Chapter 3: Prince Ali

Note: Yes, I'm a procrastinator; I'll get more up soon.

I guess we forgot all about Aladdin for a while, we were too busy whining about how we didn't get the lamp. And the princess was so mad for us puttin' Aladdin in jail, that she said when she was Queen, she would "have the power to get rid of YOU!" I was not amused. But then I got the greatest idea EVER!

I said why don't YOU be her husband to Jafar. So he did some of his vizier magic and POW, we had a new law. "If the princess has not chosen a prince in the time allotted, she must be wed to the Royal Vizier." But of course SOMETHING had to go wrong.

We all heard music outside, and it hit me before it hit Jafar. A PRINCE! There was a whole CRAZY parade and some kid calimin' to be "Prince Ali" Boy was he gre- I mean TERRIBLE! Just TERRIBLE! He came in with his fancy elephant, and ooh that WONDERFUL magic carpet that almost KILLED ME! And he came for the princess's hand.