Seeing Sounds

Chapter 9

The Mother of Two

"Every time a child says 'I don't believe in fairies' there is a little fairy somewhere that falls down dead."

Sir James Barrie

"Mom, are you okay?" Danny asked looking at his mother crying at the table. She looked up at him and smiled sweetly.

"I'm fine, sweetie," she whispered. The little Danny ran into her arms, and hugged her as tightly as he could.

"Why are you crying?" he asked worriedly pulling away to look at her. He tilted his head confused, and Maddie just laughed at her son's silly look.

"It doesn't matter, honey, I have you and that makes everything better," Maddie explained touching the tip of his nose. He giggled and hugged her again. "Come on, let's go to bed."

"Can you tell me a story?" Danny asked giggling as she carried him up the stairs. "Can it be a scary story?"

"Of course, silly," Maddie answered as she opened his door and smiled at the mess of rockets decorating the floor.

"I don't think the league would like you if you got me coffee," Danny grinned as they stopped at a Dunkin Donuts.

"That's why I'm getting you hot chocolate. I won't get in trouble for getting you hyper, and I can get my own coffee," Destiny smirked parking the car in a spot and getting out. Danny hesitated slightly before getting out. He looked around nervously before walking besides her. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah, it's been a while since I've actually been out in public as a human and during the day. While also not in school with someone from the team," Danny answered as they entered the coffee shop. Destiny put a hand on his shoulder.

"I was going to go home afterward and make dinner, but I wanted to talk before I did that," Destiny said as they entered and got in line. Some people looked and then turned back to whatever they were doing.

"Cool," Danny whispered shying away from the people and hiding slightly behind Destiny. She smiled at the hybrid.

"Superman was right about you being really shy," she giggled. Danny playfully glared at her.

"What is it with people saying that? I'm not always shy, just alert and cautious," Danny grumbled folding his arms. Destiny looked at the two people in front of her who looked at them weird. She grinned and wrapped an arm around Danny's shoulder.

"Well, whatever you say," she smiled. Danny winced.

"It's okay to do that while I'm in ghost form, but this form is in a lot worse condition, and that really hurt," Danny whispered pulling away from her. She looked at him worriedly.

"Are you okay?" she wondered putting a hand to his face.

"Yeah," Danny mumbled looking down at his shoes. "I just hurt."

"We can leave, and I can go ahead and make coffee at home, and I also have hot chocolate there as well, I just wanted to stop and get some already made. I'm just wanted to be lazy, and they have better hot chocolate and coffee anyway," Destiny explained slowly lifting his head up. "I think you can stay in ghost form there and not have to worry."

"It's okay," Danny smiled at her. "Just don't press hard, and I'll be fine. It's more sore than anything else." Destiny walked up to the counter.

"Can I take your order?" the man at the counter monotoned. Danny smiled as Destiny ordered their drinks.

"Danny, I missed you so much," Maddie cried as she hugged her baby after the week he disappeared.

"I missed you guys too, and I'm sorry," Danny whispered in her ear. Jack smiled and gave his entire family a huge hug. "I wasn't expecting to be gone that long." Maddie just squeezed him tighter.

"Never do that to us again, young man," Maddie whispered putting him directly in front of her. "I was so worried something happened." Danny looked down.

"I'm sorry," he murmured as Maddie hugged him again.

"Danny, you there?" Destiny asked after paying for their food. Danny nodded and grabbed his drink.

"Thanks," he whispered looking down at the cup. Destiny looked at him worriedly.

"Is everything okay?" she asked putting a gentle hand on his shoulder.

"Is everything okay, Sweetie?" Maddie asked as they took Danny to the hospital for the third time that week.

"I'm fine, just tried. Why are we going again?" Danny asked looking at his mom.

"Because you were gone for a week and I don't want anything to be wrong," Maddie growled tightening her grip on the wheel. "You have been acting strange, and I don't know what else to do." Danny glared at her.

"I'm fine," he grumbled as she stopped the vehicle.

"Daniel, I'm worried about you. You won't say anything about what happened," Maddie feared. "Please just tell me what happened."

"I'm fine, and nothing happened," Danny glared at her and got out. "I'm going home."

"Daniel, get back here," Maddie yelled running after him.

"Yeah, just remembering," Danny whispered looking into Destiny's eyes. "Sorry, I didn't mean to space out."

"It's okay. Do you do that often?" she asked worriedly as they headed back to the car. "That can't be good."

"It wasn't anything bad, just about mom," Danny mentioned opening the door. "When I get spaced out everyone usually tries not to do anything. They don't want to set me off. The first time that happened, I destroyed the infirmary." Destiny's eyes widened.

