Was it a dream?

Summary- Kagome wakes up in her own time alone and in the hospital with no memory of what happened after the defeat of Naraku. Unable to get back to the feudal era she now has to finish school and began life in the real world but something is bothering her. What happened to her friends… or did they ever exist. Inu-Kag paring. Rating may change.

Chapter 1

Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha, anyone, or anything affiliated with it. That right is solely Rumiko Takahashi's. I am simply a fan that loves the story and characters and I am in no way making any profit from this work.

AN: This story will be started in Kagome's time directly after the defeat of Naraku. Please no flames, this is my first fanfic. If I make any mistakes please feel free to send me a private message and I will research and correct. I have not been able to read the manga (although I hope to get the chance to do so one day lol) and it has been a very long times since I've seen the Anime so please don't judge me harshly. I currently do not have a full plot in my mind, only an idea of where I want to start and so I have no idea where this story will go. There may or may not be lemons I haven't gotten that far yet but I will make a note at the beginning of the chapter if any do pop up. Also, I do not have a beta so if anyone is interested send a message. Now onto the story!

I released the arrow and watched as it flew straight towards Naraku.

Keeping my eyes shut I tried to remember what happened next but the memory would not come. With an internal sigh I decided to just ask Inuyasha as soon as I seen him and tried to relax back to sleep on the bed that was a lot softer then I had slept on in ages. Then suddenly, a faint beeping registered in my mind.

That's weird, I thought. They don't have machines like that here. That was when I noticed the antiseptic smell of a hospital from my own time. My eyes flew open taking in the sterile white walls and many machines buzzing and beeping. As I tried to get up I noticed an I.V. in my arm connecting me to the many different bags of liquid that hung by the bed.

Why am I here? How did I get back to the Heisei jidai? Where is every one? A million questions ran through my mind. I didn't feel like I was hurt and I couldn't remember anything happening that would cause Inuyasha to bring me here… maybe that was it. Maybe something happened and I got hurt and that was why I couldn't remember. Is it possible that after I released my arrow I got knocked out? In that case, is Naraku gone or did he get away with the jewel.

Just then a nurse came in and started checking all the machines quickly taking notes on a clipboard. I watched as she pulled a syringe out of a drawer nearby and filled it with some medicine and then turned to the I.V. tubes only to freeze when she noticed that I was silently watching her. Eyes round as saucers the nurse fumbled around with the buttons on the bed and waited until she heard a quiet bell sound and a male's voice sounded in the room. "Can I help you?"

"The coma patient in 402 is awake" she cast a sidelong glance at me while I attempted to put two and two together. The nurse quickly started checking all my vitals and scrawling more notes on her clipboard and without another word she bustled out of the room.

I looked around trying to make since of everything. Every other time I had ever been in the hospital at least someone I knew was always there when I woke up. Where were my Mother, Sota, Jii-Chan, and Inuyasha? Was I not allowed to have visitors? Something seemed very wrong and I had no idea what it was.

A quiet, professional knock sounded at the door before it opened to reveal a young doctor in his mid- to late- twenties with a Tall, lanky build and short black hair sporting small round wire-framed glasses and pale green scrubs. "Ah, Miss Higurashi, Good to see you are finally awake. We were beginning to think you would never come around." He gave me a calm smile and looked down at the very same clipboard the earlier nurse wrote her notes on. Slowly he checked all the machines and announced "Everything looks good and you seem in perfect health, but I'm afraid we cannot allow you to leave until we run a few more extensive tests to see if we can find the cause of your unexplained coma. However I have notified your family and they should be here shortly."

"Why am I here" I blurted the first question that came to my mind. The young doctor shifted uncomfortably before stating, "I think it would be best to let your mother explain things. In the mean time I'll have the nurse bring you up some food. I'm sure you're hungry." With that he turned and walked out.

At least I'll know what's going on soon enough, I sighed as I searched for the remote to the television that was hanging in front of the bed.