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Chapter 1




Oh, it was raining...strange.

There were people dashing across the streets, in colored rain coats, and of course, under umbrellas. Too bad Miku didn't have an umbrella and was waiting under a bakery roof, standing there, getting her feet wet and clutching her hand bag.

But she didn't mind. She loved getting caught in the rain, even though it was pouring huge rain drops. It was romantic. There was also a catch to this: she had to avoid perverts passing along her; why? It was because she was too late and was already soaked through her clothing.

She was thankful that she didn't wear white. Well, it was a good thing that she knew self-defense and a bit of martial arts...

Uh, maybe she won first medal for martial arts; yeah, and another reason was that she could just give a simple cold glare that would make you shudder in fear. Was it considered cool? Eh, Miku never thought that it was attractive, but she was glad that she could icily glare that could give people nightmares, of course exaggerating at how scary she could be.

Well, at least people knew not to mess with her.

There was also another thing to this: she could definitely become a demon at certain times. That was Miku for people. Good thing she loved the rain, because her day was just getting started.

Miku snapped her attention to the door as they opened. There he was, a man with blond hair and blue eyes. He was a bit taller than Miku and seemed like someone you shouldn't make angry.

It wasn't that he was that scary looking. He didn't look like a delinquent, because he wasn't one. She had to admit that he was fairly handsome. Though his hair was quite messy and he looked very angry now, she couldn't help but smile. It's not like she was going to fall for him, but more like become friends with the man.

The man flinched at the sight of the rain. He was acting like a cat, because the slightest contact from the rain he hissed and backed away. She giggled at this, which caught the man's attention.

The blonde man eyed her carefully as she continued to laugh. It was quite a cute laugh, he had to say himself. But being him, the man just had to ask. "What are you laughing at?" his voice was utterly harsh; he hadn't meant to sound like that, but he didn't regret it.

Miku just played along. How? Well, she was very good was mimicking people.

She lowered her voice and tried to make herself look like the man. "Why are you so angry?"

The man flinched. Oh, so she liked to play; how lovely. He narrowed his eyes and opened his mouth, but a strong wind blew the rain towards him and her. It caused his words to die away in his mouth; funny.

She clamped a hand over her mouth (trying not to laugh), not bothered by the rain. On the other hand the man was raged.

He growled as she let her laugh slip from her lips. Right there, the man realized that not only was her laugh cute; it really was genuine, hell, it was bright and musical. The man let his anger slid away as he watched the teal-headed woman continue to laugh. Now he was soaked and wait, she had teal hair...?

"What are you laughing for; you're the one with teal hair." Ah, he made a mistake.

Miku stopped laughing and stared at him, a smile stuck to her lips. The corners of her lips twitching, she let out a fake and innocent laugh that Len felt a chill pluck at his spine.

"Aha ha, excuse me?"

The man noticed that her voice cracked as she batted her eye lashes and placed a hand to her chest. Clenching his jaw the man parted his lips, hesitated, but ended up smirking.

"Aha; I found your weak spot!" the man was amused as Miku kept her smile on. She was one kind of a girl for sure.

Seeing that they were both soaked and without an umbrella, the two knew that there was no way escaping this kind of unique meeting. Besides, it seemed fun and admittedly a bit romantic.

"My name's Kagamine Len." The blonde man came to stand next to her. "It seems like we can't go anywhere."

Miku was a bit shocked by his sudden change of mood.

"I agree." She stared at the people passing her or more like running with an umbrella in their clutching fingers. "Too bad for me, I'm definitely going to catch a cold." She looked down at herself. Her clothes clung to her body and it looked like there was no time that it would dry. Len chuckled in agreement; he frowned at himself. "Oh, and I'm Hatsune Miku."

Leaning against the wall, she gazed at the crowd.

He seemed very confused. "You...don't mind the rain at all?"

She turned to him and smiled brightly, even under the cloudy and dark sky. His face flushed and he turned away feeling his ears burn.

"Yes, I love standing in the rain, even though I do catch colds." She admitted sheepishly. "It may seem strange to others, but I think it's quite romantic."

Len snorted and began laughing. Miku glared at him. "Well, what do you find romantic?"

He stopped laughing and smirked crookedly. Well, she asked for it. "Hey, you better not laugh at mine." He raised his eyebrows. "Agreed?"

She pursed her lips. She already had theories of his opinions. "Yes."

"Well, sending love letters to each other, roses, poems, not those really romantic dates..." Len trailed off to see Miku glaring. Yikes, she got him. "Oops." He laughed nervously, swallowing a knot in his throat.

"Mm-hmm, like that's true." She rolled her eyes. "I can see your type; you like a woman with nice curves, big breast, long legs and ivory skin. Oh and I bet you have a fetish for a cosplaying woman."

He winced. Ouch. He swallowed again and scratched his cheek with a finger. How did she guess correctly? She was pretty damn smart, or maybe it was called obvious... Len parted his lips.

"Damn right." He fiddled with his drawstring of his sweater and smiled brightly.

She stuck her tongue out playfully at him and crossed her arms. Of course she was right. Most men, if not then at least ninety-eight percent of the men would have a liking to these. It was normal. She sighed out and looked up at the sky. It didn't seem like the rain was going to lift up any time at all.

"I thought you liked being stuck in the rain." Len smiled.

Miku looked over his way with her glinting eyes. It suddenly made his heart clench.

He looked away uneasily a blush appearing on his face. What was he getting himself into?

"I do,"

Len's breathe hitched in his throat.

"But it seems like we're not going to go anywhere any time soon. I have to get home and feed my cat."

He rubbed his nose and stared at her. He just met her so what was the meaning for this stupid feeling? He bit the inside of his cheek as he watched her daydream. She really was cute, though. Her silky long hair, thick-long lashes and her eyes...

He sighed softly.

He could easily get lost into those ridiculously huge and mesmerizing teal eyes of hers and that alabaster, flawless and smooth skin. Soft cheeks, plump lips, cute button-nose, swan-like neck, firm and round breast — Len quickly averted his eyes away from her and bit his lip, until he thought he could taste metallic.

He couldn't let these thoughts get to him.

Just friends; they just had to be friends. Yeah, that's right, just friends.

He shut his eyes and leaned his head back. He heard a gasp from her and quickly snapped his eyes open. She had a smile on her lips and was looking up at the sky.

"Len, the rain, it's lifted up!" Miku ran up to the blonde and hugged him tightly. The sound of wet clothing smothered against each other and hair flying, She collided with him and laughed. When she let go he was blushing. 'How...cute.' She thought to herself. "I hope we see each other again!"

With that, she turned and left. He stared after her. She just gave a hug and no kiss? He swallowed and pressed his lips together tightly.

He really wanted to meet her again. But somehow, he had a feeling that it wasn't over yet. Len blew air from his lips and ruffled his hair. Turning, he walked back in his own direction.

He was going to see her next time, and next time, it wasn't just going to be conversing; it would precisely be more. He looked up at the sky and ignored people who cast him strange looks from his soaked clothing.

'Conversing with Miku was...quite fun.' He placed a hand to his chin and smiled to himself.

He was determined to looking forward to it.




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