Mr Maellard had set up yet another meeting with Benson to discuss why two of the golf carts exploded. Mr Maellard sighed.

"Beanbucket. Why did two golf carts explode?" Mr Maellard asked.

"How should I know? What do I look like God?" Benson said looking up into the air.

Pops walked in and sat by Benson.

"Keep acting like that and your FIRED Beancan!"

"I dont care! You can suck my ball!" Benson said pointing to his slot.

Pops gasped.

"WHAT DID YOU SAY?" Mr Maellard said slamming his hands down on his desk.

"Oh Im sorry. Im sorry. What I said was... AHEM... How would you like to SUCK MY BAWLZ? Mr Maellard", Benson said into a microphone. Mr Maellard looked like he was about to explode.

"Bad show", Pops said