Sorry I had to abbreviate please to plz, but I was running out of characters.

Also, the Hunters of Artemis are not the same as they were in PJO. Assume they all quit and were replaced.

Chapter One

Katniss Everdeen awoke to a noise in the corner of the room. Was it her sister, Prim? She turned in the direction she had heard to noise from, and was surprised to find several young women.

She did a double take. There were about a dozen of them. They all carried bows and arrows. One of them stepped forward, and Katniss assumed ahe was the leader.

"Am I dreaming?" Katniss asked out loud.

The young woman smiled at this. She had long, brown hair and brown eyes. She looked older than the other girls.

"Hello, Katniss."

"Um… Hi."

"We are the Huntresses."

"Why are you here?"

"Recently, one of our best has been caught flirting with a boy."

At this, the group groaned as if their leader had said that one of their best had been caught eating cow poop.

"This has been happening way too often lately. We are having trouble finding suitable replacements. Archery, unfortunately, is becoming a thing of the past, along with our dear Camp Half-Blood."

By that point, Katniss pretty much accepted that she was dreaming. She decided to go with the flow.

"What is Camp Half-Blood?" she asked.

"A summer camp for demigods."

Katniss had heard the words 'summer' and 'camp', but never like that. And she most certainly had never heard the word demigods. Usually, she only used the word god in its singular form, but she knew ancient people believed in many gods.

"Who are you?" she asked.

"My name is Artemis."

"Artemis?" It sounded vaguely familiar.

"Goddess of hunting and young girls. These are the Huntresses, as I have mentioned."

"What do you want to do? Why do you need me?"

"You are a huntress, are you not?"

"Well, I wouldn't call myself a huntress, exactly. My family needs food, and I supply it."

"Would you like to join us in the hunt?"

"Of course not. I have a family to take care of. I also have a reaping to attend."

"Katniss, there is something you need to know about today. Don't ask me how I know, but if you attend that reaping today, you will be a tribute tomorrow."

"Is that a threat? Or can you guys predict the future as well as invade people privacy?"

"How dare you call us guys!" shouted one of the huntresses.

"Katniss," said Artemis. "Let us show you what we are talking about."

The Huntresses suddenly disappeared, as quickly as they had appeared. This time, they took Katniss with them.

As she looked around, she found herself on a capitol street block. Not far ahead was the president's mansion. The Huntresses began to walk toward it, giving Katniss no choice but to follow them.

When they arrived at the front gate, a tall, muscled Peacekeeper came to greet them.

"Capitol, district, or demigod?"



Artemis showed a small, silver square that looked like a credit card. The man swiped it through a machine, which beeped.

"Come," he said, and they followed him into the building.

He showed them an empty wall. Artemis waved her card in front of it, and it became a large door. It opened, and the Huntresses walked in, followed by a very confused Katniss.

The small, blocky room they entered appeared to be an elevator. However, it had only one button. That button was UP. Artemis pressed it, and Katniss immediately felt a jolt as they started the journey skyward. Katniss realized she had a brief window of time, so she opened her mouth to protest when suddenly, the doors opened.

Every thought in Katniss's head was replaced by: Wow. She knew it wasn't a dream because her subconscious did not have the imagination. Mankind did not have the imagination to even begin to imagine a place like this.

"It's not as grand as it used to be," said Artemis. "The minor gods have all moved to the Capitol, and the nymphs have tried to salvage what is left of the wilderness that humans did not already destroy. But the Olympians remained, as they always will."

Katniss was at a loss for words. This place made the Capitol look like District 12. It made District 12 look like- well, you really can't go lower than district 12, so it made district 12 look like district 12. But more so.

Yet it was not man-made. It was not shiny in a technological way, it was not the future, nor was it the past. It was nature, with tall trees and beautiful, bubbling creeks. It teemed with life, not of it supernatural, but all of it immortal. The immortal goldfish didn't even poop. Katniss didn't know this, of course. But to anybody who has ever owned a goldfish, the worst thing a goldfish can do is poop or die. These goldfish did neither.

"Imagine this, Katniss. This place is beautiful and amazing, but it also has a dark, sinister side. Imagine a resident of this place, a god. Imagine a creature that is all-powerful over the humans, yet they still breed with them. Two species that should never have been together. The child of this was called a demigod, and it used to be common practice. Now imagine a place where they are all corralled in, to train and become heroes. Imagine a hero, Katniss. Imagine a heroine. These heroes and heroines fates became intertwined with the gods, and the gods grew rather attached to their demigods, and mankind."

"Is that what a demigod is? An angel?"

Artemis smiled. "An angel? No. Far from it. Humanity seems to be the dominant gene, especially since all of today's human are at least 25% god."


"The gods care. When humanity was dying, they helped out. Almost every newborn child was a demigod, or a child of one and the parent of another. Nowadays, 'demigod' is just a catch-all term for any godhuman things."

"I'm a demigod?"

"Yes. You've got a lot of me in you, but I see you have seem Zeus and Apollo too. Definitely no Aphrodite."

"How did you know I was going to be a tribute?"

"We used to have an oracle, but she died. That energy got passed on to my huntresses, but there are no prophecies anymore. Just the occasional vision. It' s a lot different, and we need exactly the right number of huntresses to manage it. Even with one less girl, it's already becoming harder."

"So, you want me to join your group?"

"That's right, Katniss. Either way, you abandon your family, tribute or huntress. At least this way they will know that you lived."

Katniss thought about it.

"So what do you say?" asked Artemis.

Peeta Mellark sat straight up in his bed. Today was the day of the reaping. An image flashed in front of his eyes. A gold pin. He took out a piece of paper and started to write.

When his father woke up, he found Peeta sound asleep in his bed, next to a drawing of a girl with long brown hair.

Plutarch Heavensbee had had some doubts recently about his position as head Gamemaker. More than doubts, in fact. Plutarch had had a full on revelation.

His phone rang. A woman's voice was barely audible through the static.

"Hello, Plutarch," she said. "Let's talk about you joining the rebellion."

It was the morning of the reaping, and Haymitch was drunk, as usual. It was all Effie could do to drag him out of bed.

"Come on, Haymitch," she said in a thick capitol accident. "We could really win this year."

"I think she'll do well this year, Effie," he said in a surprisingly sober voice.

"Who?" asked Effie?

"The girl who was on fire."

Primrose Everdeen was having a dream. She was being chased by a monster with a stick. Suddenly it evaporated, and Prim woke up. But not before she heard a voice.

"Primrose Everdeen!" It was as clear as day. Despite the apparent cheeriness, this was a voice of death.


"Are you okay, sweetie?"

"Yeah, I think so. It was just a nightmare."

"Feel better, honey."

"I will."

And may the odds be ever in my favor, thought Prim.

"What do you say, Katniss?" repeated Artemis.

"Okay. I'll join."

And the course of history was changed.

Just like that.