Title: My Heart Will Go On

Summary: A retelling of "Titanic" starring Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy. Please note that some of the dialogue is taken directly from the movie in this chapter. Most of it actually, but that will change as the fic progresses.

Clouds of smoke rose high above the hundreds of people littered around a long pier, all of them in awe and wonder as they gazed up at the grandest ship in the world. RMS Titanic gleamed in the sunlight, the largest and most illustrious steamer in the world, as it waited for the masses to board her on the voyage to America. Crewmen moved across the deck, however they were dwarfed by the sheer size of the steamer. People of all colors and breeding stood on the pier, bidding farewell to their loved ones, clutching their children, and gathering their bags, worry and excitement evident on all their faces as they prepared to brave the new beginning in their lives. Amidst the crowds, a regal carriage was being pulled by two white horses. Many of the surrounding people stared as it stopped in front of the ship. The driver immediately stepped down and opened the jewel-incrusted door to reveal the four people inside. Lucius Malfoy, the wealthy aristocrat, lowered himself from the carriage, his cold wife, Narcissa, clinging to his arm. They were dressed in fine clothes and jewels, their wealth apparent. Behind, a tall young man followed them, his gray eyes viewing Titanic with cool appraisal. Draco Malfoy was the handsome heir and only son of the Malfoy patriarch and he did not seem impressed with the steamer in front of him. A smug young girl named Pansy Parkinson followed him. She had come from a moderate wealthy family and had been promised to Draco since birth. Though they were betrothed, Draco ignored her, not bothering to tolerate her presence, which he found insufferable.

"I don't see what the fuss is all about. It doesn't look any bigger than the Mauretania." He drawled. Pansy nodded importantly next to him.

His father chuckled coldly. "Don't be obtuse, Draco, Titanic is over a hundred feet longer than the Mauretania and far more luxurious."

"Your son is far too hard to impress, darling," Narcissa said smoothly, placing her hand on her husband's arm. She gazed up at Titanic, her blue eyes pleased. "So this is the unsinkable ship."

"God himself couldn't sink this ship." answered Walden Macnair as appeared from out of nowhere and sidled next to the Malfoy's, grinning toothily. He was Lucius' personal bodyguard and confidante and he went with them everywhere. He was a dour, unpleasant man and his eyes too often strayed to Draco's slim and lithe form. Immediately, the Malfoy heir held out his arm for Pansy and walked to stand closer to the ship, his eyes narrowed on Macnair. He would rather deal with his dim-witted fiancee than the cantankerous Macnair.

"Have our luggage taken care of, Walden," Lucius commanded as he veered his way throughout the crowd, Draco trailing behind his parents. "Do not linger, Draco."

With an imperceptible suffering sigh, Draco followed his parents up the gateway.

The same day, in a pub that faced the pier swarming with people, Harry Potter and Ron Weasley sat at a back table, eyes focused on the two men across from them. The air in the pub was smoky and cheery, but the tension at the table, where a poker game was progressing, was obvious. The two men muttered to each other in a foreign language as Ron and Harry exchanged a knowing glance. Harry Potter was a British drifter, tall and built, and an orphan since he was born. Ron Weasley, on the other hand, came from a family of six boys and one girl, and was merely looking to provide a steadier income for his poor family. In the middle of table where the four men were playing, however, was not only money, but two third class tickets for the RMS Titanic.

"Alright, men," Harry said seriously, his eyes betraying nothing. "This is the moment of truth... somebody's life is about to change."

Ron looked at Harry with contrition and set his cards down. "Sorry, mate."

The foreigners lay their cards down as one of them, Sven, looks almost hopeful.

"Two pair, Sven?" Harry commented. He bit his lip and stared at Ron. "I'm sorry, Ron..."

"Harry, that was all the money I had." Ron began to moan, but was cut off as Harry smacked his cards down on the table with glee. The other men leaned forward and all of their jaws dropped.

"I'm sorry, Ron, because you're not going to be seeing your mum for awhile. Full house!" Harry grinned down at his cards and leaped up, grabbing the rest of the money and the two tickets. He tipped his head towards the two foreigners, who had slumped miserably down in their chairs. "Thanks for the ride, boys!"

Ron sat still in his chair, mouth wide open as he looked disbelievingly at Harry's deck of cards. "America... I'm going to America."

"Come on, Ron!" Harry yelled loudly, his joy palpable as he shook Ron from his dazed stupor. "We're going to the land of the free!"

