A/N: I've found that this series has taken all my attention and wont give it back, lol. The ideas have seriously flown like water and all that's left to do is match up the words. I thought I'd play around with the writing style and see what happens, I like description but I don't like when it's so detailed that it's nearly cemented so I'll probably leave some things a little more open so you can paint the picture for yourself and have it more personalized for what you'd like to see. Also the angst in this one will probably be kicked up a notch and the story line rating might border on the heavier side of T. Finally, this story was inspired by some personal situations I've gone through and some very similar emotions I've felt, it wont be me rewriting my life story and just ranting but I do tend to have trouble writing happy when it comes to these two and I don't know how things will end yet. I don't like planning stories because then I get bored and wont write them so we'll just have to see where it goes together but I will try for a decent ending or at least not a heartbreaking one. Now on to the story and to an Easter done Leverage style, or at least a Spencer- Ford style, lol (I don't believe Eliots last name is really Spencer but for the purpose of this story it will be.)

Resurrected Secrets

Chapter One

"I've got a place I found that I wanna take you to but we'd have to leave Monday to make it for the cut off on the 10th." Nate informed reading from his computer. Eliot wouldn't change his mind about visiting his sister but that didn't mean he had changed his about them taking a vacation, he just had to work the visit to Oklahoma into the equation.

"Where d'ya wanna go that has a cut off date?" Eliot was about fifteen minutes away from his sisters house.

"That's not important, I just need to know if you wanna go or not."

"I don't know Nate, I'll see if Sarah gives me credit for showing up a day early. I know I've gotta go to church with them first thing in the mornin' but I don't know when Aarons showing up so I have to stay until then. After that I'll try and get away but I wanna spend some time with the midgets, I wont get to see them again for another eight months at least." He really did enjoy spending time with his family but it was hard staying close when you needed a certain distance to keep them safe from your secrets.

"So was that a yes?" Nate was hoping he'd be able to make the reservations he wanted.

"Nate I gotta go, I'm outside of Sarahs now and it looks like Aarons already here. Just call me on Monday and we'll figure it out."

"Monday will be-", but he didn't get the chance to finish as his phone started beeping signaling the call had been disconnected. "to late." Hanging up his phone Nate also closed his laptop, Eliot knew he hated being hung up on like that yet he did it anyway. That was it he had a bag to pack, Eliot was going to be getting more than a call come Monday.


"El !" Aaron greeted pulling the door open. "You're actually here!"

"I said I'd be." Eliot lightly pushed his brother before pulling him into a hug. "So when do I meet this girl of yours?"

"Whenever she gets back." Aaron shut the door walking back to the living room, Eliot following.

"Where'd she go?"

"With Sarah and the kids to get groceries, apparently all the food in the kitchen isn't enough for tomorrow." Aaron sat back down next to Pete.

"No, they went looking for tonights dinner because everything in the kitchen IS for tomorrow." Pete corrected greeting Eliot with a pat to the back.

"At least ya know you're going to be eating good." Eliot sat on the arm of the couch not really interested in the golf game they had playing. "How's work been going Aaron?"

"Slow right now. We've been working on a bank that's going up where the old post office was and this summer we got a big contract to do a personally designed ranch house. We haven't come up with the final design though, the woman is a perfectionist and has been hasling us about everything from the windows to the placement of the toilets." Aaron sighed rolling his eyes.

"Sounds like a real witch. You should tell her to call a plumber if she wants to talk toilets." Eliot said smirking as his brother laughed.

"I swear she thinks I'm a designer, I try talking to her about wall placement and she starts going off about wall paper."

"Things like that make me glad I don't have to work with others all day. Me, the computers, and the cars understand eachother just fine." Pete bragged, he was an automotive designer.

"Have you done any bikes lately?" Eliot was always interested in the motorcycles Pete worked on.

"No but I did help out on the body of a racer, the end product was real sleek. It's the only race car I've seen lately that has such a classic structure, it left the shop a roarin' beauty." Pete spoke clearly proud of his work.

"In other words it was a neon mess like any other nascar." Aaron jabbed.

"Says the man who got his last paycheck from McDonalds." Pete sent right on back.

"McDonalds?" Eliot had obviously missed something.

"Yeah, we just got done putting up a new one over on Wilmington, but I take offence to that Peter." Aaron mocked hurt.