"You destroyed their infirmary. That must have been scary for you," she exclaimed as she started the vehicle back up.

"For them, I was reliving my escape," Danny explained looking out the window. "It was more of a dream, and I can't really remember what really happened in there. All I can remember is getting out of that base and getting back home." Destiny watched as her best friend's son seemed to go back into his mind and relive parts of his life there were hell.

"Did you see that?" Maddie asked as her and Destiny watched the meteor shower. "It was purplish."

"It seemed more like it was bluish," Destiny murmured. She looked at her friend. "Ever wonder what will happen once we get out of school?"

"No, there's plenty of time for that later," Maddie answered looking back at her friend. "However, if I ever get married, you are my Maid of Honor."

"Good, same here, although I can't see you getting married," Destiny giggled. Maddie glared at her.

"You're so funny," she smiled. A loud thunder sounded around them and they both froze. They looked at each other and began back into laughing uncontrollably.

"We're here," Destiny said pulling up to a small home. It was white with a red barn in the back. "My horses are being used by a couple people."

"You have horses?" Danny asked getting out and following her to the front door.

"Three of them," she exclaimed, opening the door and letting Danny in. "What would you like for dinner? I was going to make bourbon chicken."

"That sounds good," Danny said looking at the small house. It had an orange living room with a purple kitchen. "Wow, I'm guessing you like different colors."

"I have a different favor color every day," Destiny grinned and took out everything she would need for dinner. "And I wanted my home to be different from most. I always wanted it with several different colors. Each room has its own color and theme."

"Nice," Danny smiled looking around the purple kitchen that had pictures of reptiles. "An animal and a color that makes no sense, neat."

"Thanks," Destiny whispered looking over her house.

"Hey, Mads," Destiny called running up to her friend. "Did you get that assignment from English done?"

"Yeah, I said I wanted my house to be organized," Maddie explained smiling. Destiny grinned.

"I want a house with every room a different color and animal theme," she took out a small blueprint that had every room a different along with a picture of an animal in the middle. "I wanted it to be organized, but look disorganized. How cool is that?" Maddie looked at the picture and grinned.

"I wish I would have thought of that," she whispered looking over the picture. "Did you actually explain everything?"

"Most of it, I didn't have time to finish," Destiny grabbed her book bag. "But I got enough to count complete."

"Nice," Maddie grinned as they entered the classroom.

"Wow, this is really good," Danny grinned as he got more. Destiny laughed.

"Both me and your mom made the recipe," Destiny said grabbing chop sticks. "It took us forever to get it right. I was actually going to invite them to come over for a small get together here in the summer." Danny looked down at the half eaten plate of food on his lap. They had the TV playing over the conference up until Phantom asked them to turn it off.

"They at least kept their word," Danny noticed smiling slightly. Destiny looked over and noticed that no one had told anything from the time Danny asked them to turn off the cameras up to when he left.

"That's a good thing then," Destiny commented. "Otherwise I might get into trouble." Danny laughed.

"That would stink," he grinned.

"What are you doing?" Superman asked Batman who was at a computer in the Hall of Justice.

"Looking up Destiny Daniels," he answered being careful not the turn the scrambler off. It was ruining the signal Vlad had to the base. "Superman told me about how she was apparently best friends with Maddie Fenton."

"Maddie Fenton is Phantom's mom, right?" Flash asked running to them. Batman nodded.

"Yes, and apparently they had been stuck together like glue until a huge fight which ended in Maddie and Destiny being suspended for two weeks," Batman pointed out looking at the article. "Apparently, Maddie had mentioned something about ghosts, and everyone laughed at the idea. There was a huge physical fight."

"Harsh," Flash muttered. "She was right." Batman nodded once more.

"She went to Wisconsin University and that's where she met Masters and her husband. Her great grand parents lived there at the time before they died three years after Maddie got there," Batman explained looking up at the computer screen above his head. "There is a small article about Master's accident that gave him his powers."

"Wow," Flash whispered reading.

"Really?" Danny asked grinning like a fool. Destiny smiled.

"Yes, it was epic. Your mom was hilarious," Destiny explained. "She was always out there and doing something odd. One time she entered the school dressed as clown, and then proceeded to make balloon animals during lunch. It was great. I decided to help. She had some extra make up for me."

"I never would have thought she would do that," Danny stated looking up at the clock. "I think we should go." Destiny looked up at the clock and realized that Danny was right. Their time together was running low.

"I guess it is," she uttered sadly. "Promise you'll call every so often?" Danny smiled.

"Promise," he agreed hugging her. She smiled and hugged him back glad to help him in recovery. "But here's my number," he mentioned giving her a small slip of paper. "It's secure, but if you ever get into trouble or feel like something is off; call me. Masters might find out about you, and I don't want him using anymore people against me." Destiny smiled once more.

