"So, we're going home tommorow?" Kagome asked Tamaki, a bit disappointed, as she didn't get to push her Nii-san into the lake yet.

"Yes, I am afraid so, dear daughter!"

"But...Tou-san..." Kagome whined. "I wanted to dump water on Nii-san...!"

Tamaki's chin trembled, before hugging the girl tightly, squealing. "You're so cute! I'll ask mommy to fix something up, daughter of mine!"

"Thank you, Tou-san!"

When the limo arrived, Kyoya smirked at Kagome, causing her to grin.

Hunny was really tired, and just wanted to go home, curl up with a piece of cake and Usa-chan, and fall asleep. Maybe curling up next to Kagome while she read...

The list went on and on, making him grow dull with the task of thinking. How he'd survive for 3 days without cake, he'd never know. But, anything for family...

Wait, what was that look Kyoya sent his little sister?

He winked at her.

He winked at her.

Oh, shit was going to go down.

Wait, Kagome was grinning back..? Were they plotting? Kagome had gotten everyone with one of her pranks; Haruhi, she tricked into going to the bathroom alone, and jumped out to scare her. Tamaki, she had pranked by telling him Haruhi was already dressed in the morning- which she was not. Hikaru and Kaoru had been chasing her when she side stepped, causing them to step in some muck...at least, that's what everyone hoped for...Hell, she'd even got Mori and Kyoya. Mori, she had stumped with the s'mores, causing him to turn pink. Kyoya, she'd stolen his glasses, and then proceeded to draw the words 'Ma' on one frame, 'ma', on the other. In the end, Tamaki had gotten blamed for it, and Kagome upped the prank by convincing Tamaki that he'd done it in his sleep.

No one knew, except for her elder brother, of the pranks Kagome had done during the three day camping trip, they all thought that they were wierd coincidences...

Kagome Haninozuka-Taishou was planning something...

Something sinister.

(Where do you think Hunny should get soaked? Locations, times, and certain details are welcome!)