"Because of You"
This is just a poem that could be from anyones POV really. Just kinda
thought it up, after getting inspired by a special friend known as
MachineHead. Please if you read, review!
Thoughts of life, I was wondering,
Thoughts of death, I was pondering,
Not to long ago before,
I thought of these, and then some more.
For if I shall pass away, right now,
Would anyone care when, why, or how?
Would people think anything of my sudden not being?
Remorse, sadness, or sorrow, would they be feeling?
If I were to just lay down and die,
Would there be tears for me, others would cry?
Would I even be noticed, if I were gone?
No longer singing life's ongoing song.
Am I only a desolate shadow, living with the fear,
That if my time came, no one would shed a tear.
Here on this Earth, I am so alone.
I'll be the dead one, who was never known.
And thoughts like this, ran through my head.
What it would be like, if I were dead.
At one point, my isolation drove me to try,
To end my own life. I wanted to die.
But now I have realized something that goes far.
Beyond Oceans blue, skies crystal white, and shimmering stars.
That, I do make a difference, I do matter.
It was you who told me, it's I, who you flatter.
With every passing hour, with every new day.
You were the one, who wanted me to stay.
You kept me going, when others did not.
You reminded me to smile, when I had forgot.
There have been times, I didn't think I'd get through.
But I did, and I owe that to you.
I owe you for all the laughs that we shared.
For all the times you made me feel safe when I was scared.
For being in my world of darkness, the light,
Who guided me to happiness, helped my wrongs to be right.
I owe you, for always being there.
Listening to my problems, and helping, just knowing you care.
I will never be able to thank you, as you deserve.
Yet the moments we share, in my heart I'll preserve.
So if ever again, I should feel alone and depressed,
I'll think of us together, wonderful memories compressed.
You've lifted me up when I was feeling down.
You made me able to grin, replacing a frown.
To thank you enough, I will be able to, never.
But I can assure, we'll be best friends forever.
The reason I'm here, the reason I'm alive.
Is the result of you and your kindness, helping me to survive.
I appreciate it, all you've said and done.
Words to support that, there are none.
But what I do feel, I know is true.
That I CAN feel. Thanks, it's because of you...
Nikki Ishida