"Did you know that your mom and I had a deal in high school?" Destiny bought up as they walked out to her Nova. Danny looked at her confused.

"No, she never really talked about her time in high school," Danny muttered sadly. Destiny put her hand on his shoulder gently trying not to hurt him. "There were times I wondered, but I never asked."

"I was her friend, and I did something stupid that pretty much destroyed our friendship," Destiny confessed looking at Danny. "But, back to the deal. I told her that I would name my child after her if she would do the same. She looked at me odd when I had randomly brought that up during lunch." Danny smiled.

"I'm guessing that's where my name came from then," Danny guessed as she started the car. She paused.

"Yeah, it is, and that's something that meant a lot to me when we had met twelve years ago at the hotel," Destiny explained. "She was carrying you trying to get you to fall back asleep, and I had just gotten back from the Mideast."

"You were in the Mideast?" Danny asked as she pulled out. Destiny smiled.

"I was in the marines for four years before I was shot in the arm," Destiny explained. "But, when I seen her, I was happy and ran up to her, but then I seen you. I was surprised that she had kids with what she had gotten into. I was happy, and then when I learned that she kept her promised I felt bad. I wasn't married and didn't have kids, but she didn't care. She just told me that she was happy and that everything for her was perfect." Destiny stopped at a stop and looked at Danny. "I was beyond happy for her, but so sad that she had something that I couldn't get. I did have one guy I liked, but he turned out to be a bastard." Danny flinched as she gunned her car and turned sharply.

"That hurt," Danny muttered holding his shoulder. "Can you not do that again?" Destiny looked at him sadly.

"I'm so sorry, I just…" she stopped and pulled over. She looked over at Danny. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah, just don't turn so sharp and fast. I've been trying to keep my shoulder from hitting the side of the car ever since you started driving like a manic," Danny grinned trying to keep her from feeling bad. Destiny looked down at the steering wheel.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to hurt you," she whispered. Danny reached over and put his hand on hers that was gripping the wheel.

"It's okay," Danny comforted. "Let's just go, I'm fine." Destiny looked at him and smiled.

"Maddie was a really good mother to raise someone so kind as you," Destiny said taking her hand out from under his and putting it to his face. "You're a really good kid, and don't let anyone else tell you different."

"I won't," Danny whispered as she took back her hand and started back to the conference center.

"Where are they?" Canary growled pacing the floor. Red Tornado watched as Canary narrowed her eyes and began heading for the door.

"They might be stuck in traffic. Give her some time, they'll be here soon," Red Tornado informed. "Patience." The door opened to reveal a teen and an older woman.

"Danny?" Canary asked as the two come into view. Danny smiled at her.

"Yeah, we kinda ran into a couple things, sorry," Danny apologized. Destiny smiled at them.

"Yeah, just a small delay," she repeated as they made their way to Red Tornado and Canary. Canary glared at Destiny for a little bit before realizing the smiled on Danny's face. This one didn't seem to be forced or was it from a joke, but a gentle genuine smile. Something Canary had been trying to get from the hybrid ever since he started opening up more.

"I did learn a lot about my mom though," Danny grinned turning to Destiny. "Thanks."

"You're welcome," Destiny replied as Danny hugged her. "Make sure to call me later. We can still talk about a couple things." Danny nodded and changed into his ghost form. Destiny shivered.

"Sorry, my ice powers have that effect," Danny explained with a grin. Destiny shook once more and stopped as it warmed up a little. "My powers are weird."

"Okay," Destiny said as he floated off the ground a little. Phantom smiled, and Destiny felt the oddest feeling of safety she has ever had. It felt like nothing in the world would be able to hurt her with him around. "I'm just gonna go. I have to do a few papers, and I have a story to write. I'll talk to you later, Danny. Bye."

"Bye," Phantom whispered hugging her again. "If I don't call, you can. Just make sure not to panic, otherwise I'll think the worst. That happened once and my friend was really to beat me completely dead." Destiny laughed.

"Don't worry, I'll be careful," Destiny replied letting go. "See ya 'round."

"Same," Phantom nodded, and Destiny turned and walked away. Canary looked back at the smiling hybrid.

"How was your trip?" she asked as they headed to the back of the building where they had a small ship to take them to the closest Zeta Beam portal which happens to be in the Fortress of Solitude. Phantom nodded and followed them out.

"Phantom is coming here," Aqualad informed as the team gathered. "We have a mission from Batman. He is coming here to give us what we need since he doesn't want to take the chance and have Masters know that we are sending Phantom out with us." Robin looked over at the portal as it started, and Phantom's name was called along with his number.

