The sequel is up! It's called SMASH and all about their senior year. Please enjoy, and also, I probably won't get many chances to upload this week because I have cheer tryouts so I need to come up with a chant, side-line and court cheer with my group as well as a dance and I also have regents to study for and take all within a two week time frame. So, next week is iffy as well because I'll be working and tutoring my friends as well as trying to pack for California. Super sorry to go on a sort of haitus, because I hate it when writers do that, but I also feel like I've been pretty good to you guys with my updates, especially compared to the reviews I receive for the amount of chapters and the frequency of my updates, so I guess it evens out. Besides that, my english final went amazing if anyone cares and my english teacher said she wants to take all my essays from this year and publish them because they're, like, the 'perfect freshman essays' for the topic we're writing on and apparently what I write makes me seem much older. Just felt like saying that so you know the person writing this fic for you guys is worth it! And I got a 208 on my ACT 5 Romeo&Juliet quiz. Out of 100. Just saying, I live for shakespeare, so don't be surprised to see some of that in my stories. Anyways, enjoy the sequel and check it out. Please review your feedback so that I have something to encourage me to write when I long on rather than try and come up with ideas for the dance I need to come up with since I suck at choreography.