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Story Start: Chapter Four:

It had been a relatively quiet morning at Mahora academy. The girls were sleeping soundly in their bunk bed while Naruto had been stationed on the couch. When he had arrived at the room last night he had already planned on taking the couch, but Asuna had decided that he still needed the lecture anyway. Currently his blanket was thrown off, showing his pajamas, which consisted of a black tank top with red plaid pajama pants. He was sleeping peacefully, quietly snoring.

Again, it had been quiet until Asuna woke up.


Naruto woke up with a start, falling off the couch in the process, his head roughly hitting the floor. He heard the pounding of rushing footsteps and looked up in time to see Asuna rush out the door.

Konoka woke up in a more casual manner, seemingly used to this kind of occurrence. She yawned, her arms stretching above her head. Getting out of bed she proceeded to the kitchen with the intent of getting breakfast started. Naruto was still on the floor utterly confused with what had just happened.


Said girl now turned to look at the blonde haired teen, a sweet smile on her face.

"Yes, Naruto-kun?"

"What just happened?"

"Nani? What do you mean?"

"I mean… Where did Asuna go?"

"Oh that! She has a job delivering papers." She replied tying a checkered apron around her waist, the cute furry logo of a bear on the front matching her slippers. She turned to him with a radiant smile, "How would you like your eggs Naruto-kun?"

"It doesn't really matter to me, anyway is fine. Surprise me." He answered.

A comfortable stillness filled the room the only sounds came from the stove as Konoka cracked the eggs open. The gold interiors hitting the pan, making a satisfying sizzling sound.

Unused to such silence Naruto attempted to break the ice, "Hey Konoka-chan?"


"I got a little riddle for you, if you don't mind?"

"Fire away!"

*"A box without hinges, key or lid, yet golden treasure inside is hid."

The girl giggled at the riddle, familiar with its origin.

"Would it be by any chance what I'm preparing right now?"

"You got in one!" The boy chuckled in response, "You've read Tolkien? It's rare for me to actually meet someone who actually reads the classics nowadays. I thought readers were a dying breed! Now you and Nodoka-chan are proving the opposite to be true."

Konoka couldn't help but giggle again at the enthusiastic blond. He didn't look it, but he did enjoy reading a good book every now and then.

"Actually it was upon Nodoka's recommendation that I read it. She has a list of books that she recommends, if you like to read you should ask her about it sometime."

"I'll have to remember that."

Turning back to the stove to dish out the eggs Konoka kept the conversation going.

"So Naruto-kun, tell me a bit about yourself."

"Like what exactly?"

"Likes, dislikes, hobbies, dreams, etc" she replied, "Anything really I guess. Just tell me a little more about yourself."

"Alright then, let's see…" He trailed off. His hand grasping his chin in thought. "Well I like reading, writing every now and again, gardening, listening to music, some sports, and practicing martial arts. I love ramen, just so you know. I do dislike the three minutes that you have to let it cook though…. He trailed off again before regaining his string of thoughts.

"I dislike cruel people, those who pick on people weaker then themselves, people who are intolerant of another person's differences, and vegetables. Mainly spinach that stuff is nasty!" He made a gagging noise causing the girl to chuckle. "And my dream is to protect those who are precious to me."

She hadn't been expecting that one. She stared at him for a moment, bewildered by his statement. But bewilderment morphed into admiration when she realized how much he genuinely meant it.

"What about you?"

"Huh?" responded Konoka, snapping out of her daze.

"Well what about you? It's only fair Konoka-chan."

"Hmmm well let's see… I like the supernatural, Set-chan, cooking, fortune telling, and reading. As for dislikes… I really don't dislike anything now that I think about it. And I really don't have any real dreams yet." She finished.

They continued chatting for a while until it was time to get to class. Naruto discovered that the girl was in both the library exploration club and the fortune telling club. He also found that Asuna was a part of Mahora's art club. Said girl met up with them just as they were about to leave.

