Based on the concept of "The Addams Family". Just a quick thing for now, I don't know how many shots it'll be or even if it'll turn into a full-on story or anything. If so, I'll plan/organize accordingly. Thanks and enjoy.

The Ryan Family

Bryan Ryan (Gomez Addams): The head of the household; husband of Sue and father of Rachel and Kurt. He is very wealthy due to investments, inheritance, and most importantly his success in show business. Bryan has a "ghoulish" sense of humor and raised his children with his "family values" as well. He is originally of Castilian origin, making his son and daughter French and Castilian.

Sue Ryan (Morticia Addams): Originally, her surname was "Sylvester" before she married Bryan, and loves him with the same grim passion that he loves her. Also like her husband, she believes in the family values of "family first, family last, and family by and by". She is originally of French origin, therefore her children are French and Castilian. Sue has a pet mouse-eating plant named Cleopatra.

Rachel Ryan (Wednesday Addams): The daughter of Bryan and Sue, Rachel and her brother both inherited her father's love of performance. She has the most outward need to physically harm other people of anyone in the family, often attempting to kill her brother for no reason. As a child, she beheaded her Barbie dolls for fun. She has a pet spider named Homer.

Kurt Ryan (Pugsley Addams): The youngest of the Ryan family, he was taught to endure all the craziness around him. His sister often tried to kill him in their childhood, which he viewed as fun and games. He is thought of as the most "normal" of his family, but shows a great interest when his grandmother teaches him and his sister about has witchcraft, potion making, and fortune telling. Like his sister and father, he loves to sing, dance and act. He has a pet lizard named Aristotle.

Uncle David (Uncle Fester): He is the bumbling, stuttering brother of Bryan. Although his traits would make him seem awkward, he has many women around him all the time due to his good looks. David carries an electrical charge and can turn on a light blub by putting it in his mouth.

Grandmama (Grandmama Addams): The old, ex-Nazi-hunter mother of Sue. She spends her time making potions, telling fortunes, trying to practice witchcraft, and summoning the Ryan family ancestors, the last of which she teaches her grandchildren.

Brad (Lurch): The silent butler of the family. He serves them as a normal butler would, though he has not taken up the dark views of the Ryan family. He plays the piano in order to accompany Bryan, Rachel, Kurt, or all of them when needed.


"I can't believe we left New York!" Rachel moaned. Kurt sighed, rolling his suitcase into their new house, and looked around. His sister had been droning 'I can't believe we left New York!' since they got on the plane to come to Ohio, and all through the drive from Columbus to Lima.

"Oh, come on!" Kurt said to his sister, who walked into the house after him. "I know Lima's no NYC, but it can be just as terrible here, too! I mean…people can be cut-throat and cruel everywhere, right?"

"Don't try to put a miserable spin on it, Kurt," His sister retorted. "We're going to have to deal with that – that lovable Midwestern charm…" she fake-gagged dramatically and Kurt did the same, realizing that – unfortunately – the people here would be perfectly civil

"Okay, kids!" Their father announced walking in with their mother, both of them with even more suitcases. "The master bedroom belongs to your mother and I, and your Uncle and Grandmama are already setting up in their rooms, so that makes three left. One goes to each of you, and the last to Brad, so go kill each other for the best one!" At the words 'go kill each other', Rachel squeaked:

"So…you're giving me back my homicide privileges?"

"As long as you don't misuse them again, then yes," their mother said. "But what did we say about trying to literally kill your brother?"

"Family members are not victims…" Rachel deadpanned, blinking her big eyes. "So can I have my crossbow back? Please?"

"It's packed, Rachel, we'll get it to you later," Bryan told his daughter. "Now go pick your rooms so I can be alone with your mother!"

"Great, thanks…" Rachel droned as she and Kurt raced up the stairs. "I'm so glad I know that!" The siblings made it up the stairs, and after a quick examination of the second floor, both knew that the room at the end of the hall was clearly the largest. They both zoomed down the hall, and slammed into the door at exactly the same time, both Kurt and his sister flying into the large soon-to-be bedroom.

"I got here first!" He shouted. "It's my room!"

"No, it's mine!" His sister yowled. "If you don't just suck it up – because I got here first – I'll electrocute you again!"

"Mom!" Kurt yelled to his mother downstairs. "Rachel said she'd electrocute me again!"

"What did we just agree on, young lady?" Sue's voice boomed.

"Sorry, Mom!" Just then, their grandmother sluggishly moved in between the two children. She looked at both of them, then slowly mewed:

"Shall we consult the ancestors about this?"

"No need, Grandmama, Kurt can have it," Rachel said, and started to walk down the hall.

"Don't talk like that to me!" Kurt quipped after her.

"Like what?"

"Nice!" He barked. "Don't be nice to me!"

"Well…I'm not sorry!"

"That's more like it, sis," Kurt said, just before shutting his new bedroom door. "That's more like it."

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