Author's note: Taking a break from studying for finals, I wrote this. It goes back to "The Adventures of the Hidden Child." I may write another oneshot on Wednesday to prepare me for writing for my English exam, but I'm not sure. Anyway, I only own Cassandra, everyone else belongs to Sir Doyle. Reviews are amazing as always, while flames will be used to make some tea.

Doctor Watson learned that one could not deny the deep understanding Cassandra had for her guardian. One such example had been the summer when she was seven. It was the afternoon when they had returned from helping Miss Stoner. Though Holmes has said the death of Doctor Royett did not bother him, Doctor Watson could see it did.

Cassandra was in the courtyard playing a game with her friend Jess. Holmes was standing in the doorway silently watching them. A tiny smile touched his lips, but it did nothing to take away the darkness in his eyes. Cassandra had glanced over and noticed him. She said something to Jess who nodded and gathered up their game. After waving goodbye to her friend, the child walked over to Holmes.

"Is the case finished?"

Holmes nodded his head. "It is."

Watson prepared for the young girl to question the case further. However, it never came. "Does this mean we can go to Sussex?"

"Sussex?" He asked.

"It's summer, Holmes. We always go." The child explained. "You finished a case and haven't another one. Remember, we spend at least two weeks there."

"I suppose we can leave in two days."

The child's smile brightened. "It will be good to see Martha and Thomas again." Cassandra hugged his waist. "You better write to them. Martha was angry the last time you didn't."

Later that night, Holmes was still brooding when Cassandra walked to him with a book. "It is nearly time for you to be in bed." Holmes said.

"Will you read to me first?"

"You are far too old to be read to."

The girl was not about to give up. "Please, Holmes?" She asked.

He sighed, but did not protest as the child settled down beside him in his chair. He took the book from her hands. "Where did you last leave off?"

"Right before Arthur saves Merlin."

Holmes read the story to the young girl. Soon she had fallen asleep, but he stayed still. He stopped reading and looked down at the slumbering child. She had her head resting under his chin and her hand was holding onto his shirt. After another moment of staring down at her, he slowly smiled.

Doctor Watson knew Cassandra had bought Holmes out of his dark mood. She understand what she needed to do in order to cheer him. He knew that while, the child knew many things, she knew her guardian the best.