"Well, that was interesting," Phantom mumbled stumbling out. "I think those things are getting worse."

"They're portals," Superboy deadpanned raising an eyebrow. "Just like yours."

"Mine goes to another dimension, yours travels long distances in the same dimension. There's a difference in the way they work," Phantom explained walking up to them.

"So it feels different?" Robin asked looking at the hybrid. Phantom nodded and turned when Batman arrived. Everyone looked over as Batman walked up to Phantom.

"How are you feeling, Phantom?" Batman asked looking Phantom up and down. Phantom was standing strong, and didn't seem to flinch from him being close to him.

"Good," he answered looking back at the team and smiling. "They said something about a mission?"

"Yes," Batman announced walking up to the computer. "Now, you guys will be checking out a base that has nothing to do with Masters. So this is more of a test run with your new teammate Phantom than anything else." Phantom looked as everyone seemed to get excited.

"What is it that we'll be doing?" Aqualad asked looking back up at the screen as Batman began explaining everything. Phantom just watched a little nervously as they discussed the mission and the objective.

"Danielle, what are you doing?" Phantom asked walking into his room to get a couple things before leaving with the team. The clone looked up at him and grinned.

"I just won four rounds of Texas Hold'em against Wally. It was epic," she exclaimed getting off the bed and running over to Phantom and wrapped her arm around his waist. She could feel his ribs, but they weren't as bad as they were when she first seen him. She looked up at him. "How are you feeling?"

"Good," Phantom smiled hugging the girl back. Dani tighten her hug looking out at the wall sadly. Skulker was telling a small group of people what had happened to him, and she was there listening in. It broke her heart to hear some of the things he told them. She didn't want to even begin to imagine what Skulker didn't know and let alone, know what Phantom had really been though, and she was terrified of leaving him again to go back into the Ghost Zone and begin the setting stages on taking it back. Danny needed her too, and she wasn't going to let him be alone with these people. They may seem nice and caring, but they aren't his family, and she wanted him to be safe and happy.

"What are you getting ready to do?" she asked excitingly hoping to maybe help him with something. Phantom just smiled at her.

"The team is going on a mission," he answered patting her head. She swatted him away and smiled a little, but then something came to her at what he said.

"Are you sure it's okay?" she asked worriedly. Phantom kneeled down in front of her and grinned.

"I'm fine, Dani. You don't have to worry," he assured her. He was uncertain himself, but he felt that getting out and doing something would help him heal farther than staying and doing nothing.

"I'll still worry, Danny," Danielle murmured putting her hands to his face. "I heard some of what had happened while you were gone. Skulker was telling some people why this had happened, and I was eavesdropping." Phantom looked down and shuddered.

"I know, but I'm getting past it," Phantom explained looking back up at her after a small pause. "It's hard some days, but knowing that there are people who still believe in me helps. You and the League make it worth the effort. Thanks, Dani, for that."

"Of course, Danny," Dani whispered wrapping her arms around his neck and pulling herself as close as possible. Phantom tensed as the pressure around his neck increased, but didn't do anything except hug her back. Dani felt him tense and just held him tighter afraid of what was happening. Then a knock at the door interrupted them.

"Phantom?" Robin asked walking in. Phantom stood up after letting Dani go. "We are ready to go." Phantom nodded and looked at Dani.

"I'll be back and we can talk and catch up a little," Phantom whispered resting his hand on her shoulder.

"Can you answer a question first?" Dani asked hoping for something. Phantom looked at her and smiled gently nodding. "Why were you tense in our hug?" Phantom faltered a little at the question. He looked down and stepped away.

"I just…" Phantom began. Robin put a comforting hand on the hybrid's shoulder.

"By the way you were when I came in; I would say that he tensed because of you wrapping yourself around his neck. He doesn't like people around his neck for some unfavorable reasons," Robin explained hoping that they could get going. The rest of the team was waiting on them, and Robin didn't want to keep them waiting too long for this. "Do you want to come and watch him then? We have an odd number, but we need another for an even number." Dani grinned widely hoping for the chance to help her cousin.

"Yes please," she nodded and changed in her ghost form. Phantom looked out his doorway sadly as Dani began to leave with them. He stopped and watched Dani bounce happily behind Robin.

"Phantom, it's okay. Your cousin is going to be just fine," Robin comforted thinking that was Phantom's problem once they were on the ship.

"It's not that," Phantom whispered backing away from Robin. Dani appeared next to them suddenly.

"That was weird," she moaned holding her head. Phantom looked at her funny until he realized what happened.

"And it will be for the next couple of days, just be careful of where you think," Phantom warned. "You might end up there with no way back until your powers restore themselves." Dani looked up at him confused.

