Author's Notes: Written for the February 16th Prompt of the Day on Hogwarts Online II – "Secret Affections".

Warnings: incestuous implications.


Druella thought herself a capable woman, a woman who understood herself. Perhaps she was not the strongest of women – she was a little frail, a little slow, not the image of feminine strength growing ever more popular among the masses as she aged. But she did not feel that she was weak.

Except with Abraxas.

She had desired him from the day she laid eyes upon him, when she had been Elisabeth's matron of honour. She had stared at the groom from across the sanctuary and he had looked back, and Druella knew from that moment that she loved him.

Never before had Druella considered herself a jealous woman – why should she be, when she knew herself superior to all the others? But she was sickened with jealousy that Elisabeth could have Abraxas Malfoy while she could not. She forced her sweetest smile onto her face when she waved the married couple off, but frowned and shied away from Cygnus for days afterward.

When Abraxas returned, Druella made an effort not to show her feelings. She kept her secret affection for him hidden away, so that it could not be used against her – because she knew, all too well, that if she let others see how she loved him, it would ruin everything.

But then, there had been that night in Spain. Cygnus had left Druella and their two young daughters in Abraxas's care while he – Cygnus – returned to England on business.

It had been stupid, Druella knew. There had been shreds of romance between them for years, flirtations when their spouses looked away, occasional kisses snatched between parties, longing looks shared between them when there was no one to see. But neither of them had ever imagined…

Druella never told anyone that she carried Abraxas's baby. She never let anyone know that the beautiful, precious daughter she bore, the little lady who she took such pride in, was not her husband's child. Druella adored the little shred of Abraxas in her littlest girl, and she would not let a word be said against her. Her quiet romance with Abraxas continued, though she never came to his bed again for fear of bearing another Malfoy-child. It seemed that no one would ever care enough to realize how telling the looks of the youngest Black were.

It didn't matter, Druella told herself. It didn't matter that her third daughter was not that of her husband. No one would care, save for Cygnus, who didn't even suspect.

It didn't matter until it came time to arrange a marriage for little Narcissa.

Druella cried into Abraxas's arms when she realized that there was only one man who her youngest daughter could be married to without raising questions. She had never felt so weak or helpless as she did when it was decided that Narcissa should marry Lucius.

Never would Druella have imagined that her secret affections, and the one time she had truly indulged them, lead to a girl marrying her half brother.