*The Two Cowgirls*
Mallory loves heartland. She wasn't quite sure what is the drew her but she simply couldn't stay away. Was it the green meadows that seemed to roll on for miles? Maybe it was her loving and gentle horse Copper. Perhaps it was the sweet smell of the hay and feed. It could even be the love that came from the members of the Bartlett-Fleming family. Mallory loved all these things but deep down she knew the real reason she loved heartland. It was Amy. Amy was the "horse whisper" of the area. She had a reputation for being able to fix any horse and knowing no fear.

The first time Mallory laid her eyes on Amy and her beautiful honey-blonde hair, and shimmering blue eyes, Mallory knew she felt something special for Amy but she never revealed her true feeling to anyone not even her diary. Amy was like a big sister that Mallory desperately wanted. It was quite lonely being an only child but Mal knew she wanted more than just companionship from her fellow cowgirl. She wanted a romance. Mal could live in a fantasy world and pretend that one day Amy would discover her true feelings and the two will ride off into the sunset together and live happily ever after.

That was until HE showed up. Ty Borden. He was assigned to work at heartland as a deal for his probation and had swept Amy off her feet. Mallory knew it was love for the two because they look at each other the same way Mal looks at Amy. Mal had eventually moved past the pain and now was as close with Ty as she was with everyone else at the ranch. They became very close after a certain turn of events. This is where our story begins.