Title: My Heart Will Go On

Summary: A retelling of "Titanic" starring Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy.

Harry waited for Draco to arrive at the grandfather clock, a mixture of anxiety and hope wrestling within him. He studied the ornate clock with a feigned calmness, but his insides were a jumbled mess. He knew that if Draco was experiencing the same feelings Harry had felt, those forbidden, wonderful feelings, then he would show up. As his stomach continued to turn,, he felt the back of his neck prickle with awareness. He held his breath, turning slowly, and almost whooped with joy as he saw Draco striding up the stairs to meet him, a faint smile on his normally stony face.

"You made it," Harry said easily, trying with all his might to contain his delight. "I wasn't sure you would."

Draco gave a small shake of the head, his gray eyes softening. "I wouldn't have missed it for the world."

Harry's heart skipped a beat.


Draco didn't know what had possessed him to follow Harry's directions and meet him at the grandfather clock. All he knew was the overwhelming desire to spend as much time as possible in Harry's intoxicating being. He had never felt this way before, so utterly intrigued by another human being. What further surprised him was that his intrigue was not spurned by selfish desires, but a need to soak in and be warmed by Harry's presence. He was as comforting as the rays of the sun and Draco didn't think he would ever get enough.

Harry grinned the cheeky grin that secretly delighted him.

"So...do you want to go to a real party?"

Draco was led down to parts of the ship he had never seen before, the conditions worsening the farther down they went. Harry continued to steer him through many hallways until they stopped, reaching a room that was buzzing with noise and excitement. With a charming smile, Harry opened the door and motioned for him to enter. They entered the room and the air was ripe with the sound of unbridled joy. There was a band playing an animated tune in the corner, everyone on their feet, twirling and frolicking away. People danced and laughed, drank beer and Draco could even swear he saw some of them brawling. It was utter madness, but every last person in the room, man women and child, looked entirely at ease. The Irish man Draco had seen earlier today now approached Harry and himself with a cheerful, ineligible roar, two foaming pints of beer in each hand.

"This is Seamus," Harry shouted over the music, grabbing each mug and handing one to Draco. He raised the pint to his lips, downing a good amount. "He's a good lad."

Draco nodded and hesitantly lifted his own mug to his mouth. Immediately, warm mead filled his entire mouth. He swallowed appreciatively, a fiery trail sliding down his throat. He was rarely allowed to drink beer, not when there were aged wines and whiskies to be tasted. Taking another sip, he could almost imagine the look on his father's face if he could see Draco now. The image almost made him giggle. Before he could voice the thought to Harry, a large ginger blur collided into them, swinging an arm around their shoulders.

"And this here is Ron," Harry said wryly, clapping a hand on the other boys shoulder. "Alright, mate?"

Draco tried not to wrinkle his nose. He was not one to appreciate such brutish behavior.

"Never better," Ron bellowed happily, his words slurring slightly. He raised his mug and held it in a far off direction. "See that lass over there?"

They looked in the direction Ron pointed to and saw a young woman, all bushy hair and a pretty face, smiling over at them uncertainly. Her eyes went soft, however, when they settled on Ron, smile widening.

"We've only met tonight, but I think I'm in love, boys!" Ron exclaimed, no doubt in his voice, and took a large swig, spilling ale over his front.

"To love!" Seamus cheered from out of nowhere, barreling into them. Some of his beer sloshed over Draco, but Harry was so alight with joy, he could not bring himself to be bothered.

"To love!" Harry said lowly, in agreement and they clanked their mugs in unison. Draco dared not look in Harry's direction, fearing his face would give him away. His heart expanded, churning with happiness and fear and emotion he dared not name. In that moment, the band struck a particularly spirited tune and everyone who was not yet dancing roared in unison and began to move.

"Let's dance!" Harry declared, holding out his hand.

"I don't think so," Draco answered incredulously. Was Potter mad?


"Absolutely not," He hissed, shaking his head emphatically. "Think of what everyone would say."

Harry's arm stayed where it was, held out to him. "I promise no one will say a word."

