(Souta doesn't exist- neither does Hunny's little brother)

"I'm sorry, oka-master...please, please, spare nii-san. He's ill of health, he won't be much use anymore, so-"

A hand struck her, and the raven girl faltered in her talk before continuing to babble,

"And my cousin, too! He has the same sickness as Nii-san, master! They are of no use to you! Let me take their places!"

Hunny awoke rapidly, breathing hard in the dark night. He looked around wildly, wheezing. Mori apparently heard the ruckus, for he opened the door and walked in silently. The smaller male looked up at him, tears in his eyes.

"Mori. You...too?"

He nodded, sitting down next to the small form of his cousin. The two had been accepted into the different branch of their family, away from their abusive mother. But neither had any memories of those years, ever since they were ten. One uninanimous thought ran through their minds:

'Who did we leave behind?'

One Kagome Higurashi walked through the well again, llimping from a wound she'd recieved from her 'best friend'- or so she tried to convinced herself-, InuYasha.

'Lucky Sesshou-nii interfered this time, Higurashi,' She scolded herself. A small bundle wormed her way into her lap, out of her yellow confinement at last.


Kagome said, incredulously. Said neko purred, before preening herself.

"Sango let you come with me, then?"

Kagome said softly, scratching her kitten's ears.

"Kirara...I'm going to find my brother... but, before that...I have to say goodbye to everyone...but...I'l see Shippou and Sesshy-nii and Kouga-nii later, right?"

The neko purred once more, before jumping off of the well edge. Kagome jumped back in again.

"What did you say, bitch?" InuYasha growled.

"I'm leaving, InuYasha. You can't stop me, so don't even try. Shippou, I want you to be a good fox, and to look for me in the future. Sesshy, please, take care of my kit, and Kouga, be good to everyone. Sango, Miroku, please have a good life together, I'll try to protect your kin."

The two blushed modestly, hugging her goodbye, before giving her weapons.

Sango gave her kunai and another hiraikotsu, this one black, while Miroku gave her a staff and sutras.

Sesshoumaru gave her a healing sword-not like his- which could be used multiple times on one person.

Kouga gave her a sword he took while out on a raid. It was sharp and the point so thin you could barely see it.

She jumped, the well sealing behind her.

Tamaki sprung around, cuddling Haruhi in his arms, who was muttering.

"We are off to another field trip, my children!"

"Where are we going, sempai?"

Haruhi asked wearily. Kyoya answered.

"To an old shrine, called the Sunset Shrine. It's an old Shinto shine that's been around for centuries. Owned by Higurashi Rai, deceased father, Higurashi Kun-Loon, mother,"

Hunny and Mori were feeling dizzy,

"And a Higurashi-"


The two cousins finished with him, gripping their heads.

Everyone turned to look at them, but only, again, Kyoya spoke.

"You know her?"


They glanced at each other.

"We don't remember..."

Mori said quietly. It was quiet until the twins spoke up,

"Hey, Tono?"


"Can we go now?"

Said blonde deflated quickly, then turned with more vigor.


Kagome got out of the well, sighing. Sesshoumaru, her kit, and Kouga should be here soon... As she stepped out, she squinted into the sunlight, before walking into her 'home'.

"Master, I'm home," she said in a dull, tired voice.

Kun-Loon walked out, yanked on her daughter's hair, and dragged her small form into the shrine. A pained cry echoed throughout afterwards.

Kagome soon awoke after her beating. This one was severely harsh, for whatever reason, she didn't know. But she felt her powers weakening, until...

They snapped.

The seals on the two cousins at Ouran, who were in the garden, also broke, being placed by their younger relative. Hunny screamed shrilly, while Mori fell on his knees, gripping his head in pain.

Tears appeared at the end of their eyes, and neither heard the rest of their friends come up..

"Hunny, Mori! What's the matter?" Haruhi said, frightened a bit.

"Ka...Kago..me..." Hunny muttered, eyes tightly shut.

"It seems that this 'Kagome' is the same one mentioned earlier, also the cause for these headaches," Kyoya mused, not at all seeming shaken.