"Bloody hell!" The red-headed man seemed to finally hear him, and jumped from his chair, lifting Harry up onto his shoulders. "We're going to America!"

The patrons of the bar looked on at them with amusement as they cheered and yelled to everyone who would listen. Finally the bartender, who had had quite enough, motioned towards the clock on the wall of the bar and said grumpily,

"You mean Titanic goes to America. In five minutes."

"Shit!" Harry exclaimed as he scrambled down Ron's shoulders. He grabbed his bag, Ron hot on his heels, and gave those in the bar a final grin. "It's been grand, everyone!"

Both boys ran out of the pub, all they owned in the bags slung over their shoulders, as the final whistle from Titanic blew across the pier. They tore through the families waving up at the passagers already boarded until they finally sprinted up to the ramp of the thirdclass gangway. The crewman atop were clearly dismantling, but stopped at the yells of the two boys below.

"Wait!" Harry shouted up, waving their tickets in the air. "We're passangers!"

The crewman gave them a nasty look, but reattached the gateway. He grabbed their tickets with a raised eyebrow. "Sven? Olaf?"

Ron nodded hastily as Harry smiled at the man cheerfully. "That's us."

The man stopped, almost comtemplating telling them to leave the ship, but seemed at last not to care. "Go straight down that hall."

Harry and Ron raced down the hallway, exhilaration in their hearts as they approached their rooms. Ron looked at Harry with happiness shining from his blue eyes, "We're the bloody luckiest sons of bitches in England!"

Harry threw open the door of their rooms and immediately claimed the top bunk, unaware that there were two others joining them. The room was modestly small, two bunk beds crammed into opposite corners. Though their rooms were lacking, Harry was on top of the world.

The Malfoys, on the other hand, were enjoying their luxurious accomodations. They had been given two bedrooms, a sitting room and a wardrobe room. The sitting room was vastly decorated with elaborate hangings and fixtures. Draco sat in an armchair across from Pansy, who was fanning herself delicately, as he admired some of the paintings he had acquired. His father and mother were out exploring the private deck that they had been granted and he was grateful for the somewhat limited privacy.

"I don't know why you insist on gazing at those silly mud puddles." Pansy sniffed, looking at him with something akin to disdain. "A waste of money, if you ask me. You could have bought me something, for instance."

"Have you no proper sense of decorum?" Draco said lowly, sneering at the woman across from him. She shrinked back in her chair, fear evident in her eyes. "If you insist on speaking that way to your futute husband, there will be a grandious problem, Ms. Parkinson."

She said nothing and merely bowed her head.

Satisfied, Draco looked back to the work of art on his knees.

"Besides, you're completely wrong. These are fascinating pieces," He squinted down at the name scribbled on the corner of the painting. "Picasso... that was his name."

"He'll never amount to anything," Lucius said coldly, striding into the room with Narcissa. "But at least they were inexpensive."

Draco curled his lip, but did not answer. Instead, he walked up to a separate wardrobe that had been placed in the corner of the room, and swung open. Inside, a heavy metal safe could be seen. "They have just brought this up, Father."

Lucius looked satisfied. "Good."

They were interrupted when one of the maids exited Draco and Pansy's room, curtsying as she left. "Hopin' your room is alright, Miss."

"I'll be the judge of that." Pansy sneered, turning her nose up at the girl. She held out her hand in Draco's direction, who stared at her with dislike. "Let us go inspect it, darling."

His father's eyes motioned for him to offer Pansy his arm and it was with extreme reluctance he did. He followed her as she led the way into their private chambers and observed the bed, its white sheets crisp and clean.

"This is acceptable." Pansy turned to him. "What do you think?"

"It's fine." He said stiffly.

Pansy smiled coyly at him. "It's all so brand-new, isn't it? Just to think that tonight, I'll be the first to climb between those sheets." She leaned towards him and looked at Draco under her lashes. "I'll always be the first, won't I, Draco?"

He did not meet her eyes and turned away to stare at himself in the mirror that faced him. The disgust was palpable in his expression. Draco felt her approach him and watched through the glass as she wrapped her arms around his shoulders, her dark eyes heady with malice.

"The first and only. Forever."

Later that day, the Titanic had made her final stop and was now heading out the coast of Ireland, with nothing but ocean in front of her. The Malfoy's had headed out onto the deck for a late tea and in their company was Mr. Thomas Andrews, the shipbuilder, Bruce Ismay, the managing director, and Molly Brown, a hefty woman who was the wife of a wealthy husband who had struck gold out west. While her wealth would have normally made her fit in right away, she was "new money" and therefore the Malfoy's turned their noses up at her. She had struck up a conversation with Narcissa, who was sipping her tea with white knuckles, her blue eyes icy.

