I can feel the burn of sandpaper on my face, and for some reason it feels like it was made by stubble. I come around from my sleepy haze, sitting up in bed and looking around.

Not my room.

And then I remember.

But he's not here with me, so it's okay. I just need to get out, and quickly.

I jump out of the bed, pawing for clothes on the floor. Panties. Bra. Shirt. I'll be out of here in no time. It's all going well.

"Good morning."


I reach for my jeans before I dare to look at him, pulling them on without a word. Now how about socks. Shoes? And where the hell is my badge.

And my gun?

"Missing something?"

I have to look this time, because I know that he's holding the gun.

His face brings the memory of last night into vivid colour. I have to stop those late whiskeys at Granny's. This is getting out of hand.

He dangles the gun gracefully from one finger. He smiles at me. Smug bastard.

I approach with caution, reaching for the weapon. He pulls it out of reach.

"Oh we are so not playing keep-away right now."

He dangles it above my head. I stand resolute. There's no way I'm going to reach for it.

"I have to get to work." It might be worth a try.

He just grins that wicked grin of his.

"Not my concern."

"Gold, just give me the gun."

But he doesn't. Oh, of course he doesn't. It annoys me that he had time to get up and put on a perfectly ironed suit before I was even dressed. It annoys me that my hair is like a bird's nest, and his is smoothed into its perfect curve around his face. His annoying, handsome face.

"Take it," he says. The gun sways on his finger.

"Oh for God's sake..."

I reach for it suddenly, but he's ready for me, keeps it well out of reach. He's not all that tall for a guy, but his arms are clearly longer than mine. I reach higher, try to jump, and crash into his body.

He lets the gun fall, drops his arms down around me. Grins that terrible, powerful grin.

I struggle backwards. Now is not the time.

"Oh no, I'm sober buddy, so if you think-"

He pulls me in again sharply.

"I don't think. I know."

I heave out a heavy breath, watching his face. The grin sticks fast, but his eyes are changing. They're darker when he looks at me this close, dark like they were last night.

He kisses me in a fierce, sudden jolt, locking us together.

But I don't pull away.

He's right. He does know.