"And you?" Pete ignored Aarons dramatics trying to see if Eliot would share anything.

"Things have been boring lately." Eliot was only half lying. They were asking about his work and he hadn't done a job since the beginning of November, at least not with the team.

"OH come on Eliot, that's vague even for you. How do you expect us to know what's boring if we don't even know what you've been doing." Aaron complained. He knew Eliot didn't like to share his life, maybe he thought he'd disappoint them or worse yet that they would judge him but that didn't mean he didn't have the right to know somethings.

"The last job I did was for an agriculture company. They asked me to check the systems, find the flaws in their security." And it was not a lie. He did find the flaws in their security when they helped that girl with her potato and potatoes were agriculture and the job was done in that company so it was totally the truth.

"Wow that does sound boring." Pete agreed.

"I told you, I'm really not all that interesting." Eliot added liking the disinterest Pete was showing.

"Well what else have you been up to?" Aaron wasn't detured.

"I was in Colorado last week, saw a few friends. Talked about some work possibilities." If Aaron wanted details he would give them. He had once talked his way out of an enemies base camp with fifteen different guns pointed at him, surely he could make his brother happy without lying.

"Are you out of work?" Pete would gladly give his brother-in-law a hand if he needed it.

"No, I'm just thinking about changing scenery. I've been up east for a while now and I think I might wanna switch the pace." And that was true too. Eliot enjoyed helping others and he would never leave the team permanently but he couldn't help that whisper in the wind that seemed to wanna drag him away.

"That's the country blood in ya'. I feel the same way sometimes, where you just wanna up and leave and forget about everything else." Pete shared.

"You better not." Aaron said sternly, completely serious.

"You hurt Sarah by leaving and I'll make sure it hurts when you're leaving." Eliot threatened. That was his baby sister and her feelings were not to be messed with.

"Oh come on you guys, you know I'd never leave Sarah let alone the kids." Pete wasn't sure how serious they were but the two were intimidating on their worst days and scary as hell on their good ones.

"So while we're on the subject of women why don't you tell me about Ashlee." Eliot took the heat off of Pete, he was a good guy he just tended to speak first, think later.

"I'll let Ashlee do that herself, but since we are on the subject of women tell me about yours." Aaron moved to the chair where it would be easier to ask his questions.

"I don't-"

"Don't even say it. Ever since I can remember you've had yourself a girl, infact there isn't a time I can think of that you haven't so spill."

Now what was he supposed to do? He didn't want to lie to his brother but Nate was most definately not a girl and he wasn't ready and didn't know if he ever would be ready for the I might not be completely straight conversation with his siblings. "Yeah I've been seeing someone."

"Is that all you're gonna say?" His brother could be so frustrating.

"What else is there to say?" Besides the fact that the girlfriend they thought he had was actually a boyfriend.

"What she looks like, where you met her, details." Pete wanted to know this too and if it was anything good he was sure he'd be sharing with Sarah.

"Tall, pretty blue eyes, dark wavy hair. We met on a job I took and we ended up workin' together, we've worked together a few more times after that." Eliot offered only describing neutral attributes.

"What does she do?" Aaron wasn't sure what to think of a girl that was as free as his brother that she ended up with some of the same jobs, especially since he rarely did anything other than construction or security.

"Insurance." Nate might not have been in that exact type anymore but he did insure their clients, sometimes it was with nothing more than hope but that was better than nothing.

"What's with the one word answers?"

"What's with the twenty questions?" Eliot threw right back at his brother.

"Fair enough," Aaron conceided. "but if you do get that work you were looking for in Colorado is she going with you?"

"I don't know." And he didn't, he had already let Nate know that he would stick with him and stand by him through every decision he made whether it bring heaven or hell, but did Nate feel the same? If he chose to up and leave everything tomorrow would Nate even consider going with?

E/N: I'm going to try for happy but as you've seen that's difficult for me, Eliots birthday: supposed to be simple dinner date fluff? I got bored and kidnapped Nate. Nates rescue party: I got bored and threw a gynormace wrench in it. Valentines? Got Eliot captured and roughed him up a bit. I'll try working on that but who knows. I'd love to hear what you thought about the start, good, bad? Any opinions are appreciated, THANKS FOR READING!