People were coming. She could sense them, two of them seemed familiar-


Please, Kami, no, She prayed, Please let the seals be intact...

The door slid open, and she quickly put up an illusion, to make her look healthy.

Then, the two people she was looking for, along with some strange individuals, came in. Her brother, and her cousin...

There. There she was. Hunny stopped short, marvelling how she hadn't changed a bit. "Kagome..."

He breathed, eyes widening as she looked at him in both fright and recognition. The air around her seemed to waver a bit, bright blue eyes replaced with sad, weary, and wise ones. Her beautiful smile turned bitter, just only a quick second that barely anyone saw it, but they all did.

Hands trembling, she stood up a bit wobbly, walked over to them and bowed. Leaning near Hunny, she hissed,

"What the fuck are you doing here, Aniki-no-baka? I got you out just for you to trampeze back in?"

He flinched, and Kyoya interceded.

"Excuse us," He said politely, "We came here for a shrine exhibit, the Shikkon No Tama?"

Kagome grew visibly pale once more, her illusion wavering but keeping intact.

"But of course," She said cooly, beckoning to the door, "Come this way."

They followed her into the backyard, where there was a beautiful, old fashion-seeming-flowers, and herbs.

"Here, I will tell the story of the Shikkon no Tama jewel. what do you know of it so far?" She said softly, so sadly, that even her illusion's aura became melancholic.

"Nothing, really. Just that a miko and a hanyou banded up together to defeat another hanyou." Kyoya said, pushing up his glasses, "I would hope that this shrine has the information I need?"

Kagome laughed bitterly,

"I know the legend so well, it's like I almost lived it," She murmured, her small frame in a ball, staring out at the garden, randomly picking a few herbs here and there. Kagome began the story.

"Once upon a time, youkai ruled the lands of Japan, terrorizing villages and such. In orderto return peace, they set forth spiritually powerfully woman to destroy these evils, or so they were raised to believe.

An inu Taiyoukai by the name of InuTaisho, who was mated to a female Youkai, gave birth tohis first son, Sesshoumaru. His mate died later in life, and his father then mated a human woman, who died later also, shortly after giving birth to his second son, InuYasha. Sesshoumaru hated his half-brother, and grew cold and distant torwards everyone. InuYasha grew up to be a bastard, who fell in love with a miko."

She snorted, eyes deep in thought.

"The miko's name was Kikyo, who knew she needed to kill InuYasha, but could not bring herself to do so. They fell in love, through their lonliness alone." Kagome stopped for a bit, taking a breathe.

The girl in men's clothing took this chance to ask,

"Why was Kikyo lonely?"

Kagome laughed again, her bitterness leaving a foul taste in her mouth, especially after everyone seemed to flinch lightly at the sad undertone of it.

"Kikyo was a miko. Mikos where considered holy beings, or holy servants, by everyone. They were greatly respected by all."

A twin scratched his head.

"But..that still-"

"doesn't make any-"


She explained.

"Respect was nothing but fear," She said harshly, her fingers that had been playing with the grass so tenderly now gripped it, tearing the roots out of the ground.

"Fear leads to chaos. Mikos were persecuted by demons, so much more with Kikyo. She was the keeper of the Shikkon."

"The two lovers decided to wish upon the jewel, causing InuYasha to become human. But they were inturrupted by former thief Onigumo, who had also loved Kikyo, and, in his despair of not being able to get her to himself, fed his body to youkai, becoming a hanyou, a shapeshifting one.

He came the night before, disguised as Kikyo, and attacked him. InuYasha became enraged, and went off to steal the jewel.

While doing so, Naraku, under the guise of InuYasha this time, attacked Kikyo, giving her a mortal wound before fleeing. She died right after pinning her love to a tree, forever to sleep. She ordered her sister, Kaede, to burn the jewel with her body...but fifty years later..."

(I'm too lazy to type the rest. Suck it :D)

"And the group finally finished...their tasks..." Kagome said, after walking around and showing them the Goshinbuku, the well, and various other things, she felt faint from lack of food. Teetering on the top of the stairs, she would have fallen, had it not been for Mori.

