Title: Restart, Rebirth, Remembrance

Author: isumi'kivic'

Characters/Pairings: Kouji + Kouichi brotherly love (), slight tiny bits of Takuya/Izumi. OCs in later chapters, but I hope that wouldn't hinder you from reading. I tried my best.

Rating: Gen, I think.

Warning: Un-beta-ed, grammar mistakes (English isn't my native language), and, might, uh, borders a tiny little bit on twincest if you squint really really hard with the help of magnifying glass. I can't help myself sometimes, but I swear I'm trying my hardest not to let this turn that way since this is rated Gen, so.

Disclaimer: I don't own Digimon, and I don't own The Last, either. I'm just writing a fic out of another brilliant fic. This fic is a continuation of The Last by Gemini Star01, which means that you're required to read it before delving into this fic. It's an awesomely sad one-shot that you could find in her author page. And while you're at it, read her other amazing works, too.

A/N: This is something that came out of the blue after I read The Last by Gemini Star01 for the… umpteenth time. After doing some brainstorming, I dared to ask her if she'd mind if I write a sequel out of it, and tadah! The result is this fic. I hope you find it enjoyable, though my writing skill is far from Gemini Star01's, ahaha.

Also, I'm using the Japanese version of the names, since I'm more familiar with them. (When Frontier aired in my country almost ten years ago, they used the Japanese version of the names, so.)

Enjoy! Leaving reviews afterward would be great!

Restart, Rebirth, Remembrance

A Digimon Frontier Fanfiction


The train was moving a tad bit too slow to his liking, but he didn't mind at all. It gave him more time to think, amidst the white noise of the other passengers stepping in and out, the swish of the automatic door, and clear 'ding' that sounded whenever the train reached another station.

I'm dreaming… aren't I?

He held the small box in his left hand carefully; it wouldn't do to ruin the pie his mother had given so much effort into making before it could be eaten in celebration of his birthday. Yes, his birthday. A birthday that he shared with another two-hundred-thousand-something others around the world, but only one out of them that really mattered. A small, rare smile tugged on the corners of his lips as something in his chest leapt in eagerness. It had been too long since the two of them last met, and he could barely wait to see—

Who? Who is it that I want to meet…?

His thoughts ran astray as his eyes watched the blurring view of the city. How many times had he passed this very same view a few months back; enduring endless transfers of trains in order to reach the hospital just so he could visit someone most important. It was funny, comparing himself now with the person he used to be back then. He used to believe that everyone was alone, that in the end, everyone was strangers to each other. But now… he almost found it difficult to believe that he really thought that way.

It was their first birthday together; their first time of celebrating it together, just the two of them, and he was really looking forward to it.

…whose birthday…?

He'd never wanted to have siblings, before, so it should be strange that he could so easily believe it when a brother appeared out of the blue, shouldn't it? The smallest of laughter escaped him upon remembering how hard it was attempting to talk to his brother; not knowing what and how to talk to him properly. Thankfully they managed to overcome the gap eventually, even if it had to involve several painful events he internally swore would never happen again. And really, it was almost unbelievable that nowadays the two of them talked through the phone every single day. That whenever anything interesting happened in his daily life, the first person he wanted to tell was none other than his brother.

But it wasn't enough. It wasn't nearly enough. He wanted to see his brother, to see those eyes so identical to his own, to watch those lips pulled into a gentle smile for him and only him. He wanted to know his brother better, to be able to know what was in each other's mind every time—a telepathic link, maybe, just like those pair of twins he had watched on a variety program on TV the other day. He wondered if Kouichi had watched the program, too. It'd be wonderful, wouldn't it, to have some sort of unbreakable link with his brother? Then he wouldn't have had to be so worried about what kind of present to get his brother for their birthday. He'd known right away what his brother would want for presents.

But I don't have siblings. I did—but not like this… I'm dreaming, aren't I? There's no way…

Presents. He looked down at the box in his hand, and chuckled a little. In the end, this was the only thing he could think of. His stepmother's best apple pie—his brother would like it. He didn't know if his brother's Mom could make apple pies, too, but that was okay, he'd find out some other time. Besides, his brother's Mom—their birth Mother, who gave them life this very day twelve years ago—was always so busy working, she probably didn't have enough time to make pies. Work was tough for her, and it made his brother endlessly worried about her, and that got him worried, too. He hated being an elementary school students, sometimes. He wished he was an adult, so he could help support his brother and his Mom, and—

No. He shouldn't think about depressing stuff, it was their birthday after all.

