Author's note: This is a little series of oneshots I made going with my Sherlock Holmes story "The Hidden Child Adventures" the story itself will be uploaded soon. The oneshots will help me as it write the story so they may not go in order of the story. So it will contain some spoilers, but I will make sure to warn you before hand. If Holmes is a little OC, please let me know.

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The first time Sherlock Holmes realized his life had changed was when he found a small sick baby outside his flat. He had sent for a doctor and was told the child would be weak for the rest of her life. He knew no one would want such a sickly little child. He remembered what the doctor told him as he gathered his things, the girl would be lucky if she lived through the night.

He could not help, but look at the blight green eyes of the baby as she looked at him. He knew it was foolish for him to believe she would be all right, but a part of him wanted the child to live. The child was pale, her forehead was hot to the touch. She was small, but not too tiny, he was able to place her at about one year of age if not nearly two.

"I could give you something for the child if she becomes too feverish. It will not hurt her it will let her go peaceful." The doctor said.

Sherlock Holmes looked from the child to the doctor with a glare. "No, that will not be needed." He paid the man and closed the door.

The baby let out a small wail and he picked her up and gently wiped her face with a wet cool cloth. She glared at him and tried to wriggle away causing him to chuckle softly. "What an odd child you are. Now it is only you help you keep cool and it will help. Stay still."

She stopped and held still for him, though she kept her small pout. When he finished bathing her, he sat in his chair with the child still tucked safely in his arms and settled for a long night. She snuggled against his breast and let out a tired sigh. He could only watch her with interest as she drifted to sleep.

When the he woke, he was startled when he could not find the child in the basket he had placed her in next to him. He thought the worst had happened and the maid must have taken the small body away when he heard a squall of delight. He jumped from his chair and looked behind it, finding the baby sitting up holding his magnify glass. She was looking through it with a sense of wonderment on her face.

It was then that Sherlock Holmes knew that while he could not fix the child's health, he would see she would be cared for. He would take care of her. He did not know how to do it, but he could not give her away. He was reminded of what his mother told him then his sister was born. She told him that the most important thing any child needed was love and protection. While he doubted he could give the child love, he knew he would always protect and care for her.

The child broke his thoughts when she let out giggles and he bent down, picking her up. She smiled when she saw him and laughed reaching her hands out, touching his face. He felt her forehead, feeling no fever as he did yesterday. When he moved his hand away, the girl grabbed his hand and stared at it intently.

She ran her hands over his palm, frowning in thought as she tried figure out what it meant. Sherlock Holmes chuckled and held her close to him.

"Cleaver little thing, you are. Almost like my grandmother Cassandra. You do not have a name do you? Well I will call you, Cassandra."