"This is a new power?" she asked watching as Phantom smiled and kneeled down in front of her.

"Teleporting can be a headache," he said tapping his head. "Trust me, during school was hard because I wanted to be home, and a couple times it happened. I about got caught." Dani grinned.

"Awesome," Dani exclaimed looking over to the other side of the ship. In a green flash, she was there. "This is so cool." Phantom watched as she started to gain control of it.

"Did she get it faster than you?" Robin asked curiously. Phantom looked at him and smiled.

"Once I figured out what was going on, I got it in about thirty minutes without a problem, but it took me three days to figure out what was going on. I didn't have anyone to train me, or teach me about my powers," Phantom explained as Dani appeared in front of him again and hugged him around the neck again. He tensed, but just hugged her back again. She felt him slightly shaking, but his stubbornness to not ask her to stop was there as well.

"Is Phantom okay?" M'gann whispered as they entered the Bioship. Phantom was following his cousin and Robin slowly.

"He'll be fine," Aqualad said sternly. "We need to get ready. I'm guessing we now have an even number since Danielle is coming." Artemis smiled and shot a look at Kid Flash who was glaring at the girl.

"She had to have cheated. There is no way she could have won like that," Kid Flash mumbled angrily. Artemis laughed while Aqualad quietly watched Phantom stumbled up the steps of ship.

"I hope he'll be fine at least," Aqualad whispered as Phantom disappeared into the door. M'gann sent a worried look to the door to the area they were in.

"You think he's ready?" she asked as Robin appeared in the doorway with Danielle bouncing at his heels then suddenly disappearing and appearing right to him. Robin looked at her weird while Phantom walked in. He wasn't stumbling anymore, but he seemed frightened of something.

"I don't know, but I really hope he's going to be okay with this. I would hate to have to leave him in the ship while we go in," Aqualad explained looking back over the clouds as they headed out. M'gann gave the ship coordinates, and then Dani suddenly appeared in front of them.

"Sorry," she exclaimed as she disappeared again. Kid Flash just blinked confused as to what happened. He turned and seen Phantom explain teleporting to her.

"She's developing just like Phantom," he mused. Superboy watched her hug Phantom, and Phantom tense. He looked down feeling sad that Superman never really felt right about it. Here was Phantom and his clone, and she was acting as family. He felt slightly jealous, and yet oddly fond of Phantom for loving her. She didn't have anyone, and he didn't want to be cloned, but he still protected her.

"Well, at least he cares," Superboy muttered darkly. Everyone in the area just looked at him and then back out the front window not wanting to bring up what he was thinking. M'gann looked sadly at him as they started their descent. Dani appeared a couple more times with a huge grin on her face.

"Alright, we need to get in there and get out as fast as possible," Aqualad ordered looking over the building. Phantom stood by a window and stared out at the ground nervously. Robin smiled and put a hand on Phantom's shoulder. Phantom tensed but otherwise remained motionless.

"Come on, we need to go," Robin whispered walking around Phantom. Dani appeared next to him and took his hand.

"Let's do this," she encouraged dragging him out of the ship, and he grinned as she stopped in front of Aqualad who was afraid to even know why she was grinning in the first place. When he looked at Phantom though, he couldn't be more relived to know that the hybrid could at least still have some fun even if it meant getting your shoulder dislocated by his female clone.

"Alright, we need four teams to scout out the area," Aqualad started. "M'gann, you and Danielle take the south end. There's water at the end and open field, and you both can turn invisible. Superboy, you and Phantom will be going to the west end. There's plenty of cover, and in case anything pops out, you have Phantom." Superboy looked at the hybrid who seemed sad about being split from Danielle, but he didn't say anything since he wanted to talk to Danny about a couple things with the whole clone thing. "Kid Flash, you and Artemis take the north side. There's high ground and the forest isn't as dense. Robin you're with me on the east end. M'gann set up our communication."

"Huh?" Danielle asked looking as M'gann closed her eyes and focused on getting everyone on the link. Phantom flinched as she got in, and then Dani felt her poking around and get in.

"Telepathic, it's safer than mics since it can't be disconnected as easily," M'gann explained to Dani as she got everyone back on the link.

"Epic," Dani thought as everyone was finally connected. Phantom held his head and backed into Superboy.

"Phantom, you okay?" M'gann asked worriedly. Phantom shook his head.

"Get out," he growled out, and M'gann cut off connection with him. He fell to the ground breathing hard. Everyone looked at the hybrid confused.

"What's wrong?" Dani asked running up to her cousin. Phantom looked up at her and tried to smile.

"Nothing, just a headache, maybe I'll just stay out of the link," he suggested looking at Superboy. "I'll be fine with Superboy telling me what's going on." Aqualad nodded.

