Only a matter of time chapter five, where am I?

Jasmine groggily opened her eyes hoping that what had happened was a dream, she wasn't hoping she was praying, wishing, but wishful thinking leads to bad things because it was no dream, she was in a dark cell, no windows. The floor felt damp and dirty, of course she thought, this is the shadow lords prison most likely, placing her hand on her swollen belly she began to cry silently, crying for herself, crying for her child, crying for her friends but mostly, crying for Lief, her husband, the man she had loved so dearly, now she thought she would never see him or Doom, her father, ever again.

After what felt like hours to Jasmine the cell door opened and in walked Dain, a grey guard and a mysteries figure, guessing thought Jasmine was the shadow lord, here we go, my death, well let's hope its quick, no why would it be quick this was the shadow lord, known for ruling lands by terror. She decided to be brave and face her fate.

"Well well well little queen, come for a little visit" said the Shadow lord sneering,

"Actually no, I was forced by your little friend" She pointed at Dain.

"Yes, let's get on with business, it's pretty obvious that you are with child and that I'm going to kill you, so I will leave those out, I have two other things to say, one you were part of the three who freed deltora, am I wrong my dear" wordless Jasmine said nothing" I thought so, two, your little husband of yours will for sure come looking for you, wanting to save his beloved wife and their child, You shall be bait then I can kill you and your baby, and the king, three birds one stone" He started to laugh but had to stop to gasp for air.
And for the first time Jasmine smiled" You are not what you seem shadow lord, for I can see you are weak and losing your power, how will you be able to kill my husband, you are so powerless, you lie, you can barely say a word without stuggerling, how amusing, the shadow lord, dying right in front of me, and he says he is going to kill me" she said.

"How dare you talk to my master in that way" Dain shouted and slapped her across the face.

"That is enough" the Shadow Lord said, "You will be used as bait, clear are we done, good I need rest"

"My master, follow me" said the grey guard walking out, the Shadow lord very close behind, Dain took one more look at Jasmine then walked out, slamming the door, leaving Jasmine in a dark, lonely, sad place.

Placing her hand once again on her belly she cried her heart out, she cried for at least five hours, when there was nothing left to cry about she whispered over and over "Lief do come for me, live your life, do not come for me, Please" just hoping that somehow he could hear her.

Lief sat with his head in his hands, thinking about his wife when he was sure he heard her voice " Do not come for me, its is a trap, do not come for me please, the belt, your life is more important"

" I will find you Jasmine I promise, soon you will be back in my arms again" he was hopeful but he also knew there was a chance that he would not survive.

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