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Story Start: Chapter 1: The New Homeroom Teacher!

A tall blond haired teen was standing on a train, trying to ignore the whispers and giggles directed toward him. Surrounded by girls his age, the boy could only question and remember how he got into such a situation.


One warm morning in Konoha, the very same teen was starting his day with his favorite meal, ramen. He ate at such a speed that would be difficult for the normal human eye to follow. He was so deep in his ramen themed dream world that he almost missed hearing the knock on his front door. Rising from his chair with a sigh he trudged across the room. Over piles of old ramen cups, dirty clothes, scrolls, ninja tools, and…. *gasp* did that thing just move?

…..Anyway, opening the door he found no person but a note.


Be at my office in ten minutes or it will D-ranked missions for a month.


Not wanting to deal with that hell for an entire month he quickly got ready.

~ten minutes later~

"He's late!" shouted a voluptuous woman that appeared to be in her early twenties. She had long blond hair that was split into two loose pigtails and a tattoo on her forehead of a violet diamond. She wore a grass green robe that covered a gray kimono styled shirt with dark blue, calf length pants and high-heeled sandals. Not to mention she was rather…. "generous"… in the chest department. She currently had an air of impatience around her.

As soon as she said that a blond blur burst through her door.

"Baa-chan! I'm here! Don't make me…." He was met with fist to the face and sent crashing through the wall.

Pulling himself out of the rubble that used to be the wall, Naruto was greeted by Tsunade's secretary, Shizune.

"Good morning Naruto." Said the young medic/secretary, "I thought I told you not to call her that .Especially this early in the morning! She still has a hangover from yesterday."

"Sorry Shizu-nee!"

"Naruto!" shouted an irate Tsunade.

Not wishing to face anymore of her wrath he sprinted back into the room. She was once again sitting at her desk, a single finger harshly tapping and a tick mark appearing on her forehead.

"Let's get this over with brat. I have a mission here for you that I received from an old friend of mine, his name's Konoe and he runs a school. We'd like you to teach there to help protect his granddaughter and the other students from various magical issues."

Naruto nodded, he was no stranger to magic. He couldn't perform any but when you live in a world that had demonic tailed beasts, jutsu, and talking animal summons the idea of "hocus pocus" didn't seem so farfetched.

"But before I continue" said Tsunade, "When you were on your training trip with Jiraiya you learned English, correct?"

Again Naruto nodded. "Hai, though I'm no master of it, I know enough to have some conversations. Where is this school anyway?"

"Far away, you'll be briefed about the rest of your mission when you arrive there and talk to Konoe. Go and pack, I expect you back here in five hours. More than plenty of time to say goodbye to your friends. You're dismissed."

*end flashback*

He couldn't help but sigh upon remembering that. He was currently wearing a black t-shirt with a design of the Kyubi on the front. Over it he was wearing an orange zip-up sweatshirt with a white interior and a hood accompanied by blue jeans and black converse sneakers.

(Author's Note: Think slightly altered Desmond Miles outfit from Assassins Creed Brotherhood, I also don't own that…. I DON'T OWN ANYTHING!... Sorry back to the story.)

The train finally came to an abrupt stop and the doors opened. Again Naruto sighed, this time in relief, and his trademark grin appeared upon his face. Stepping out with the rushing crowd he saw the school for the first time, Mahora Academy.