"Just be careful and try not to hurt yourself," Aqualad ordered sending everyone off. Danielle took a quick look at Phantom before following M'gann. Superboy helped Phantom up.

"You sure you can handle it?" Superboy asked as they started walking to their side. Phantom looked up at him and smiled slightly.

"Yeah, I'll be fine," Phantom whispered walking behind Superboy and making sure to not trip on anything.

"Why were you stumbling earlier?" Superboy asked looking back at Phantom and slowing down as they came up to their channel.

"I'm not very coordinated enough to walk a straight line yet," Phantom answered. Superboy watched as he started flying next to him. "I'm not sure why it's so hard to keep walking, but I'll work on it later. We should pick up the pace." Superboy watched as Phantom gently glided over the trees, but he could see that Phantom was off balance. Something was bothering him, and Superboy wasn't going to let him fight if he wasn't at his top.

"Phantom," Superboy called jumping farther to catch up. "We're almost there, hold it for a moment." Phantom slowed down as they arrived to a cleared area that had a helicopter in it.

"Whoa," Phantom whispered landing softly. He never stumbled or seemed off now, and Superboy had a feeling he had thoughts in his head that were bothering him. That's why he had a headache when M'gann had set up the link. He couldn't think with it, and he needed time to just think about whatever it was going on in his head. "This isn't supposed to be here…" Phantom began only to stop seeing the name on the side of the copter.


"No," Phantom whispered backing back into Superboy. Superboy stopped him from falling to the ground.

"That's Masters?" Superboy asked figuring it out. DALV was Vlad spelled backwards. Bad guys are so predictable.

"Yes, but I thought this had nothing to do with the case," Phantom whispered getting his feet back under him. "I was ready for this until that. I don't think I'm ready for facing them entirely yet." Superboy took Phantom back into the forest.

"Just breathe while I tell the others," Superboy ordered as Phantom started to hyperventilate. "Guys, Masters is crashing in on our mission."

"Batman said he had nothing to do with this," Aqualad shot back confused. "How's Phantom doing?"

"He's okay, a little shaky, but I think he'll be fine," Superboy answered back as he took more of Phantom's weight. Superboy noticed that he was gaining weight back from being so overly thin for the past couple of weeks. Now he was filling back out and seemed good. "Phantom, you there."

"Yeah," Phantom mumbled trying to get his feet back under him again. He was thinking that this was set up. That maybe Plasmius had one more trick up his sleeve before he gave in. Phantom had this feeling of being watched ever since they landed, and it was driving him nuts.

"Danny," a distant voice called out sweetly. Phantom froze recognizing it.

"Do you think Phantom will be okay for this?" Artemis asked as she jumped down from the trees next to Kid Flash.

"I think that he just needs time to heal more," Kid Flash answered as they came up to a cliff.

"Guys, Masters is crashing in on our mission," Superboy came though. Artemis looked at Kid Flash worriedly.

"Do you still think Phantom's okay?" she asked sarcastically.

"As long as Phantom doesn't meet him face to face, he should be," Kid Flash said listening in more.

"Batman said he had nothing to do with this," Aqualad put in. Worry lanced his thoughts. "How's Phantom doing?"

"He's okay, a little shaky, but I think he'll be fine," Superboy answered him. Artemis glared at Kid Flash.

"I think we should head in closer to the building," she growled out trying to hide her worry. She had taken care of Phantom for a little bit during the night when he was recovering, but it worried her that he might be going back in recovery. He was sweaty and shaky when he was asleep, and it reminded Artemis of someone with cancer trying to get though the night, only the threat was in his head, not his body.

"You don't have to worry about him. He may still be somewhat unstable, but he's strong enough to know when to do his job," Kid Flash explained as they looked out over the compound. Masters walked out grinning talking to some guy dressed in a white suit reminding them of the Guy in White. Only difference here was that he had black pants and shirt on underneath with no tie.

"I think we have some bigger problems," Artemis whispered trying to get a better look.

"Danielle?" M'gann asked as the clone flew a little faster to catch up with her.

"Yeah?" Dani answered looking over the landscape. It had a peaceful feeling, but she felt something off.

"Do you know what may have happened back there with Phantom?" M'gann asked as they landed.

"I think he's worried about something, and he just can't think straight right now. You in his head wasn't helping, and he didn't think that would happen," Dani explained as they turned invisible when a couple trucks started going by.

"Oh I guess that makes sense," M'gann said as they headed to the compound. Danielle froze.

"Vlad's here," she whispered backing away and grabbing M'gann's arm. "We need to find Danny."

"Guys, Masters is crashing in our mission," Superboy's voice came into everyone's head. Dani looked worriedly at M'gann who looked just as concerned.