"Are you alright, Kagome?" He asked softly.

She nodded curtly.

Then, without any warning, promptly fainted.

Oh, did I mention that her illusion was giving out?

And that her mother decided to come home drunk, with another guy for some money?

"Kagome, getchur lazy asshh in the kichin..." her mother slurred.

Kagome stirred awake, standing up slowly. Her mother, enraged at the slow pace she was going, hit her again, causing her illusion to shatter.

Bruises of hand prints, scars, cuts, and even a slight fever appeared on her body as she fell backwards into the arms of a man with blonde hair.

"Kyoya..." Tamaki said softly, looking worridly at the girl Hunny and Mori seemed to be familiar with.

"On it." Kyoya replied, flipping open his phone.

Hunny glared at his mother, who was trying to recognize him.

"You...you're tha lil bichs Kagomay saved, aint cha?" Kun-Loon said again, pointing at Mori and him.

Hunny growled, his eyes flashing as she went on,

"She's ben nuthin' but useless. None of th' guys like her, don' know why they keep orderin' her.."

"What the fuck did you just say about my sister?" Hunny hissed, eyes dark and slitted.

Gasps were heard from the Host Club, but the three ignored them.

"You heard me! Non' the guys I bring home even pay for her now; justs takes her anyway, not even a tip! How'm I s'posed to pay bills?"

Mori grabbed his cousin's shoulders, shaking his head.

"Let me go, Mori. I'll kill that bitch!" He yelled, lunging at her.

His cousin, thank Kami, was unrelenting.

Squad cars sounded out with harsh, unforgiving wails, but still, Hunny struggled against his taller cousin. Finally, he fell limp in his arms, growling softly before turning towards Tamaki, who was giving Kagome to an Ootori doctor. He cut them off, taking her small frame in his arms, ignoring the protests of the medic nurse.

In the back of his mind, he thanked all things holy for his slight growth spurt. He was now about 5'3, luckily a few inches taller than his imouto, who was 4'8.

"Mori. Come on." Hunny said softly, hugging his precious bundle close, before turning away and walking.

Mori nodded, stopped, then motioned to the others to follow.

While walking, Hunny whispered to Mori.

"Why did you invite them?" He asked, finally reaching the car.

"They deserve an explaination, Mitsukini. You know that as well as I do." The tall male said solomnly.

Hunny sighed. Damn morals.

"You're right," He agreed.

Stirring awake in the car, Kagome heard voices. They were familiar, but just to be safe, she cracked one eye open. The movement went undetected, and she studied everyone in the car. A voice broke her out of thoughts.

"Hey," Said one male,

"She's," Added his double,

"Awake." They finished.

Everyone peered at her, worried. Especially Hunny and Mori.

Then it hit the miko. She was not where she wanted to be. Shippou, Sesshoumaru, and Kouga wouldn't be able to find her. Tears pricked her eyes, stinging.

"Kagome?" Hunny asked quietly, gently.

He reached out to touch her, but she smacked his hand away.

"Baka Aniki!" She whimpered, rubbing her eyes and sitting up.

"I got you out, you baka! And yet you came here anyways! Why? Why couldn't you just keep forgetting me? A-and now, not even they'll find me..."

Then she pointed to Mori, "And you Mori! I asked you to protect Hunny!"

He deflated, and she hesitated visibly, before stopping and hugging them both.

"I'm just glad you okay," She whispered brokenly, before turning towards her older brother.

"You grew," She smiled widely, a true one, and you could see the happiness through her warm blue eyes.

He beamed.

Haruhi cleared her throat softly, before asking a question;

"Uh, who're you?"

Kagome's head whipped up, eyes glazed over as she whispered a name.

"Excuse me?" Haruhi said questionably.

The raven shook her head, grinning at the taller girl.

"So sorry, you reminded me of...an old friend. I'm Kagome, Hunny's younger sister and Mori's cousin."

Glancing around, she murmured, "Now how are they supposed to find me now?"

"Who will find you?" Tamaki said seriously.

"Ah? Oh...my- uh, other friends," She said quickly.