Both girls were currently running towards the school building, neither were keen on the idea of being late for class. Naruto had stayed behind but promised the two that he would arrive on time. He watched as they ran towards the building. He himself stood there waiting, having felt a peculiar energy following them earlier. What made it even stranger was that it was flickering in its aura every now and then. Almost as if it had been hiding from them… No, hiding from him. But why?

Waving it off as paranoia he made his way to class, He didn't want to be late again today now did he?

He failed to notice a figure quickly ducking into an alley way close to him. Their eyes were trained on him.

'Uzumaki Naruto…. Just who are you anyway? And how are you significant?'

The bell rang signaling the start of first period, hearing this, the figure jumped off to where she needed to be.

The first ten minutes of class hadn't been too painful. The class had formally greeted him and the lesson had started without too much trouble.

That was until he had asked the class if someone would translate the passage they had just read into Japanese.

Originally he was going to ask Asuna if she would do the honors. But when he began to open his mouth to ask, he felt a very distinct killing intent coming from her direction. He wasn't that stupid or suicidal for that matter. Picking another one of the girls he managed to divert a disaster.

The rest of the class went by smoothly, at least until Asuna and Ayaka clashed once more. But besides that he thought that he did rather well on his second day. The bell rang signaling that the break period had begun.

We find the blond shortly after laying under a tree, enjoying the light, refreshing breeze that rattled the leaves above.

The silence was broken by a voice.

"Excuse us Naruto-sensei, but do you have a moment?"

Opening his eyes the blond shinobi saw three of his students. One was the girl with the books from the day before. Her counterparts were two other girls, Yue Ayase and Haruna Saotome, if his memory served him right.

Yue was rather a short girl despite her age. Her hair was purple and long, pulled in two pigtails with braided bangs that framed the sides of her face. Her eyes, which were also purple, were giving him a blank stare as if she was trying to read him like a book.

The third girl Haruna was the tallest of the trio. She had long green hair and wore glasses. Her figure was much curvier, as opposed to Nodoka's and Yue's rather softer, slimmer frames. She seemed the liveliest as well.

Naruto smiled at the group.

"I always have a moment for my students. What's up?"

"We were wondering if we could ask you a question."

"I'm assuming it's about the lesson?"

"Something like that. But actually it's Nodoka's question, not ours."

Yue and Haruna grabbed Nodoka and pushed her to the front of the group. The poor girl was already blushing like crazy. Naruto noticed her eyes for the first time, large and purple, lovely yet soft. They were beautiful and Naruto couldn't find any other words to describe them any better.

"W-wow… Nodoka did you get a haircut? It suits you." Said Naruto now also blushing lightly and smiling.

Upon hearing this the other two girls smiled and quickly pulled back her bangs, revealing more of her face.

"I knew it! I knew he'd notice it! Isn't she just so cute like this Naruto-sensei?" asked Haruna excitedly.

Naruto couldn't stop himself this time.

"Cute? She's beautifu-!" Quickly realizing what he said, he slapped his hands over his mouth. But it was too late to stop it.

The timid librarian was the now the envy of a tomato. It was too much for her to take in at once and now panicking, she ran away.

"Nodoka!" called Haruna "Come Back Nodoka! It was just getting good!"

"Sorry about this Naruto- sensei! " Shouted the remaining two and took off in pursuit of the timid librarian.

"….. What just happened?" questioned a confused Naruto.

Receiving no answer he shrugged it off and looked at his watch.

"hmmm…. Class will be starting again in a half hour. Perhaps I should head back?"

He stretched as he got up and started trekking back towards the school buildings.

"Hey Kit…"

"Huh? Not napping for once fur ball? What do you want?"


"Great Kyubi no Kitsune, yes I heard it all before. But you can add "and stuck in a kid's navel." to that list. I'm sure that would accompany mountain crushing and earthshaking immensely."

"Foolish boy…" growled the beast "Never mind I wished to speak to you about something, it's of great importance."

"More important than your self-glorifying tangents? I can't imagine."

Ignoring the blonde's jibe the beast continued.

"No but before I tell you, I must ask…."

"… Ask what exactly?" Naruto had never seen the fox this serious before. Heck he wasn't this serious even during the war.

"You're at an all-girls school yes?"

"Umm right?"

