I will love you forever

Mike's P.O.V,

I wake up, the sun is shining, birds are chirping, and today…Chris had decided to give us all a break today!

I slowly yawn as I stretch, starting to sit up in my bed, and when I was done, I got my original cloths on and walk out of the Maggot cabin.

Today was a very beautiful day…but not as beautiful as the love of my life, Zoey.

I'm hoping to tell her about my Multiple Personality Disorder: Despite the fact that it's been causing problems for us…especially Vito.

Vito's been causing problems for things to work out between Zoey and me: Vito always flirting with Anne Maria, kissing her, and snuggling her!

"I've got to tell her…like…today!" I mumble to myself as I continue on walking towards the beach.

Zoey and I've planned to start spending the day together by having some fun at the beach today: Water skiing, castle building, swimming, and maybe even kissing…if that could happen.

Anne Maria's been trying to get me shirtless for the past few hours before we all went to bed last night, right after Sam was voted off. I was able to get away from her, thank God, but Zoey wasn't pleased with how she always sees Anne Maria.

Zoey always looks like she's gonna kill Anne Maria…literally!

Zoey's P.O.V,

I get into my swimsuit as I exit the mess hall; Anne Maria and I was having a 'nice' chat about how she can just screw off and make-out with Lightning or something.

By the time I arrive at the beach grounds, I didn't see Mike anywhere.

"Hmmm…he must be running late or maybe he's just woken up from his sleep." I say to myself as I walk over towards a big rock and sit down on it.

I was about to put my sunscreen on, until a certain pair of tan, strong arms wrapped around me. I nearly jumped when I feel lips touching my neck, but relax when I find out that it's just Mike.

"Mmmm…Mike…stop that, its tickles." I try not to giggle as he's playfully nibbling on my neck.

"That's why I'm doing it." He smirks and continues to nibble my neck.

"Mike…I'm very flattered right now, and I do wish that this could go on forever…but I really think that you should stop so we can enjoy each other's company."

"I'm already enjoying you," I blush from this.


"Joking, joking…ok Zoey, I'll stop." And so he lets go of me and takes the bottle of sunscreen.

"Want me to put this on you?" I nod and lie down on my back, on the rock, resting my head on my crossed-arms.

I now fell his hand rubbing my back as he puts the lotion on me: It felt great, really great. I close my eyes and daydream about the two of us, me and Mike.


"Yeah Zoey,"

"I was just wondering…what do you have planned for us today?"

"Well…I was thinking about maybe spending some time here and have fun on the beach. And maybe having a nice, nightfall picnic." I smile, just by thinking of that.

"Awww, so sweet of you Mike,"

"Not as sweet as you are Zo."

I was now blushing a little, but finally stop as he stops putting lotion on me.

"I'll get my other body parts."

"K…I'll just…get ready as well," And so he takes his shirt off, and puts sunscreen on himself as well. Luckily, Vito didn't trigger this time…I wondered why.

Mike's P.O.V,

Zoey look absolutely beautiful: Her hair, her body, her…everything. I just wished I could just tell her about my disorder.

I've got it! I'll tell her during our picnic, that way…I can think of how I'm going to tell her while we spend our time at the beach together.

"C'mon Mike! Come and splash around with me!" I quickly snap out of my thoughts and see Zoey having fun in the waters. I smile and rush into the water as well, getting ready to swim with her.

She splashes me with a lot of water, she giggles as she sees me soaked. A smirk comes on my face and I grab her on her shoulders and pull both me and her down into the water.

Our lips connect as we're floating under water.

But the fun stops when Fang, the giant mutated shark comes and tries to eat us alive. I open my eyes and gasps at the sight and I pull both of us above water and swim us back to shore.

"Mike! What the hell's gotten into you?" I could tell she was a mixture of scared, worried, and concerned about my act of hero.

"I-I-I saw…Fang!" I try and catch my breath; Zoey, however, just looked stunned and looks at the waters and sees Fang pop out of the water and eats up a bird that was flying over the lake.

"My God!"

"I know…so…I've saved…us…both." I continue to try and catch my breath, until Zoey kisses me so hard, we both fall into the sand.

"Mike…you're my hero." I blush and wrap my arms around her.

"Thanks Zoey…I love you."

"I love you to Mike." We continue to kiss.

Zoey's P.O.V,

Mike and I left the beach part of the island about ten minutes ago. He told me to meet him at the area next to the dock of shame for a special surprise later on, probable the picnic he's preparing for us.

"Oh Mike…I love you so much!" I think happily in my head as I walk towards the confessional

*Confessional – Zoey*

Zoey- Mike is the sweetest guy on this island! He's always so kind to me, treats me like a queen, I'm never off his mind, and he's always the man of my future. (Stops and thinks about something for a brief moment.) But I guess one thing that I'm completely confused on…is him always changing into comedy routines and naming them. Also the fact that he's been looking like he has something important to say to me; I remember he's always gasping for air before doing that…does he have some kind on sickness or something?

*End of confessional*

Mike's P.O.V,

I was setting up me and Zoey's picnic, until Anne Maria comes over and sees me.

"Hey there Mike! What are you doing?" I look up at her from the sheet and stands up to face her.

"Nothing…just fixing up a picnic,"

"With who?"

"Me and Zoey."

"Oh…I see," She looks at me for a moment.

*Confessional- Anne Maria & Mike*

Anne Maria- That's it! Mike is mine for the taking…I just need to get red to see what's gonna happen!

Mike- I completely feel uncomfortable around Anne Maria now. In fact…sometimes…I feel like that she's only in to me because of Vito.

*End of confessional*

"So Mike…Zoey's coming or what?"

"Yeah…she said she'll be coming around about now." And I was right, because Zoey was walking her way towards the two of us right now.

Anne Maria sees Zoey and smirks. She turns around and faces me and rips my shirt off: Causing me to gasps and turn into Vito.

"Bada Bing Baby! Let's smooch!"

"Yeah Vito! Give it to me!" I didn't know this, but then we start kissing, falling down onto the sheet.

Zoey's P.O.V,

I come up towards Mike…and gasps. Why? Because in my sightings….Anne Maria is making-out with MY man!

"Mike!" I scream angrily.

Mike gasps and pushes Anne Maria of him: Causing him to stand up and walk towards me.

"Zoey, I-"

"I don't care Mike! And I thought we're meant to be," I look at Anne Maria, who now has a satisfied look on her face. I turn back to Mike.

"But I guess I was wrong!" I was now running into the woods.

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