Title: It Would Have Been Perfect

Warnings: SnK crossover, that in itself is a warning

Summary: Alfred's perfect plans are all but ruined.

That day… it was gonna be perfect. The skies were clear, the birds were singing and we were laughing as I pinned Arthur to the trunk of a tree- well I was laughing, he seemed a bit put off by being pushed into hard bark.

"Ow, Alfred need you be so rough?"

No, the answer was no, but I knew Arthur liked it. I kept my arms steady, one on either side of his torso and leant in and kissed him. It didn't take long for Arthur's shy palms to find my hip, my side, my face. I pulled away and smiled at him, being in one of the happy lovesick highs Arthur put me in. His lips were pulled into a straight line but his cheeks were spotted with pink just like the freckles that were sprinkled over his nose.

I'd always figured Arthur and I would get married. We met when I was five and he was eight. I was a native of Shiganshina, and he, along with his mother, father, and younger brother had moved there from a small village in Maria's eastern district. I would spy on the little boy who was always reading in the house adjacent to our own. He would never come out and play so one day I decided it was my duty to force him outside the walls of his home.

One day, as Arthur sat by an open window, engrossed in a book, I jumped onto the ledge and screamed "Roar! I'm a titan!" He glanced at me, momentarily frightened, but upon realizing I was human, returned to his book. I must have had to do that at least 50 times before his mother pleaded with him to go "Play with the troublesome child outside. Perhaps your quiet nature will rub off on him." I don't think it ever did.

"Roar! I'm a titan!" I repeated, all these many years later and started tickling Arthur. "I'm gonna eat you!" I warned as I started peppering his neck with small kisses and bites. At some point Arthur lost his footing and we fell into the grass beside the base of the tree.

Once his mother was finally able to coerce him outside, I became good friends with Arthur. We weren't in the same year in school, but we would walk to and from the schoolhouse together every day. On weekends we would play together, and what I mean by that is we would alternate between me forcing Arthur to play physical games like tag, and Arthur reading to me by the window where we'd first met. We grew older and as we did, things changed. When I was 12 and Arthur 15, he dragged me to the top of a hill one day and pressed his lips against mine.

"Hmm," he sighed a moment after letting go. "I would have thought it'd be better with how often the boys at school go on about it." If Arthur wasn't pleased at 15, then he sure as hell was now.

Things continued from there. Arthur had kissed me just to know what it felt like, but soon enough I was bringing him back to that hill, asking for more. Amateur kissing turned into curious touches and eventually ended with passionate kisses and warm caresses. Nearly the whole town knew we together, even though an 18 year old Arthur was still shy and outwardly prude. There was nothing to be ashamed of though, really. No one thought lowly of two men in a romantic relationship, rather they were probably glad to see such a couple. If people were honest they'd probably say they were happy to see a relationship with a zero percent chance of procreation; it was one less mouth to feed.

"Any particular reason you brought me up here, my titan?" Arthur asked, and I'd been forced out of my daydream. I looked down at him found myself smiling. The years had been good to Arthur, and at 20 he looked even better than when he'd first kissed me at 15.

"Yes, actually," I answered, nipping at his neck one last time before I pulled myself into a sitting position. Arthur followed suit, and as we sat across from each other on that hilltop, I marveled at the beauty of the sky, and the town, and of course Arthur.

"Arthur, I'm pretty sure you've seen this coming," I said averting my eyes as I fished around in my pocket for the small box I'd bought over three months ago. "But I love you dearly and I'd… I'd like…," I started, withdrawing my hand from my pocket, but when I dared look up, I noticed Arthur wasn't even looking my way. His attention was fixed on something behind me, and whatever it was had him turning a ghastly shade of grey. For a moment I'd thought it was something I'd said and rushed to make right whatever I'd done.

"But obviously, just because you've seen it coming doesn't mean you have to say yes. If you really don't wanna, you don't have to marry me Arthur, I just thought-"

The massive crash came from behind me and my first instinct was to protect Arthur. I leaped over him, covering his body with my own and wondering why on earth the Garrison would shoot a cannon into the most tranquil part of the city.

I waited, the time ticked by painstakingly slow, but impact never came. No cannon ball or bullets hit me and no blood started to flow. After at least a minute had passed, I unfurled, and turned around to look for where the fixed canons were located and where the ball fired had landed. I never did find a canon, what with all the smoke encompassing the wall. What I did see, however, was a giant, skinless titan, standing amongst the grey-brown haze, a massive pile of brick, concrete and other rubble at its feet. When the gears started turning, and Arthur started to scream, I finally made sense of it all.

The wall had been breached. We were going to die.