Upon exiting the car, Kagome tried to run up the stairs, only to be grabbed by her big brother. "Oh, no you don't! I want to know-"
"What you've been...up to..."
Kagome shook her head, making her short bangs spray water around. "Kyoyaaa..." She whined, glaring at the offending male.
"Really guys? Kyoya-sempai, you could have had them avoid me, at least!" Haruhi facepalmed.
"Hm..." Kyoya hummed, as if he was just concidering that for the first time. "I could have..."
"Never mind."
"I might have some clothes that fit you, Haruhi!" Kagome chirped from Hunny's one armed grasp.
"Great." Haruhi blinked as a jacket was placed over her shoulders. "Hm?"
"You'll get a cold!" Tamaki said sincerely. Haruhi watched him, cheeks lightly blushing.
Kagome sucked in air, before having Mori's hand clamped over almost her entire face. "Mmmrri!"
He let go. "Mori!"
"No cat calls," He chastised, flicking her forehead.

"Kagome, these clothes... They're not too formal?" Haruhi flicked out the sleeve of the informal kimono she had on.
"Hm? Oh, no! I was actually worried you'd think we were too expensive." Kagome was wearing a miniature version of Haruhi's, twirling around.
"No, I think I'm far past that stage by now..." Haruhi hummed, fiddling with the obi.
"Here, I'll help you tie it-Mori taught me!"
"Haru, I'm done!"

Hunny was sitting near a fireplace, which had just been lit to dry out his hair. Everyone was relaxing or sleeping on an actual bed in their guestrooms, so he decided to nap in front of the fire.
And think.
Now, keep in mind, Hunny shouldn't be left to his own devices, much less his own mind. He turns...strange.
Depressed, one might say.
Sadistic, another may add.
Either one was not desirable from Mitsukini Haninozuka.
He thought back to the words he had screamed that night.
Let me go, Mori, I'll kill that bitch!
He had to wonder, now, his eyes half closed, would he have done it? The image of his little sister, broken, battered, abused and raped appeared in front of his eyes, causing his grip on Usa-chan to tighten.
No longer able to sleep, he stood up and went to find his younger sister, only to discover that she had fallen asleep in the same bed as Haruhi, the two clasping hands and smiling. He let out a small chuckle, content that she was no longer plagued by night terrors as often as she had been. She deserved that much...
Quietly, he slipped Usa-chan beneath Kagome's scarred arms, then stood back and studied the scene.
It looked right.
Walking back to the sofa he was taking a siesta upon, he hummed a small tune, smiling.
Laying down, another sight was formed behind his eyelids. Kagome, sleeping peacefully.
Sleep claimed him without any trouble.

(Sorry if it's wrong; I don't have internet)
"Kagome, Kagome.
Kago no naka ga tori wa.
Itsu, itsu, deyaaru,
Yoake no ban ni
Tsuru to kame to subete
Ushiro no shoumen daare..."
The familiar notes of the song filled Kagome's eardrums as she slept, and a smile crept upon her face.
When Kagome was little, Hunny or Mori (depending on who was sick) sang that to her as a lullabye.
When ten year old Kagome was found sobbing with her kimono torn, Hunny or Mori always held her until the cries turned to whimpers.
"I don't know who I am anymore.."
"You're Kagome. You're a trapped bird; but one day, we'll all be free."
Her smile grew, and a tear slipped down her face as her eyes opened a bit, gleaming in the moonlight.
"We got out of the cage." She whispered into the night.
Her eyes closed, and sleep claimed her without any trouble.