"We are both men, Potter." Draco said firmly, ignoring the voice in his head that pleaded with him to say yes. "We can't dance together."

"But we can." Harry was positively vibrating with glee and before Draco could get another word out, his hand was taken firmly from him and pulled towards the center of the dance floor. He tried not to stiffen as Harry shamelessly placed a hand on his waist and began to dance.

"I don't even know the steps!" Draco protested with a tinge of desperation.

Suddenly, Harry pulled him close, closer than they had ever been, their foreheads practically touching. Draco swore he could almost count every one of Harry's eyelashes. His throat closed as his breath was inexplicably stolen away from him.

"Don't think about the steps," Harry murmured and the sound of his voice left Draco shaking. "Just move with me."

They started off awkwardly, their feet faltering in self-doubt. However, as the music progressed, the joy of the party was too contagious to fight. They moved in perfect synchronization. Draco was the epitome of grace, all fluid lines and motions, while Harry danced with a reckless abandon that charmed all who saw him. The tune was mad and rushed and perfect for two souls who didn't have a clue why they felt the way they did and why it didn't matter. Harry and Draco were so caught up in their dance, that neither noticed a sneering Macnair gazing at them from an open door.

Harry and Draco burst from a door into the cool night air, exhilaration palpable on their expressions. The evening was crisp, a blazing collection of stars casting a twinkling light over the black void of the sea.

The echoes of laughter was carried through the deck by a frosty breeze as both young men raced through the deck like gleeful children. They stopped short of the railings, cheeks flushed with both chill and warmth, gazing towards the endless ocean.

"Isn't it magnificent?" Draco asked, with a soft wonder. He leaned against the rail, gray eyes fixed on the waters below. "So grand and eternal."

Harry's eyes remained rooted to his companion's face, a whirlwind of emotions flitting across his rugged features. "Yes... magnificent."

They stood in silence for awhile, no sounds other than the gentle waves hitting the sides of the ship, until Draco turned to him.

"They're such... small people, Harry. My... crowd. They think they're giants on the earth, but they're not even dust in God's eye. They live inside this little tiny champagne bubble... and someday the bubble is just going to burst!" His voice rose on the last syllable, a cry of confusion and anger and sadness.

Harry leaned on the rail beside him, placing his hand where it barely grazed Draco's. Even the slightest movement would make their fingers brush and the idea made his heart clench. The space between them was negligible, but to Harry it felt like miles.

"You're not one of them," He commented after a pause. "There's been some mistake."

Draco looked startled. "What on earth do you mean?"

"You've been sent to the wrong mailing address!" Harry announced, the picture of seriousness.

Draco, catching on, rolled his eyes and pretended not to smile. "I have, haven't I?"

"Perhaps we ought to send your parents someone else in your stead..." Harry scratched his chin in mock contemplation. "Ron? Seamus?"

That managed to procure a smile from Draco, until a smile became a chortle, and then full blown laughter.

"Could you imagine the look on my father's face?" Draco chuckled and almost unknowingly leaned against Harry's side.

"Something like this, I imagine." Harry attempted to curl his lip in a Malfoy esque manner, but knew he had failed spectacularly when Draco's laughter was renewed. Suddenly, a flash of light whipped through the sky as a shooting star soared overhead.

"Look, Harry!" Draco said excitedly. "Aren't you supposed to make a wish?"

Harry gazed at him with solemn eyes. "What would you wish for?"

And all at once both men became almost painfully aware of their closeness. Harry's face was inches away from Draco, his breath coming in short pants, and Harry could feel it against his cheek. The lips, which he had been itching to sketch, all thin and rosy, were so close to his own and he could almost taste Draco on his tongue. It was the perfect moment.

A loud crash of wave woke them from their reverie and Draco pulled back like a frightened animal and shook his head as if waking himself up.

Gray eyes storming with a sadness Harry couldn't bear to see, he stepped away.

"What do I wish for?...Something that I can't have."

Draco began to walk back towards the door that led to the first class accommodations and Harry was powerless to stop him. Before he walked through the door, Draco turned back to him with a sad smile.

"Goodnight, Mr. Potter. And thank you."

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