"Surrounded by many beautiful girls about your age correct?"

"… Yes?"

"Well then I just don't get it…"

"Get what?!" Thought Naruto, finally losing his patience.

"I was aware that you were daft boy, but this? Why have you not… Oh how do the youth say it these days? "Tapped that"? Yes that's right… Tell me boy why have you neglected to "tap" any of these girls' fine posteriors?" questioned the fox.

So shocked by the fox's statement that Naruto froze mid step, his mind trying to register and confirm what his prisoner had just said.


"WHAT THE HELL! I'm their teacher you screwed up hair ball!"

"You may not be aware Kit but you need to find mates."

"For what reason?!"

"Well first of all I'm just horny. Second-"

"I didn't need to hear that! "

"What? I've been stuck inside you, your mother, and that other woman for how many damn years? How could I not get horny after so many years! Do you have any idea-!"

"OH KAMI! You just gave me so many visuals right now… I'm going to be sick…" thought Naruto, turning green and drawing various looks from the people passing by.

"That's not the point! See here Kit if you don't find some good female flesh sooner or later the consequences will be dire!"

"Dire? Don't make me laugh, fuzzy. Now leave me alone I've work to do and I can't have you wasting my time." Cutting off the fox and heading into his class's building.

Cut off from Naruto the Kyubi could only think of one thing.

"I warned you that the consequences would be dire Kit. But now it's time for a little fun." Chuckled Kyubi, getting ready for the show.

Back in the classroom we find Naruto now sitting at his desk, not giving any concern about Kyubi's threat. Across sat the room sat Asuna and Konoka. Though the two were chatting quietly, the orange haired girl kept shooting small glares towards him. The only other people in the room were the cheerleading trio seemingly in their own little world, Ayaka, who was studying, and Kaede was napping on her desk. At least he assumed she was.

Noticing the look Asuna kept giving him; he couldn't help but wonder why she was doing so in the first place.

"Okay I'm pretty sure I didn't do anything this time. So what's crawled up her ass?"

A short invisible fuse went off in the girl. Standing up, she slammed one of her hands down onto the desk the other pointing at him accusingly.

"You don't deserve that desk!"

"What?" asked a confused Naruto "Has she lost it?"

"Why did you have to show up? Takahata-sensei should be sitting there! Not some snot nosed brat like you!" raged Asuna.

"Hey I'm older than you! How the hell am I the brat here? The only brat I see here is standing in front of me! Acting like a spoiled child because she didn't get what she wanted!"

"You bastard! I'll have you know that-!"

As the two continued arguing Kyubi set his plan into motion.

"He heh he, Have fun Kit. I sure will. Now if only I had some popcorn…" mumbled the fox.

Back with the bickering duo their fight would have gone on longer had it not been for a pair of arm loosely wrapping themselves around his neck.

"Naruto-kun!" sang a melodious yet recognizable voice.

"Kono- Konoka-chan?" stuttered the boy " Wha… What are you doing?"

Obviously confused yet again, he didn't stand a chance when her arms encircled him tighter.

"But Naruuuuuto-kun! Your just so handsome. Why shouldn't I hug you?"

Asuna stood there her shock making rendering her unable to help the blond boy.

"Konoka-san! What in heaven's name are you doing! He's are teacher, not some plaything!"

"Thank Kami, it's Ayaka! I'm saved!" thinking he was rescued gave Naruto some hope. Only for it to be shattered seconds later, when Ayaka fell to one knee presenting him with a bouquet of roses.

"Please accept these as a token of my feelings for you Naruto-sensei" proclaimed a suddenly love-struck Ayaka.

The Cheerleading trio suddenly appeared as well offering him home made cake and hand knitted shirts that magically appeared out of nowhere. They then tried to simultaneously cuddle, feed, and strip him.

"Okay I'm getting out of here!"

"Having fun yet Kit?" chuckled the demon's voice.

"Kyubi you bastard! What did you-… How did you do this?!"

"A little thing called pheromones. Anyway I won't take up anymore of your precious time. Have a good time boy."

"Dammit, dammit, dammit, dammit, dammit! Damn you to hell Kyubi!"

