Artemis opened her eyes to find herself in a dark alley. She had no idea where she was, or how she had gotten there. She only knew she shouldn't be where ever she was. Everything hurt, her arms, her legs, her head, her back. The men that jumped her had really done a number on her, and though she could only remember bits and pieces, Artemis was comforted by the knowledge that she hadn't been violated. She just knew that, and she thanked whomever was up in the sky listening. But small comforts were fleeting as the full force of her injuries came crashing down on her. She groaned, and realized her costume was ripped in seveal places and quite bloody from the blood coming out of her broken nose.

She tried to stand, only to find that her right ankle was injured, maybe even broken. She saw her phone laying a few feet away and mangaed to pull herself over to it. She flipped open the screen, then paused. Who could she call? She didn't want anyone from the Justice League to find her like this. Superboy wouldn't be much help when his short temper kicked in, M'gann was with her uncle in the next state over, and Robin was just so young. She scrolled through her contacts and hit the send button.

"Hello? Prince charming here."

"Shut up, KF. Will you...can you..." She paused as a wave of pain left her breathless. Kid Flash was instantly worried.

"Artemis? What's wrong? Where are you?" Artemis felt irrational fear building as a tear slipped down her already bloody cheek.

"I...I don't know. These guys grabbed me when I was on patrol...and when I woke up...I don't know where I am!" She choked back a sob.

"Can you see any street signs? Any stores?" Kid Flash was instantly out of bed and dressed as he prepared to leave. Artemis looked around and her eyes landed on the name on a door in the alley. It was the back entrance of a restraurant. She told him the name.

"Please don't tell anyone! Just come get me! Please." Now Kid FLash was really worried. Artemis never, ever said please. Especially not to him.

"Ok, I'm on my way. Be there in a minute."

Artemis shut her phone and tried to fix her costume so the rips didn't look quite so bad. But every time she moved, her body felt like it was on fire. She waited in the darkness until she saw a shadow of a person coming towards her.

"KF?" She squinted her eyes, but gasped when the figure came into the light. He wasn't Kid Flash, he was a large man swaying from side to side and reeked of alcohol. "Go away."

"Oh, whhhyyy sweetie! I could be your KF!" He took a step towards her. Artemis tried to back away, but she couldn't put any weight on her ankle, and everytime she tried to move her head spun. The man grinned and moved closer, and Artemis started to feel scared. "It's my lucky day, sweetie." The man leered down at her.

"I think it's actually the most unlucky day you'll ever live to see." Kid Flash leaned casually against the wall. "Time to go." In an instant Kid FLash had grabbed the man, ran away ith him, and come back. "Well, that was..." He trailed off when he got a better look at his teammate. Her obviously broken nose was still leaking blood, her eye was half-closed, and her costume looked like it had been attacked by an angry wolverine. "Oh my God! What happened?" He tried to wipe away some of the blood from her face. Artemis pulled back.

"Shockingly enough, I'd rather go back to Mount Justice than stay here." Artemis's normally sarcastic tone was weakened by pain. Kid Flash was kneeling next to her in an instant. He slowly picked her up bridal-style and settled her weight so she would be as comfortable as possible.

"Hold on tight, ok?" His normally smiling eyes were filled with an oddly touching concern, and Artemis laid her head on his chest. She felt unconsciousness closing in as the scenery whipped past. She was vaguely aware of how strong and firm Kid Flash's arms were, and how gentle they were. "We're almost there, stay with me!"

But she couldn't. The blackness closed over, and last thing she saw was the concerned face of her teammate.