Alright, as much as I hate to post this up but I have to find a way to notify people of changes. The thing is, it's getting rather hectic in my life and I hardly do get the chance to get on the computer, it might be a week or even a few months before things clear up and such I would like it if you, dear reader, would help me lessen my workload.

As you know, I have 3 stories running simultaneously, Little Angel, The first vampire and Dark at heart. I could not possibly update all three continuously without screwing something up (mainly because I have to switch the characteristics each time I write and such and its messing with my mind) so I'd be grateful if you go to the poll on my profile and pick the one/two that you like best, the least popular one would NOT be abandon, just updated less frequently while I concentrate on the others. (hopefully, update them regularly.)

Please note that I WILL complete them all; just…give me more time please? I'll close the poll a week from now and take down this AN.

Thank you!