He quickly used kawarimi, trading places with a textbook on a nearby desk. Kicking the door open and running down the hallway seconds later, the girls in hot pursuit.

"This place is like a maze! This can't get any worse"

As soon as he thought that more girls joined the chase. Kaede must've woken up and heard the commotion, though she wasn't nearly as hyper as the others, Kazumi thought it was some big scoop and got hooked in when she got too close, and Yuna also appeared as she was making her way back to the class room. All of them added up meant trouble for the boy.

It was then that he saw Nodoka. And completely forgetting that she could affected too, called out to her for help.

"NODOKA!" shouted Naruto "SOS, MAY DAY, MAY DAY, HELP!"

"Hmm?" Before the purplette could turn around she felt herself being scooped up into a pair of strong arms.


Looking up she found that it was indeed Naruto who was holding her.

"Sorry Nodoka! But I really need to get away from them!"

A quick gaze back confirmed there was a mob of girls chasing him, so she did the first thing that came to her mind.

"That way Naruto-sensei!" she yelled pointing toward the corridor coming up on the left. He turned sharply and continued to blindly follow her directions, completely unaware that he was running further into trouble.

Soon after we find the pair alone in a large library, shelves lined with books that reached up as high as the ceiling. Lamps hung off the top of the bookcases for better reading light, and the room was rather ornate.

"I think we're safe here Naruto-sensei. This library is closed during this hour, so they probably won't be looking here anytime soon."

"Arigato Nodoka, I owe you one." Replied a grateful Naruto. And finally taking notice of his surroundings was filled with a bit of awe at the room he found himself in. Looking closer at the books themselves he couldn't restrain the smile that was creeping upon his face.

"Wow, you have the Book of Kings, The Odyssey, the Aeneid, and even the Opus Majus? These are some pretty rare books here."

"Yeah, but this is nothing compared to the college library." Said Nodoka, who looked overjoyed at the concept of her crush also having the same passion as she did. "You like books too Naruto-sensei?"

He kept looking at the various shelves, only briefly looking up once to flash her one quick grin.

"Yes, though my friends back home never realized it. Books always allowed me to escape for a bit, you know?"

She nodded and looked back at him again, blushing at the sight of him, mesmerized by the different works that the library offered.


"He really is quite handsome… Naruto-sensei…" thought the purple headed girl. "Why am I feeling this way?"

"Nodoka? Is something the matter?" his face was almost just inches from hers.

"Wait… Don't tell me she also-…"


"Crap, not her too!"

He tried backing up to create some room between them but she just kept following him back and forth.

"…Time for plan B… Run like crazy!"

He took off for the door only to find it locked.

"When the hell did she lock it?!"

Again she was advancing on him this time trying to tackle him.

"Nodoka, stop!"

She collided with him and both of them into the book case behind him. Volumes went flying as the two fell to the ground with the girl landing atop the blonde boy.

Naruto was holding his head in pain from the collision. He noticed the weight present on top of him when it started to shift. Sitting up leaves Nodoka straddling the boy.

"Well this might not end well." Thought Naruto "Um, Nodoka? Could you by any chance get off of me?"

"I'm afraid I can't do that."

"Wh- Why not?"

Instead of answering him she leaned down, her face drawing closer to his.

"Naruto-sensei… Please be gentle…"

The sound of splintering wood could be heard as the two doors flew off their hinges. Hitting the pair on the floor.

"Naruto, you bastard! What are you-!" yelled an enraged Asuna only to stop mid-sentence when she realized that both of the room's occupants were now lying unconscious on the floor.

"….. Oops."

Shaking herself out of her stupor the orange haired girl picked up Nodoka and left the room. Not giving a damn about her still unconscious teacher. "Idiot."

In the seal we find Kyubi laughing his ass off over the events that had just occurred.

"That fool deserved that, but I guess that our fun will have to stop for now. We'll have to continue another time, won't we?" chuckled the Kitsune, curling up into a ball and deciding to take another nap.

Hours later Naruto would wake up, wondering where the hell he was and if the events from earlier were indeed real.

Chapter 4: End

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