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"Why the hell does a place like this have to have so many damn tricks?" Vaan complained, tired of constant running and fighting and retracing steps. "And what are we even going to find anyway?"

"Just be patient Vaan. We wouldn't be here if it didn't have potential," Balthier explained, looking at a map riddled with red lines. A few weeks back in Old Arcades, the group had stumbled across an elderly man who many years ago came into possession of a map of the Palace Cave that led to a great treasure hidden in a hidden room that could only be accessed by changing the course of the waterfalls. Luckily that was all displayed on the aged pages, but it did take quite a long time. But Balthier, Fran, and Vaan really couldn't resist the temptation. They were sky pirates after all, at least Vaan thought he was.

"It is as the man said it would be. The falls have shifted their course," Fran remarked as they walked back to where they had first started. Sure enough as the old man had promised, a elaborately designed door stood where the cascading waters once were. Balthier gave a victorious smirk. He did like it when things worked out.

"Alright, Fran, let's go." Fran nodded and followed behind the man, her bow in hand. Vaan followed after him, eager to get a share of his own. Ashe, Basch and Penelo stayed back, not wanting to spoil the pirates' fun. It wasn't until they reached the door that the two noticed Vaan looking excitedly at their side, like a puppy ready to be fed.

"I do believe your tail is showing," Balthier joked, pushing open the iron doors. Vaan cocked his head to the side, very much like a dog, not getting what Balthier meant. Fran rolled her eyes and tightened her grip on her bow. If there was treasure, chances are something protected it. Even when the doors were open and nothing but a coffer in the center of the large was visible, she was wary. It could be hiding and waiting. Experience told them pair that these things were highly possible.

Vaan, however, did not have such experience. The moment the doors were open and the coast looked clear enough, Vaan rushed it desperate to be the first to find what was in the chest, what had been so hard to obtain.

"Vaan!" Balthier shouted, wishing the boy wasn't such a fool. The older man tried to grab him by the wrist but was a second too late to catch him. His hand balled into a fist, Balthier had no choice but to quickly chase after him. The last thing he wanted was to have the idiot killed by his own stupidity. Fran followed just behind.

"You two worry too much," Vaan laughed when Balthier caught up to him. The older pirate wondered if Penelo would let him get away with wringing his scrawny little neck. Trying to shake off his anger, both males turned their attention to the coffer. Vaan was about to open the lid when he heard the small click of Fran's heels and the stretching of her bowstring. Both turned around to see an enormous bat with gold wings and shining bright eyes swooping down from above. Fran quickly managed to shoot the creature with an arrow through its wing, but it still was quite strong enough to dive down to try and attack Vaan, its surprisingly large fangs bared and dripping with saliva and blood.

Balthier didn't have time to draw his gun from its holster on his thigh. A relatively reckless move, Balthier shoved the boy out of the way, sending the boy onto the ground. However, instead of latching onto Vaan's neck, the bat sank its fangs into his forearm.

The instant the creature's teeth sank in, he felt like he was about to vomit. He had been bitten and cut by all sorts of beasts, but this one had a surprisingly immediate sickening effect. The bat didn't stay latched on for two long. Fran managed to shoot a arrow right through its fragile skull. Balthier ripped the carcass off his arm and threw it onto the floor. Heavy streams of crimson blood streamed down from the deep wounds. He shot a sharp glare at Vaan who still looked dumbly up from the floor.

"This is why we don't rush in," Balthier growled, putting pressure on him arm to help stop the bleeding. He wanted to say some more about being careful and that things are guarded, but a spell of nausea washed over him.

"I do not think the boy was the only one who acted without thought," Fran commented with a slight smirk as she put her bow at her side and took a look at Balthier's arm. She was about to cast a cure spell when her ears twitched with annoyance as Vaan threw open the lid to the coffer. Balthier couldn't help but be a little eager as well to see what was inside, though the sudden dizziness made him regret moving his head, but when Vaan's bright face fell, so did his.

"A fucking Koga Blade?" Vaan gaped, holding the ninja blade in his hands. The group had at least three of the damn things.
"All that work for nothing," Balthier sighed, pulling back his sleeve so Fran could use her magic. The Viera looked equally disappointed. She looked down at the marks in Balthier's arm which was still bleeding quite a lot. They must have been deeper than she had thought. She muttered a spell under her breath and her hand glowed a soft green with mist, hovering it over the wounds. After a moment, she raised an eyebrow at the fact that the magic hadn't worked.

Vaan pocketed the blade and peeked at Fran's work. "It's not working?"

"I do not understand but these bites are immune to my mist," Fran said slowly, starting to worry slightly. She hadn't seen an injury that could not be healed, unless it was a fatal wound. The bites did not look fatal. "Balthier?"
Both the Viera and orphan noticed that the sky pirate was starting to sway, his skin pale and coated in sweat. He felt forward and was caught in Fran's arms. He was stating to shake badly.

"Balthier!" Vaan yelled, panic welling up in his chest. Even in battle, Balthier was never one to show pain so openly. But now his face was twisted in agony, his fingers scratching up Fran's dark arm. At the sound of Vaan's hollering, Ashe, Penelo, and Basch ran into the chamber. At the sight of Balthier slowly losing consciousness, expressing such pain for the first time, they ran up trying to grasp what had happened.

Burning. Pain. Nausea.

The entire room way spinning chaotically and he could feel his last meal violently trying to spew out. And his body, his entire body felt like it was on fire. It hurt, so much he could hardly take it. He'd probably shoot himself in the head if he could move his arm. His arm. It hurt, burned, scorching white hot. He saw red pouring out from it still, forming a puddle on the floor. Why wasn't Fran healing it? Why did it hurt? Why was it hurting. What was wrong with him. He couldn't hear the sound of his friends concern as his vision blurred and turned black. He could just tell that Fran had caught his overheated body in her arms.

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