"Batman said that he had nothing to do with this," Aqualad's thoughts cut in. "How's Phantom doing?"

"He's okay, a little shaky, but I think he'll be fine," Superboy thought back. Dani looked at M'gann wanting to be with her cousin.

"We need to stay together just in case. Superboy is with him, and he won't let his partner down, okay?" M'gann comforted as they headed into the forest for some more cover. Dani just nodded shaking a little in worry for Phantom.

"Do you think Phantom's alright?" Robin asked as they headed up the river towards the compound.

"I think he'll be okay, but honestly, if I could, I wouldn't have let him come," Aqualad said honestly. "I don't want him to be hurt, and the dangers of this could hurt him farther."

"I think if he was given the chance to really fight and prove himself, you would be amazed at what he can handle," Robin muttered thinking that Aqualad was still somewhat jealous of the hybrid.

"I never said that. He's already proved himself since he was pretty much dissected and still is willing to help," Aqualad shot back upset. Robin glared at him until they heard noise coming from their right.

"Quiet," Robin whispered jumping up into a tree as Aqualad used his powers to hide in the river. Two guys with guns walked out looking around.

"I thought I heard something out here," one growled glaring at everything. The partner just turned and walked not wanting to deal with him.

"Whatever," he muttered darkly disappearing into the wooded area. Aqualad came out as Robin jumped back down.

"That was close," Robin whispered.

"Guys, Masters is crashing in on our mission," Superboy's voice broke though their thoughts. Robin looked at Aqualad worried.

"Batman said that he had nothing to do with this," Aqualad thought back worried and confused. He looked back at where the guards had disappeared. "How's Phantom doing?"

"He's okay, a little shaky, but I think he'll be fine," Superboy thought back as Robin started heading closer to the base's compound unit. Aqualad stopped him.

"We can't, not yet, we have to make sure Phantom is okay," Aqualad said as they rounded another corner. A ghost appeared with a worried look on her face. She was pale with red brown hair and a teal jumpsuit similar to the one Phantom wore.

"Who are you?" Robin asked taking out the staff he had gotten from Phantom. The ghost smiled.

"I'm Maddie Fenton," the ghost replied then disappeared. The two boys looked at each other before taking off to where Phantom and Superboy were to be at. They were on the other side of the island.

"Mom," Phantom whispered looking around with wide eyes. He stood back up without help, and Superboy backed up at the alertness in Phantom's voice. Phantom started walking closer to where the sound had come from.

"Phantom, wait," Superboy called out running after the hybrid when he took off in a dead run. "Phantom," Superboy whispered as he stopped. A ghost was there standing in front to Phantom with a sadden look on her face.

"Danny," the ghost whispered reaching out to Phantom. Phantom backed a bit away but didn't take off. "I love you so much."

"Mom," Phantom murmured looking into the now glowing purple eyes. The ghost smiled.

"I wish that I had time enough to ask you some questions," Maddie whispered getting closer to Phantom. Phantom wanted to back away, but he felt as though if he did then he would lose his chance to speak to her again.

"I don't understand," Phantom whispered as Maddie reached him and put a gentle hand on his face. Phantom flinched at the touch. It was the same as when she was alive, but it was colder than his skin.

"There are some things you need to know," she whispered running her fingers over his face and then pulling him into a hug. "Oh, if I would have known that was going to happen, I would have stayed home. But I couldn't let you fight by yourself." Phantom pulled away and looked up at her.

"You knew?" he asked worriedly looking into her eyes. Tears never came down, but he could tell that if she could, then they would be flowing like a river.

"Yes, I had figured it out, and when you came home, I was going to talk to you about it," Maddie explained running her fingers though his hair. She noticed how soft his hair was in this form as well. "I wish I would have known sooner what was happening. Plasmius may have explained some of it, but I feel as though most of what he said was a lie." Phantom looked at her in fear.

"I don't know what he said," he whispered sadly. "I can't really remember much of what happened. I barely remember getting out of there." Maddie sighed figuring that much, and then she put her hands on his chest, and he took in a deep breath as the constant pain he had intensified. "Mom, what are you doing?"

"You were injured," she muttered sadly as she slowly reached for his neck. He reached up to stop her when his hands become restrained by purple energy. "And I know what happened that week you were gone, and I know who did it, and I know what you refuse to tell anyone. What they did, how they treated you, what they made you do, and what they wanted from you. What Masters had done that last day." Phantom struggled as she gently run her finger over his neck line. His burns from his human form began to appear, along with the pain. "Your pain is hurting you, Danny, from the inside to the outside."

"Mom, please stop," Phantom whispered as his eyes closed in pain. He suddenly changed in Fenton and there were no marks, no scars, and no pain. Danny opened his eyes to look at her.

