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Once Upon A Time + Harry Potter AU Crossover

Disclaimer: I do not own Once Upon A Time or Harry Potter. I am only using them for entertainment purposes only.

Note: I have recently been addicted to the new TV series Once Upon A Time and currently there are not any good crossover with this new TV series and thought that I would give it a shot! I hope you enjoy it and tell me who you think Evelyn, female harry, should be paired up with. So send me a message about what pairing and I think about who she should paired up with.


Main Character

Evelyn Isa Potter

Basic Facts

Daughter of James Potter and Lily Potter nee Evans

Born on July 31st, 1978

Orphaned at the age of 1

Dumped on the doorstep of the Dursley's, relatives from her mother's side, on 1979.

Lived with the Dursley's til she was 8 before running away. Suffered extreme abuse by them.

Living on the streets for a year before she used her magic to apparated herself to America when she escaped from being beaten by thugs.

Ended up in New York before passing out and was found by an old man who took her in. ^hint^

Since living and moving around with her caretaker, she has learned about the supernatural and the World of Magic . Since coming into that knowledge, has been learning the art of old magic or sorcery and became a master of sorcery at the age of 15. She is the first Sorceress since Merlin's time. ^hint hint^

At age 18 joined the US Military Army and became a soldier where she went overseas.

Came back to the US in 2000 (age 22). Meet and became best friends with 18yr old pregnant Emma Swan.

Friends with Emma for nearly 10 years but went back overseas to help with the war in Iraq in 2003 before returning two years later and receiving a Bronze Star for her heroic act. ^hint hint^

Currently is living with Emma in Boston working as a Private Detective and Writer but she occasionally helps Emma with her Bonds when she has the time.


Evelyn has shoulder length black hair that is wavy and messy that gives her a soft but at the same time a hard look to her.

Emerald green eyes that many have described as hypnotic but at the same time have a hard edge to them, making them appear sharp and dangerous when she is angry or emotional.

Despite that she has the same skin tone as her mother, she is tan from spending many hours in the sun from her training in the army.

Adding to having her mother's facial features, she takes on more of her father's, especially his height. Thus she is taller them most women with a height of 5'11 and when in heels makes her very intimidating.

Also due to the fact that she has suffered abuse from her relatives, she has a varied of scars along her arms and especially her back but also due to her being in the army gives her another varied of scars from both times she served overseas.

She also has several tattoos on her person adding to her personality and appearance, but some of the tattoos that she has each a different meaning to them only known by her and Emma.


Abandoned and orphaned at the age of one Evelyn Potter's life has never been easy, until she was eight when she finally couldn't take anymore abuse from her so-called relatives – the Dursley's, and ran away. For a year she has been living off the street until an incident nearly cost it her life but at the same time brought salvation to the broken girl. Her magic brought her to safety in America where she meet an old man that became both her caretaker and father who taught her the one thing that check her sane and safe in all her nine years – Magic. Now nearly over two decades has passed since that faithful meeting and Evelyn has grown into a beautiful and strong women who has faced many battles and came through victorious but now she faces a new challenge – the appearance of her best friend, Emma Swan, 10-year old son. The son that her friend put up for adoption 10 years ago shows up at their doorstep looking for help to end a powerful curse that has been plaguing his hometown for years and saying that they only way to break that curse is her and Emma. Now she and Emma must help the ten year old boy break the curse that has been plaguing Storybrook, Maine and free everyone that is in it, but along the way Evelyn discovers something more as she begins to unravel secrets not only from within it's residents but also about herself.

(Harry Potter AU Crossover, Female Harry Potter)