"Well, I may have knocked her together, but the idea was Mr. Ismay's. He envisioned a steamer so grand in scale, and so luxurious in its appointments, that its supremacy would never be challenged. And here she is... willed into a solid reality."

Draco feigned interest in the conversation, but on the inside, his listlessness grew. His father was subtly trying to intimidate Mr. Andrews, trying to quietly point out any flaws in the grand ship. Instead, Draco chose to look outside onto the deck, where the sun was slowly beginning its descent. He didn't look away until Pansy coughed slightly, nudging him.

"Don't you agree, Draco?" His father said, barely moving his lips. His dissapproval was evident and the other men in their company looked at him expectantly.

"You'll have to excuse my beloved," Pansy cut in, simpering. "He's a little tired from the journey. Aren't you, Draco?"

He smiled tightly. "Pardon me, Father. I was simply admiring the ship and I'm afraid I became distracted. What were you saying?"

"I was telling Mr. Ismay of your plans to become a lawyer and how vital it will be for your future," Lucius's eyes narrowed dangerously. "But if you are too distracted to even partake in a gentleman's discussion, perhaps it is not the most suitable career choice."

The tension around the table abruptly increased and everyone fell silent. Molly Brown let out a nervous giggle. "Come now, Lucius, don't be so hard on him! Let's all have a nice afternoon and talk about something else... like this grand ship we're on! Titanic, who came up with that name?" Molly looked over at Mr. Ismay and ignored Lucius, who glared at her, "You, Bruce?"

Mr. Ismay hesitantly spoke, "Yes, actually. I wanted to convey sheer size. And size means stability, luxury... and safety-"

The desire to embarrass his father and the men for his humiliation grew and Draco chose to interject, "Do you know of Dr. Freud? His ideas about the male preoccupation with size might be of particular interest to you, Mr. Ismay."

Pansy stifled a giggle as Lucius turned his furious eyes on his only son. "For God's sakes, Draco-"

"Excuse me." Draco muttered and he stalked away from the table.

Harry sat on a bench in the middle of the deck, his green eyes concentrated as he scribbled away on his sketch pad. Ron was a few feet away from him, staring down into the water with fascination as he stood on one of the rails on the deck.

"Oh great. First class dogs come here to do their business." A scowling Irishmen burst out suddenly, pointing towards a snooty upperclassman and his French bulldog.

"At least we know where we rank in the scheme of things." Harry answered, grinning.

"Like we could forget." The Irishman approached him and stuck out his hand. "I'm Seamus, by the way, Seamus Finnegan."

"Harry Potter." They shook hands and Seamus glanced down at the sketch pad, nodding appreciatively.

"That's damn good."

Harry was about to give his thanks when his eyes strayed over to the well deck above them. A young man, about his age, stood there, his gray eyes stormy and troubled as he gripped the rail with white knuckles. His hair was white blond and fine, carefully slicked back and he had the face of wealth. The lines of his face were sharp and refined and Harry's breath was stolen away. As an artist, he appreciated finer things and this young man was the most beautiful thing he had ever seen. As if sensed he was being watched, he turned sharply in Harry's direction, but the move was graceful and lithe. Their eyes met, green on gray, and a sense of electricity crawled its way up Harry's spine. The young man looked away quickly, a hesistant expression changing his face. Harry watched as another man, obviously his father because their resemblance was uncanny. The older man, however, looked far colder and harsh than his son. They were also approached by a young woman, who attached herself to the man's arm, her dark eyes angry. He shook her off and walked away from the pair, who called after him.

"Draco!" The young lady said shrilly, and many looked up to watch as the pair strode after Draco.

"Draco..." Harry murmured, tasting the name on his lips.

"Forget it, mate." Seamus said knowingly, winking at him. "You'd as like have angels fly out o' yer arse as get next to the likes o' him."

Later in the evening, when the sun had finally set and dinner bells had rung, Draco sat in the middle of his father and Pansy, staring into his plate and he paid no mind to the inconsequential babble around him. When had his life come to this? He saw his life as an endless parade of parties and cotillions, yachts and polo matches... always the same narrow people, the same mindless chatter. He saw himself as a lawyer, stuck with boring files and paperwork, in an office that felt too big for him. As the waiter approached and set down his plate of crab salad, he picked up the crab fork, which glinted sharply in the light. His eyes followed the light and, aware that no one was paying him any mind, poked the fork into the skin of his wrist. The sharp prick that followed awoke him and he found himself digging it in harder, until droplets of blood appeared, staining his white shirt. The sight of the blood made him blanch and Draco quickly pulled down the sleeve of his suit jacket. He tugged at his tie, which felt like a vise against his neck, choking him.