"I'm sorry, but it'll heal faster," Maddie explained hugging him and releasing him from the bonds. Danny just stood there not sure what to do. "You're still a long way from being healed, and you have a long way to go before you can face Plasmius. You aren't okay, no matter what you tell everyone." Danny watched as she started to pull him closer to the compound. "Plasmius is here, and you can't leave until after he is gone." Danny closed his eyes trying to go ghost.

"Why can't I get to my powers?" Danny asked as she stopped behind a tree and looked over to the helicopter.

"It's healing your wounds," Maddie explained quickly. Danny looked at her confused. "It might take a couple hours, but eventually you'll have them back. The burns might still be there, but in a few days they should disappear as well. I was hoping to at least get your physical body healed so that you can work on your mental health. That's something almost impossible to heal completely, but without having you worrying about your wounds, it should help you heal faster."

"Why?" Danny asked wrapping his arms around himself. "Why come back now? I've been running for almost three months." Maddie turned to him sharply and suddenly, wrapped him in a hug.

"You need our help, and we are going to try our best to help you," Maddie explained pulling back a little. "We never were able to say good bye, and I couldn't leave it at that. None of us could. But we couldn't find you. You were everywhere and nowhere, and we couldn't keep up." Danny looked at her confused as the coldness began chilling him. He looked down terrified at what is going on. "You are still hurting from the past from what those men did to you, and what had happened, and you still aren't ready to completely move on. These people, and your clone can help you."

"I don't…it's….I…can't do this," Danny whispered backing away from her. "I can't keep this up." Superboy walked behind him to keep him from bolting after he caught up to them.

"Danny, we're all here," he comforted as they heard the copter start. Maddie looked at it and growled.

"And no matter what happens, they will never get you again without a fight to the death," Maddie explained walking up to Danny once again. "I promise that. Your family will always be watching out for you, but they want to say goodbye first." Danny started shaking.

"Danny?" Superboy asked looking at the hybrid. He looked up at Maddie who kneeled down in front of the hybrid.

"Danny, it's okay. We're here for you, and we always will be. We have someone in our previous life to watch out for you," Maddie explained taking his face in her hands. She traced his features. "Destiny will be there when you need someone to talk to. She'll be there no matter what, and she'll be there when you need a mother. I may not be able to be there anymore, but my best friend will be. Don't lose her like I did. Please Danny, promise me that." Danny looked up at her uncertain. "Please, I can't stay here; forever, and I want you to have someone to look up to as a mother when you need one, and I trust Destiny."

"I promise," Danny mumbled getting up and standing on his own. "Now what?' Maddie backed away from him a little and smiled at him.

"Now, you go and make sure Destiny is safe," she whispered reaching out for his face again. "I can't believe this is happening."

"Neither can I," Danny murmured looking down. Maddie put her hand on his shoulder.

"You are still not trusting people completely as you should. You were like this before that week," Maddie started kneeling in front of him again to look into his and started playing with his hair. "You need to let that go and start trusting these heroes and Destiny. They will be there for you as they have been since you met. I have to go. Danny," she paused lifting his face to look at her. He had tears running down his face. "I love you, and I always will, remember that. Goodbye, Sweetie," she finished as she disappeared in a purple light. Superboy stood there the entire time unsure of what to do.

"Oh man," Danny groaned holding his chest as the tears came full force. "I miss you guys so much that it hurts." Superboy kneeled in front of him.

"Come on, we should start to head back, getting in there to see who owns this can wait a little bit," Superboy explained helping the hybrid to stand. Danny was shaking and moving slowly. Superboy stayed slightly behind him to make sure he didn't topple over. "Are you okay?"

"No," Danny whispered reaching out to where his mother once was. "I'm not."

"You really believe your son can save you?" Plasmius sneered as he picked up the container with hydrogen dioxide. "He can't save himself this time." Maddie screamed noticing what would happen when mixed with potassium. Added with the gasoline sitting next to it, everything was going to go up.

"NO," Maddie screamed once more only for Plasmius to slap her across the face. Jack growled glaring at his former friend.

"Don't you touch her," Jack yelled angrily lunging out for his weapon and hitting Plasmius in the head. Plasmius shot a blast at Jack's chest sending him across the room. Phantom looked up from his spot lying across the ground.

"You can't do anything anymore," Plasmius taunted standing straight up. "There is nothing left for any of you. Your time is up." Phantom changed in Fenton as Plasmius shot a blast at him sending him into the hallway letting the lockers toppled over him.

"No," Maddie screamed as she watched her son disappeared under the metal. Tears formed in her eyes as Plasmius laughed insanely.

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