"Speaking of find," Kyoya said, pushing up his glasses, "I can't find any information on you. Every time I do look up your name, it shows odd pictures. Do you know what it means?"

"Show it to me," She said, eyes shining brightly, a hopeful smile on her face.

Turning the laptop to her, he showed her the screen. On it, the same top Shippou used spun around in circles, Hiraikotsu was turned towards a Sutra with an angry mark while the Sutra was sweatdropping, a white puppy was crashed into the ground, prayer beads glowing, while the bow and arrows fumed, and a flame danced.

"No way," she said quietly.

"What?" The twins looked over at her.

"Looks like an old friend is covering my files with something. However, I need to see one more thing to prove it."

Grasping the screen, she typed the names in order: Shippou, Sango, Miroku, InuYasha, herself, and Kirara.

Three figures appeared on screen live, startling her.

"Kagome!" Two greeted, the other 'hnned'.

"Wha-wha? How the hell did you three?" She shook her head, then remembered something.

"Aah! I left Kirara at the shrine! Can you go pick her up, and meet us at the-"

She turned her head at Hunny,

"Where do you two live now?"

"Haninozuka Residence."

"We're going to the Haninozuka Residence, can you bring her there?"

"Miko, are you being captured again?" Sesshoumaru said, smirking.

Kagome stuck out her tongue at her adopted brother.

"Blegh! Sess, you're a butt-head."

Shippou and Kouga burst out laughing as she shut down the screen. Shakking her head, she smiled before returning the laptop to its owner.

"Who was that?" Mori asked.

"Some old-very old-" She snickered to herself, "Friends who haven't seen me in a very long time."

"Why did he call you miko?" Tamaki asked, growing puppy ears.

"Ah, you haven't figured it out yet? Maybe a demonstration of power?" She glowed eerily white, wounds healing quickly until they just looked red and angry, and the slight fever. In fact, it seemed to have grown while using her powers. She couldn't even fully heal herself, due to her weakness.

Then she pulled out a bauble from her neck, showing them.

"I'm the reincarnation I spoke of. I actually did live through that time. I actually did get my soul taken from me mulitple times, and those three are from the legend. Shippou is my son-adopted, of course- and Kouga and Sesshoumaru are my brothers. I did a blood bond, so I'm an inu-ookami-kitsune-demon-miko. That's a mouthful.."

"How did you turn into a demon?" Hunny yelled.

Kagome placed her fingers in her ears, looking out the darkened window.

"We're here now!" She said happily, smiling with her eyes closed. Sure enough, the car slowed down.

"Hey, where do you go to school? I haven't been in years, but I'm pretty smart, so I wanna go~"

"Ouran Academy. I'll send the dress over later," Kyoya said, glasses glinting.

Stepping out of the car, Kagome braced herself, ignoring the strange looks from everyone. Everyone gave a surprised shout as she held out her arms, and a red blur ran into them, making her nearly lose her balance.

"'Kaa-san!" Shippou yelled joyously, hugging Kagome around the waist,

"It's been too long!"

Kouga strode up, hugging Kagome around the shoulders.

"It's been too long for us, runt."

"Hnn," Another voice agreed, this one more regal, defined.

"500 years, exactly, miko."

"Sesshoumaru! It's only been hours for me, though. Where's your fluff?"

Shippou snickered, sharing a knowing glance with Kouga. Sesshoumaru growled, baring a fang at them. Hearing the humans gasp, he stopped.


"Re-lax, Fluffy. The one barely taller than me is my older brother Hunny- or, Mitsukini, since I know you wouldn't use that name, anyways, the tall lug is Mori, my cousin, the-"

She stopped.

"I don't know the rest-"

The Taiyoukai sighed as she pouted,

"Of course you wouldn't, but I do. They are buisness associates of this Sesshoumaru. Kyoya Oootori, medical department, Tamaki Suoh, son of chairman of the school you'll be going to, Kaoru and Hikaru Hitachiin, mother designs Ayame's clothes, and...this Sesshoumaru does not recognize this girl." Sesshoumaru said.

Haruhi blinked her big, brown eyes.

