethro looked down at him and flipped the cell phone open. "Yeah?"

"Gibbs, have you seen Tim?"

Tim's breathing hitched as Jethro's eyes locked with his and he thrust. "Yeah, he's here."

"Oh okay. Why didn't he answer his phone?"

His fingers reached for Jethro and dug into his hip as the man thrust again, his cock hitting its target. He couldn't believe how calm Jethro was with what he was doing as he talked to Abby on the phone. It was taking everything he had to keep quiet.

"You called?"

"Yeah, you didn't hear it?"

A hard thrust had his eyes crossing as he clawed at Jethro.

"Was in the kitchen. Tim's asleep."

"Oh okay. You gonna wake him?"

"No. It's been a busy few weeks. Let him rest."

Tim pulled a pillow over his face as he was grunting more and more and he could feel his orgasm coming. His hips flexed to meet Jethro again and again. Needing that release.

"Aw, Gibbs, taking care of one of your Gibblets?"

Something seemed to snap inside Jethro as the pillow was suddenly pulled off his face, thrown across the room and when he looked up at Jethro, the possessive and jealousy was so dark in his eyes Tim almost stopped breathing. He felt rough fingers caress his hip before moving up, up, and up. The trail slowed as they reached his collarbone and his breath hitched as that rough hand lightly gripped his neck.

"Yeah, Abby," he whispered and Tim's eyes rolled back in his head when Jethro thrust and gave a small squeeze to his throat. "I take care of what's mine."

"Alright, see you tomorrow."


His cell was on the table not a second sooner. Jethro pushed his whole body on top of him, his coffee scented breath in his face with his eyes bearing down on him, pulled his cock out until only the tip was inside, and then thrust hard and fast. Squeezing his throat.

The heat and tightness in Tim's gut exploded, his eyes rolling in the back of his head as he came. He exploded his release, his legs squeezing Jethro's hips to hold him there, never let him go. His hand gripped Jethro's wrist as the other was wrapped around his shoulders.

Jethro grunted above him as he came, his eyes almost black in his climax and as it coated his inner walls.

Tim opened his eyes, he didn't know how much later, and found himself curled on his side, up against Jethro, head rested on his chest, over his heart. The steady strong beat a calming rhythm to listen to.

He threw a leg over his, his hand rising to his chest to play with his chest hair.

He didn't want to think about Abby's call. He didn't want to think about the fact Abby thought he was sleeping on the couch in exhaustion. As Jethro took care of him like a parent. He didn't want to think about how Abby would call in the morning, asking him if he was alright and if he could come over to her place.


Tim just wanted things to be simple. And that was what Abby was. He hated to admit it, but Abby was a simple choice. She was a beautiful, smart woman that could make anyone feel good within minutes. So…why couldn't he love her like he used to? Why couldn't he be happy that she finally wanted to start something again, something he's wanted for a long time?

Jethro was why.

The man was complicated. He wasn't only a man that was older and his boss. He was a man that was married four times, divorced three. Had emotional problems that would have any therapist quit, had demons that he never spoke about and drowned with work, bourbon, and building boats in his basement. He never locked the door to his house—unless he was over of course—and that was only some of the things that was going on with the man he was half lying on. And even with all that…he loved him.

He loved Leroy Jethro Gibbs.

Not Abby Scuito.

And he wouldn't be surprised if Jethro knew.

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