Chapter Eleven- Dawn of the fight

CT stood there, in his office on the top floor of his building. A knock came at his door, and he grumbled something about visitors. "Come in" He muttered.

The door swung open and someone stood with an angered apologetic face in the doorway. "Yes Jayy?" CT asked, impatiently.

"Uh-uh… I'm the only one who came back…" He stuttered. "The other two stayed. Jayonia joined them, but I don't know about Jade." He stammered again, fearing his leaders anger.

"What!" CT exploded. "You DARE give them the option of doing that?" His voice seemed to rattle the walls.

"I-I-I didn't mean to! I told Jayonia she would get killed and I stormed off to the van. Jade came back moments later saying the message was delivered but she was now to stay. She told me they said yes to the day after tomorrow war time!" Jayy stammered again, pleading with his master.

"Fine! No demotion. But you will be tormented for the next hour, what ever torment you please. Victims pick." CT growled.

"T-Thank you sir! After my hour is done, I wont do it again!" Jayy stammered in relief, his punishment could have been masters pick and demotion. He could have been less forgiving.

"You better not, or next time its demotion and masters pick for two days. " CT's voice growled at Jayy.

"Admineral Raptor!" His voice bellowed as he returned to hid window watch view. "Yes sir!" A voice came from the doorway.

"Take Jayy to the torment building and tell the tormenters its victims pick, for an hour. Then go tell the army to start preparing. We will start war at dawn tomorrow." CT ordered, staring evilly out over his factory, while lines and lines of army members marched here and there, practicing drills they would get to use in a few hours.

A clock sounded midnight, and time was running out for dawn. "They only have a few hours. They will wear themselves thin in training. I know them." CT snickered. The last chime of the midnight bell sounded, leaving CT in a soundless, dark room.

With only the moon shining above him, a full moon would be tomorrows beauty. He stared down, one last time. His best fighter, his war god of the army, stood before the lined members, showing them new ways to knock down and hold captives.