This dream—why does it feel so familiar?

His eyes moved up, idly catching sight of the moving clouds up on the blue, blue sky. What would happen, from now on? Where would life take them, and what would they be when they'd become adults? He'd always wanted to travel the world by himself, on his own. But that was before. Certainly he would be able to fend for himself if he were to travel the world on his own, but wouldn't it be much more fun there were two people travelling together instead? To see things together, laugh together, and talk about nothing as they circle the world? He wondered, now, if he asked his brother to come with him and travel the world together—just the two of them, really—what would his brother's face look like?

The train was lessening its pace. He straightened up, listening to the train's arrival announcement as the train slowly slid into stop. Something in his chest jumped up and down in anticipation—it wouldn't take long now. They would meet, and celebrate their birthday together.

What should he say, when he saw his brother? Happy birthday—now that wasn't very exciting.

Ah. He knew.


The elevator stopped with a resounding 'ding', and Kouichi hesitantly stepped out and into Shibuya Station. People swarmed all around him—each and everyone's steps hitting the floor in hurried motions, leaving no place for the slower ones. Kouichi winced; it had been too long since the last time he faced a crowd like this, saying that he was unaccustomed to it would be an understatement of the year. The Digital World, when in peace, had this languid pace that made him feel the closest to content.

He swallowed a lump of panic that was lodged in his throat, taking a deep breath, before stepping forward to mingle with the crowd.

The real world, he noticed once he fell into the rhythm of Tokyo's rush hour, had changed a lot since the last time he was here. How many years had it been, since he decided to come back and stay in the Digital World, after nothing was left for him? No family, no friends, no one precious enough to keep him there—he bit back a bitter laugh at the memories that tugged at his mind with every step he took. He looked up at the new skyscrapers building, at the tall rails hanging between the buildings. The subways weren't underground anymore, they were up there, running between buildings that reached the blue sky. It reminded him of the Trailmon's rails; the one that stretched from the Digital World to one of its three moons.

There were no billboards; simply three-dimensional holograms blaring out advertisements for countless products, with celebrities whose faces he'd never seen winking and smiling down at the people rushing around. Stairs were gone, replaced by a smooth-moving escalator. Kouichi was somewhat reminded of the science-fiction movies he used to watch with Kouji on Saturday nights, a long time ago. The real world—or Tokyo, at least, since it was where he was—had changed a lot. Maybe he had been gone to the Digital World for far too long.

Not that it mattered, to him.


"We have to choose new children," Ophanimon carefully said, gentle eyes boring into Kouichi's dark ones. "But the Spirit of Darkness is still yours, Kouichi. If you wish…"

She didn't finished, there was no need to. Kouichi uncomfortably shifted on his seat, glancing from the corner of his eyes where Bokomon stood next to Seraphimon, and bit his lips. He didn't want to be separated by Lowemon—not after spending countless years with the gentle Warrior of Darkness. But now that the two worlds were once again in danger, they would need the ten Legendary Warriors to turn back into spirits, joining forces with the strong-willed, chosen children, and unless he accepted Ophanimon's offer to wield the Spirit of Darkness once again, he would have to let Lowemon go to the hands of another child.

He didn't want that. But he didn't want anything to do with the real world ever again, either.

"We don't have much time. It'd be faster to have someone deliver the Spirits to them instead of waiting for them to reach for the Spirit." Seraphimon added softly. "More and more Digimons are breaking through the barrier to the real world, and we don't want them to be killed there. Their data would go nowhere and it's questionable whether they would return as Digitama. But if the chosen children could scan them, the digivice would return their data here, where they shall be safely reborn."

Silence, once more. Kouichi heard what Seraphimon didn't say: It's alright if you don't want to wield the spirit, but we would have to give it away to another wielder.

There was a gentle clearing of throat, and Kouichi looked up, finding himself staring at Cherubimon's dark eyes. The Great Angel of the Beast seemed to be hesitating a little—a habit he'd never quite gotten rid of, a proof that he would forever feel guilty for what he had put Kouichi through years ago. Cherubimon looked at him—still with those half-sad eyes that Kouichi thought sometimes were begging for forgiveness, even though Kouichi never really blamed him.

"We don't want to force you into anything, Kouichi," the beast Digimon told him softly. "But it would be a great help. There would be no need to tell the new children of your past. We'll keep it secret, if you want." Cherubimon hesitated again, glancing at the two other Angel-type Digimons, before gesturing at Bokomon. "The new children—they would need some sort of… mentor. Help them figure out things, so to speak."