"I'm Haruhi Fujioka, the poor student that goes to Ouran." She said bluntly; Sesshoumaru nodded his head.

"I am Sesshoumaru Taisho, Kagome's adoptive elder brother."

Shippou stopped hugging Kagome long enough to introduce himself, then went to play with his mother's hair.

Then Kouga introduced himself,

"I'm Kouga. Kagome used to be my wo-" But then, he got punched in the cheek by Kagome.

"Don't start this again!" She cried, blushing furiously as he laughed.

A cat mewed, and jumped on Kagome's shoulder.

"Kirara! There you are!" Said girl cooed, rubbing her head against the youkai.

Hunny sighed. "Kagome, Taisho-sama..s..I think you'd all better get inside to explain..."

After explaining what this was all about, Kagome was a smiles, looking beautiful, really. "So.. this is all true, Kagome?" Hunny said, rubbing his eyes tiredly. "Yup!" Kagome yawned, nodding.

"Kagome shall be our heirs, to all of our companies later, when she turns 21," Kouga said, eyes flashing excitedly, bouncing in his chair.

"But, so that no one underestimates my Kaa-san, we've decided to ask you to disguise as a male student. So that no one takes advantage of it!" He nodded to himself, while Kagome squealed and hugged him.

"You're so cute, Shippou! I accept! Send the male uniform over soon! Oh- no, I wanna borrow one of Hunny's!"

Tamaki wailed at Kagome, "You cannot dress as a girl! A lovely, fair, beautiful flower such as you cannot dress as a male! No, this will not...do..."

"Please, Tama-kun! Pleeeease! I wanna join the Host club to be with Hunny-nii and Mori! Besides, Haru's a girl!"

Hikaru flashed a grin, before leaning over to whisper in her ear. Brightening, the miko looked up, eyes watery.

"Please...'tou-san?" She said in a whiny voice, sounding much like a hurt puppy.

Needless to say, she got her way.

Oh, yes, she got her way.

She always did.

The next day, Kagome woke at the sunrise- a habit she'd gained from her travels-, and began dressing.

Binding her chest, she put on the uniform, and looked in the mirror.

"Heellooo handsome!" She giggled to herself, adjusting her ponytail.

Her long eye lashes gave her a shota look, one that she thought she pulled off brilliantly by wearing one of Hunny's uniforms. The sleeves were slightly too long, so that when she put them down, towards her lap, they covered her hands. Her pants, just enough bagginess, couldn't cover tone legs that obviously had muscle. Swishing around Kagome smiled happily as her hair tickled her face.

"Kagome-chan! Are you ready yet? Mori is waiting!" Her elder brother yelled, opening her door rudely withou knocking.

"A-ah. Hai, nii-san! Coming!" The younger Haninozuka-Taisho chirped happily, grabbing her bag and leaving out the door, to a new school.

"Class, this is Kagome Haninozuka-Taisho-sama. Please treat him well." The teacher droned

Kagome smiled, before bowing.

"Hello! I'm Kagome Haninozuka-Taisho! Just call me Kagome, kay? I'm Hunny's little brother, haven't seen him in a long time! Un~ Oh! And I'm gonna be in the Host club too! Tou-san said so!"

The strange thing was, Kagome had actually taken to calling Tamaki 'Tou-san'. No one was really complaining,-certainly not Tamaki-because Hunny had told them that none of them grew up with a father figure.

"I hope we can be good friends!" Here, she bowed lowly, surprising the class with her humbleness.

"Any questions? No?" -everyone was much too shocked with their newest classmate to answer- "No? Alright, Kagome-kun, please choose a seat."

The small 'boy' looked around curiously, brightening up when he saw the twins and Haruhi.

"Haru-chan! Karou! Hikaru!" She squealed, hugging Haruhi around her neck (since she was sitting down)

"Hello, Kagome," A twin said, ignoring their teacher as he droned on.

"Hi, Hikaru!"

The twins looked at her, startled she could tell them apart, before smiling and shaking their heads. This was sure to be an interesting class.

"And so, the Shikkon no Tama's guardian walked through with her 'demon friends' to fight Jakken..." The teacher aid, rolling his eyes. Kagome growled silently, eye twitching.