"I-I..." He began, but no one listened. "Excuse me!"

He strode from the table, feverishly trying to remove his tie, but to no avail. He ignored all of the stewards that called after him as he walked the corridor across from his chambers. Draco entered the room, and stood in the middle, gazing once more at his reflection in the large vanity mirror. With a shuddering sigh, he tore the tie off of his throat, throwing it across his room. Running his fingers through his hair, he pulled at the strands. He felt himself drowning. This was the life he would be forced to have the minute Titanic docked in New York. Draco could not deal with it. He could not look at himself. He would see his father there.


He flung a hairbrush at the mirror and watched in morbid satisfaction as it cracked. The room suddenly felt too small and it closed in around him. He had to get out of there and ran once more out of the door. He knew his destination.


Harry kicked his feet up on a bench, cigarrette dangling from his mouth and his eyes fastened on the stars. Hearing someone come up, his green orbs widened in shock as he saw the young man from before, Draco, stride past him, hair dishelved and grey eyes crazed. Swinging up, he followed the other man quietly, flicking his cigarrette in the water. He stopped once they reached the stern and even Draco seemed surprise at the end of his journey. With a determined glint, he clung to the stern's flagpole and looked out onto the black water. Without any warning, Harry saw him begin to climb over the railing, till he faced the blackness, his body over the rails. He saw Draco look down as if hypnotized by the black vortex below. Harry saw his fingers tighten slightly on the rail before loosening. He chose to step forward.

"Don't do it."

Draco lashed around, his grey eyes narrowed. "Stay back. Don't come any closer."

Harry took another step forward. "Just calm down and take my hand, I'll pull you back in."

"No," Draco sneered, but his lip trembled visibly. "Don't come near me.. I'll let go, I swear I will."

"No... I don't think you will." Harry crossed his arms over his chest.

Draco blanched. "Excuse me? Do not presume to tell me what I will or will not do. You don't know me, so go away!"

Harry shook his head and began to remove his shoes and sweater. "Can't now, I'm involved. If you let go, I'll have to jump in right after you."

The blond man glared. "Don't be absurd!"

"I'm a good swimmer."

Draco gripped the rails tighter as he faced Harry. "The fall alone would kill you."

Harry shrugged his shoulders. "It would hurt... but I'm more concerned about that water being so cold."

The Malfoy heir looked down, visibly upset. "How cold?"

"Freezing," Harry answered dubiously, removing his chain and setting it down. "Maybe a couple of degrees over."

"And you're still going to jump in after me?" Draco exclaimed. "You are absolutely mad!"

Harry gazed at him calmly, something like kindness in those deep green eyes. "With all due respect, I'm not the one hanging off the back of a ship."

After a long pause, Draco finally nodded. "Alright. You win."

He unfastened one of his hands from the rail and held it out. Harry grasped it firmly and smiled, "I'm Harry Potter."

Draco sneered, but its effect had been greatly lessened by the fear that now reflected on his face. "Enchanted."

The Malfoy heir began to turn slowly until he faced Harry. The reality of the situation he was in was settling and the terrifying height made his head swim. Suddenly, the hand the still clutched the rail slipped and he felt himself tumble down as one of his feet slid off. Harry himself was pulled toward the rail and, mustering all his strength, braced himself against the railing. He awkwardly pulled Draco towards him and with one great heave, managed to pull the other man over the rail. They fell on the deck, Draco sprawled on top of him.

"I've got you." Harry panted.

They stared into each other's eyes for a long time, the silence tense and electric, until Draco seemed to realize what he was doing and hastily stood up.


But before he could get any other words out, they were interrupted by the sound of footsteps. To Draco's distress, they were joined by a crewman, Macnair and his father.

"What in God's name is going on here?"

A/N: It's a bit of an awkward place to end it, but I just couldn't get anymore out. I'm really excited to do this. I've just watched Titanic and I thought to myself, this is definitely Harry/Draco material. Doing this in my spare time, so I can't say whether I will update often. Anywho, I hope you enjoyed this and stick around to see what's to come! ALSO: This had a lot of dialogue from the movie, but it won't happen too much with the later chapters. I don't own those lines though.