Bokomon stepped up, unfalteringly looking at Kouichi with hopeful eyes. He handed Kouichi a glowing parchment, and said in a very rare tone of seriousness. "But in the end, it is your choice, Kouichi-han."

Kouichi gave him a genuine smile—Bokomon had always been some sort of mentor himself for him and the others. Though admittedly, it was still somewhat odd to hear Seraphimon referring to the small Digimon as "Chichi-Hahaue". He took the glowing parchment into his hand, and unrolled it open.

It was the List. A short one, but filled with names he was unfamiliar with, those whom the Angels judged possible to wield the Spirits effectively. He noticed his name was under the caption of Spirit of Darkness, along with three other names (one of them was a girl's, too), and felt the resistance in his chest well up. He didn't want to give Lowemon away. Perhaps it was his selfishness talking, but the Spirit of Darkness had been his—Lowemon had been his own alter-ego, they had gone through so many things together and—

His eyes landed on the list of the possible wielders of the Spirit of Light. A very short one, only two names listed, but one of them jumped at him like none others did.


Fate might be laughing at him, right now, but all he could do was bite his lower lip, looking up again to meet the Angels' eyes, and nodded.

"I'll do it," he said quietly. "I'll wield it again—the Spirit of Darkness."

Ophanimon smiled down at him. "You are a very brave person, Kouichi. You've gone through so many painful things, and there will be more coming if you choose to fight. Thank you." Her hand touched the top of his head gently. "We owe you the existence of our world."

Later on, when he came back to the Venus' Rose Castle, Lowemon greeted him with a gentle hug and an endless, grateful "Thank you". Kouichi wondered if he had made the right decision, but there was no chance to have a long and thorough talk with Lowemon about his choice. Wolfmon dropped by the castle not long after, his navy blue and light beige scarf waving in the air as he swoop down to take Kouichi into a hug.

"Thank you," the Warrior of Light said earnestly. "For choosing to fight by our side, once again."

"We'll protect you. And the world you were born in." Lowemon swore.

The Angels gave a Calling, and Kouichi got to see the Ten Legendary Warriors gathered together for the last time, before the Angels turned them into Spirits. Five digivices appeared out of nowhere, floating before the Spirits of Fire, Wind, Thunder, Light and Ice. Another—a familiar one, colored in black and gray, that tugged at Kouichi's heart so strongly—appeared before him. As Kouichi closed his fingers on it, the Spirit of Darkness reacted.

There was a familiar presence at the back of Kouichi's mind once the digivice absorbed the Spirit; one he recognized as Lowemon. Then he looked up at the other five digivices—his whole body shaking as memories of those who had long been gone filled his mind—and knew that from now on, he would be chasing his past.

He tied Kouji's bandanna onto his arms, and left for the real world.


The automatic door swished open, and he stepped off the train, instantly mingling with the crowd. His arms curled around the apple pie box protectively as his feet made confident strides towards the exit. With every step, the small smile on his lips grew, his chest barely containing the eagerness leaping up his throat.

There. Right at the exit, a familiar figure stood waiting. Identical dark eyes met, and he found himself noticing the other's hair—colored in the same exact shade as his own—was longer than the last time he remembered seeing. The figure was holding a box of his own, face alight with a gentle smile that he knew reserved only for him.

He stopped right in front of his brother, mirroring the grin.

"Thank you…"

The words that tumbled out of their mouths were exactly the same.

"… for being born with me."

Kouji woke up to the white ceiling—eyes wide and chest tight with indescribable emotions.


A/N: I hope the setting's clear enough, for now. :] I'll be adding more backgrounds to the new crisis as the story goes on. This prologue is loosely based on the last scene of The Last, which, once again, is required for you to read before you read this thing. Also, the dream sequence Kouji was having? It's loosely based on the Digimon Frontier Drama CD: Tsutaetai koto; taken from Kouji's part that's titled "Kouji kara, Kouichi e" (From Kouji to Kouichi). I found a translation of it somewhere in the internet and copied it, but lost the link. You should be able to find it through Google-sama, though! The Drama CD was very heartwarming, really. Especially Kouji and Kouichi's monologues.

I figured Japan, as one of the most advanced countries in technology nowadays, would change a lot in a hundred years. I imagine that at least the city would at least be like Tiger & Bunny's Sternbild. You know, sky monorail and all. Ahaha.

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