'He's giving out false informa-shit! Caught!'

"Kagome-san, if you are so knowledgable about the Shikkon that you have to make faces at me, please, enlighten us all."

"Well...for one, they were going to fight the hanyou's half brother, a full dog demon, not Jaken. Jaken was a...toad-thingy that was Sesshoumaru's servant."

The teacher spluttered for a minute, before the bell rang.

"C-class dismissed! Kagome, I want you to stay after class!"

The twins narrowed their eyes, and Haruhi simply blinked, "But sensei, we have club duties-"

"Not now, commoner!" He hissed, glaring.

Hikaru and Kaoru dragged her out, waving to the oblivious Kagome, muttering about getting that teacher fired.

The door slammed shut, and the teacher spun around to face the youngest Taisho.

"You little wretch! Do you know how long it took me to get up here from a normal middle school?"

Grabbing her wrist harshly, he came close, too close for Kagome's comfort, and hissed.

"You could disapear, you know. Never come back."

Next he pulled on the supposedly male student's hair, causing her to hiss in pain.

"Stop, you fool! I can sue you, you know!"

"I control Fujioka's grade, and if you don't want anything to happen to him, you won't say a word."

Leveling his gaze to hers, he sneered. "You wouldn't want anything bad to happen to him, now, would you? I know some very...bad people who wouldn't hesitate.."

Kagome stood still, eyes widening before she glared.

"How dare you? How dare you? I'll-"

Thick, disgusting flavored lips covered hers, taking advantage of her shocked state. The raven shoved the teacher off, wiping her lips as bile rose.

(Host Club)

"Where's Kagome?" Hunny asked immediantly, noticing his sister wasn't with them.

"The teacher called her over to talk," Hikaru said quietly.

"I don't like it," Kaoru said worridly.

"It took us about ten minutes to walk here. Kagome should've caught up with us at one point," Haruhi pointed out, growing pale. The entire club raced out the door, even Kyoya.

"Where's your classroom?" Hunny shouted, dodging wide eyed students.

"Mitsukuni, it's over there," Mori pointed.

The elder brother of the damsel in distress kicked open the door.

"Kagome?" He yelled, spotting the teacher harassing her. A well aimed kick caused him to pass out.

Kagome was crying lightly, shaking. Her hand touched her lips before she ran out of the room, into the club room, and threw up in the bathroom there.

"O-oh God," she murmured, wiping her mouth and brushing her teeth. Apparently, the Host club was packed with everything, all of it new, too.

Stumbling out into the room, she heard sirens. Oh, those sounds told the story of her life, did they not? Sitting on the couch in the center, she wasn't surprised when the club members burst in, panting. Her brother hugged her fiercly, shaking from fury as she patted his hair and whispered soothing words to him.

"Shh...I'm f-fine, aniki. I'm fine..."

His buried face in her hair was his response.

After being checked up on by Sesshoumaru, Shippou, and Kouga and his entire pack, including the ookami's, Kagome was allowed to go back to school. She was happy, and showed it all throughout the walk.

"Ne, ne, Nii-san! Why are you walking so sloooowly?" Kagome asked teasingly, poking his slightly taller form.

"I am not, Kago-chan, and you know it!" Hunny whined playfully, grinning at Mori.

Suddenly the blonde raced off, laughing quietly.

"C'mon, Mori!" Kagome yelled, running after her brother. "Nii-san, you're a cheater! Cheater cheater cheater!"

The three started running up the stairs, Hunny reaching the top and disapearing from view. Kagome and Mori stopped for a few minutes, then ran faster to reach him. When Kagome got to the top, she was assaulted but two pairs of arms. And red-orange hair.

"Kaoru? Hikaru? Nani?"

"Kagome~!" They whined. "It was so boring without you!"

Tamaki had a rose in his hand, smiling sweetly at her.

"We missed you, so we decided to wait up for you!"

People had stopped to stare, cheering and crying with happiness-mainly the girls.

The young miko-youkai trembled, then a tear slipped out and she grinned, wiping it. "Heh," Was all she said. It was enough.