Dark at heart chapter 1
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"You know, you wouldn't have to go through all that pain if not for you volunteering to carry their child?" Severus drawled out, as he carried a tray of potions to Lily.

Lily made a face as she downed all the potions before sarcastically replying "Oh and do you think the child would appear magically?"

"Oh don't worry! I made that decision myself!" She added, spotting the guilty looks on Tom and James's faces. A few days ago, Lily had unselfishly taken a potion to allow Tom and James to be the only parents of the new life growing inside her.

"I know you both would like a child of your own so there!" She had declared, ignoring their protests.

Nine Months later

Sirius, James and Remus watch on as Tom paced nervously up and down the length of the hallway leading up to the medical wing in his manor.

Occasionally a pain scream would echo from the room and Tom would jump a little. It was amusing to see the cold, ruthless dark lord looking all nervous and such. "Tom, panicking would not be helping Lily much!" Remus scolded, getting tired and slightly dizzy from watching Tom.

"I know! But she is in pain and I could do nothing about it! If only…" Tom was cut off mid rant as Lily's screams echoed from the room once more. "TOM MARVOLO RIDDLE! I WILL CASTRATE YOU WITH A BLUNT SPOON!" Tom's face paled as he heard that.

"I'm sure she doesn't mean that, love." James whispered comfortingly to Tom. "Oh you don't know that. She has such a temper you know?" Remus laughed as another curse was heard, this time threatening James and his manly bits.

For that comment, he received a glare from James and if looks could kill, Remus would be six feet under in no time.

An few hours later

A tiny hand reaches out to grab Tom's nose and Tom stared back down at the cooing baby, a mop of black hair atop his head. "He knows his father!" Remus chuckled, "Looks like he's got the attention seeking trait of James too." Sirius added, chuckling.

"Yes, Merlin knows James would get all huffy when he doesn't get the attention he deserves." Remus continued before they both burst into uncontrollable laughter upon seeing the indignant look on James's face.

"Yes, my lover does like attention doesn't he?" Tom drawled, as he lean over Hadrian to capture James's lips. Before it could go any further though, Lily wacked them both on the back of their heads.

"Not in-front of Hadrian!" She shrieked as blue eyes stared up at them, Tom and James breaking apart and looking down at the precious bundle between them. "I've got a question though…why is his eyes blue?" James asked.

"All babies eyes are blue, they'll change colors soon enough! Now if you all could stop clogging up the space, Lily and the baby need their rest!" Severus huffed, gesturing that they should leave before he throws them out.

A year later

"Lily, take Hadrian and go! It's him! Go! Run! I'll hold him off!" James shouted as Lily scampers up the stairs, cradling Hadrian to her chest protectively. The door burst open and a hooded figure stepped in, looking much like Tom.

Lights from spells flashes across the living room as Lily hurdled in a corner in the nursery, cradling a wide-eyed Hadrian. "Shhh…your father should be home soon..Don't worry Hadrian…" Whispered Lily comfortingly also reassuring herself as she rocked him.
Her eyes widen as footsteps were heard climbing up the stairs and she whimpered in fright as the door creaked open slowly.

An loud crack was heard before a loud voice shouted "AVADA KEDAVRA!" And a sickly green light headed towards the hooded figure from the back as he turned around.

For a split second, Lily thought that the spell would hit Dumbledore but he apparated away just before it does and the spell continued its straight path towards Hadrian.

Lily felt like she was frozen as she watched helplessly as the spell hit Hadrian right where his forehead would be, save for the locket she was wearing covering his fragile skin, and bounced off the silver locket that hung there towards the ceiling and disappearing upon hitting it.

A loud cry was heard coming from Hadrian as the new arrival rushed towards him, features of Sirius melting off to reveal the actual Tom. "Hadrian, my precious boy!" He carried him and rocked him the way he always do to comfort the baby.

Lily stood up on shaky knees, "W-what happened?" She whispered in shock as she looked at Hadrian then at the locket lying innocently on her chest.

"I do not know but I assume my horcrux protected him." Tom said as he lifted Hadrian up to spot a cut on his forehead in the shape of a lightning bolt.

"Lily! Get him to Severus while I go find where James is!" Tom said, passing a calm and cooing Hadrian to Lily before he rushed down the stairs.


Hadrian scowled as he was disturbed from his research yet again.

This time my Lucius Malfoy who spoke "My prince."

"You know you don't call me that right?" Hadrian stared at Lucius, he could feel a headache coming, "What do you want?" he snapped.

"The lord has an assignment for you and asks if you would meet him." Lucius continued, voice tinged with amusement as Hadrian pinched the bridge of his nose.

"Alright, I'll see what he wants." He sighed as he pushed his chair back and left with Lucius to the meeting room.

Pulling the door open he walked in confidently as Lucius left to do whatever it was that he had been doing previously. "Father. You called?" Hadrian drawled.

"Yes, I have an assignment for you. As you know, the vampires had, as they call it, risen from their coffins, a few years back." Tom announced, "you will be going to America to observe them."

Hadrian felt his eyebrow twitch, "So I'm sent across the bloody pond, in the middle of the war, to observe vampires!"

"Yes. And mind your manners I could still punish you, you know?" Tom smirked.

"Oh like you will. I'll just run over to papa and whine about how horrible you've treated me and you wouldn't get to see the bed for a week." Hadrian retorted cheekily, yelping when Tom sent him a stinging hex.

"Brat. You have tomorrow to pack and you will be leaving the next day. Oh and remember, no magic in front of muggles!" He declared.

"…I demand a car for that. And why are you sending me to such a small town? How will I complete my school year now?" Hadrian scowled, unwilling to move to a place so far away from his family.

"Karkaroff has agreed to owl you your tests and Viktor graciously accepted to send you your assignments. You get to be what the muggles called, home-schooled." Tom answered. They discussed a few other minor issues before Hadrian left to pack his trunk, and flooing Draco for his help.

A few hours later with one trunk packed full of books, Draco and Hadrian was trying to decide which outfit would be suitable and which would not.

"You have to bring these." Draco gestured to the leather pants on the bed. "Oh yeah? And what would I do with them?" Hadrian asked as he toss them into the open trunk behind them.

"They show off your ass." Draco drawled as he continued to sort through Hadrian's clothes.

Meanwhile in Bon Temps, Jason slid into a booth at Merlotte's ordering his meal, "So, long day?" Sookie asked, eyeing her brother's sweat drenched top.

"Yeah. Someone wanted a road build towards the newly constructed manor almost beside our house. They paid a lot for it to be done as quickly as we can. Apparently the new owner is said to be moving in tomorrow." Jason said, shrugging as he devoured his meal like a starved man.

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