Chapter 3: Remembering Sunday

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Title is dedicated to the song Remembering Sunday by All Time Low :)

Sasuke stared at Sakura's pale face. He stared and stared and stared, hoping that the intensity of his gaze will eventually make Sakura uncomfortable and result to her waking up. He knows she won't, of course, but Sasuke deeply wished it would work. Sasuke refused to believe that Sakura was dead; that she was permanently removed from his and Team 7's lives forever. This girl, no woman, which cared and treated him with love, no matter how hateful he was. Sakura. The one person besides Kakashi, Naruto, and his family, whom he has ever cared for. The one person he first came to know as an annoying fangirl who was only put in his team because of her brains. The girl who went through thick and thin for him, only to be berated and treated like trash with Sasuke's harsh words. Who loved him unconditionally anyway; no matter how many times he tried to push her away, she somehow found a way to reside into his frozen heart.

It hurt, Sasuke concluded. So much. He felt like his heart was ripped from his body and squeezed until all he felt was the numbness from his loss. It was like seeing his family murdered again, except ten times worse. He shouldn't care. All she ever was to him was just another annoying person in his life. A weakling that is no longer in his life; but he does. He cares more than he should. He's angry at her, at her murderer, and mostly at himself.

"Why couldn't you protect yourself?" He whispered to himself quietly. "Were you truly that weak? Why did you take the mission?" He clenches his fist. "Are you really that stupid?! Do you always need protecting?!" His voice was slowly rising, as he scolds Sakura's dead body, thinking she could hear him. "WHY!? Why did you do this to us? To me?!" The lone Uchiha's voice slowly fades. "Why couldn't I protect you?" Tears silently fall off his face as he grieves. "I'm so sorry, Sakura. I'm sorry I couldn't protect you."

Laughing humorlessly, Sasuke takes Sakura's cold hands between his. "This is my punishment isn't it? For never being able to protect you, for always insulting you?" Gripping her hands tightly, Sasuke growls. "I know I was stupid, but please, I know you're alive. Stop playing this trick, Sakura. I realize that I've never been the best person, but I can change! Just…please- please come back. Come back to me." Sasuke whispers brokenheartedly. "I'm sorry."

Suddenly, a knock was heard and a nurse enters. "Uchiha-san, I think it's about time you leave. We need to prepare-"

Sasuke cut her off with a hiss. "No. I will stay."

Taken aback, the nurse flinches. "But Uchiha-san. We need to clean Sakura-san up. The Hokage orders it to be done immediately. So it would be best if-"She was cut off again.

Sasuke was starting to grow angry towards this nurse. Did she not listen? "I said I will stay. Now get out of my sight!" He yells at her. The nurse scurried away in fear, quickly closing the door behind her.

He would not leave her. Not even if Naruto and Kakashi themselves come and retrieve him. He couldn't. Why couldn't anyone understand that? Could they not understand how it felt like to lose someone so dear to them? No, Sasuke thinks bitterly. They are all too incompetent. They need to understand that he wants to be alone and grieve silently.

The door opens again, and this time Tsunade comes in with two ANBUs next to her. She was shocked when she came face-to-face with a tear covered Uchiha. Then she frowned. Why is he crying when he knows that it was partially his fault that Sakura was gone? Clearing her throat, Tsunade glared at the Uchiha.

"Sasuke," She starts, and said teen looks at her, "I think you should go ahead and head home." Sasuke glared back.

"No. I want to stay." He replied as he looked back at Sakura.

"It was not a suggestion, Uchiha, it was an order." The Hokage declared. "If you do not leave willingly, then I will have these two over here forcefully take you back and you will be prohibited in seeing Sakura." She threatened. He saw him stiffen. Tsunade knew all too well that Sasuke could easily beat the ANBUs, but she knows that he could not fight back if it meant not seeing Sakura again.

Sighing exasperatedly, Sasuke got up. With one final look at Sakura and a glare towards Tsunade, Sasuke left the room with the two ANBUs hot on his trail. The Uchiha knew he would not be sleeping at all tonight. With Sakura's dead body in his mind, he knew that neither would Kakashi or Naruto.

Naruto was in his apartment, silently staring at the picture of Team 7. It was his fault, all his fault. I killed Sakura-chan, Naruto thought, repeating it in his head like a mantra. Why was it that he couldn't do anything right? Sure, he brought Sasuke back, but in the process, he somehow grew apart from Sakura and permanently loosing her. He was so caught up in having Sasuke back, where it would only be him, Sasuke, and Kakashi together that he completely forgot about Sakura. The girl who wanted so much to be acknowledged by her teammates and only ended up being permanently being shut out. He was so stupid, so so stupid. He deserves this, he tells himself. He may deserve this pain, but Sakura did not deserve to die. It was his entire fault; he should be the one that is currently dead. Sakura should be happy about the fact that the one person who ruined her life was gone.

But now Naruto knows that it's too late. Too late to apologize for his stupidity. For being a selfish bastard. He never paid attention to her at all. He only used her as a support beam when Sasuke left, and carelessly threw her away when he came back. All his fault. Not Sakura's. And with these thoughts, Naruto silently sits in his room, crying his heart out until he could no longer feel.

Kakashi was selfish. A selfish sensei with no sense of respect for his only female student. He took his time to pay attention to his two prized males, that he completely disregarded his third student. If he could go back in time, he would pay more attention to Sakura, and treat her like a real teacher should. But he can't. He could never go back. Just like with Rin, Kakashi took part in the death of his own female student. Now he would never have the chance to properly apologize, to see her grow up and be happy. He would never see the one person he thought as his own daughter walk down the aisle with her true love. He would never be able to tell her how truly proud he was of her. That even though he completely ignored her training that she grew up to be a strong independent woman.

Kakashi was a terrible sensei, a terrible role model. He could hear the ghost of her voice as she and Naruto yelled at him for being late, and then being lectured for giving them such a lame excuse. He knew that he would never be able to see her smile again as she laughs at her teammates immature antics. He couldn't go around the village without heartache as he sees his former female student everywhere. His fault for not being a father to her. For not being there when she truly needed someone. Maybe she was happy now, happy that she was far away from the very people who always made her sad. Kakashi cried silently, his fault. All his fault. As he cried himself to sleep, Kakashi made a promise to visit her every day in the memorial stone, it was all he could do after all.