The Keyblade Duo
Naruto x Kairi
Sora x ?
Riku x ?
Story Start

''We fight as one.''

Those were the words they always spoke. Those were the words the two of them lived by and fought by. Ever since they were children, living and fighting by that code. They were best friends and partners. So no matter what, as long as they had light in their hearts they felt there wasn't anything they couldn't do. So what was one to do without the other? And when he lost her to the darkness he felt broken. For the first time in a long time, Uzumaki Naruto had given up.

Hot tears, filled with regret and shame dripped down from his eyes. He glanced up at the object a few feet away from him, reminding him of his failure. It was the Keyblade, the tool to keyblade users who hunted down creatures known as Heartless. Incarnations of darkness that consumed the hearts of people and worlds. This Keyblade was round and curvaceous to the point of appearing harmless. One side of the hilt was formed in the shape of a breaking ocean wave, while the other was formed into a beige vine of sand that wraps around the shaft, resembling the coloring of sunset. The vine connected to a bouquet of colorful flowers, which form the teeth of the Keyblade. A red, silken Keychain connected the hilt to the Paopu Fruitt token, a recurring symbol of the bond between them.

Kairi's Keyblade laid there without a master. He couldn't protect his best friend, he couldn't save the princesses, and worst of all he let Master Aqua Down. 'Protect the Seventh Princess.' the only clue that their master had given him.

The sound of stirring drew Naruto's attention. Slowly, Naruto lifted his head and watched the Beast limp past him, slowly making it's way to the large doors of the Castle. It walked heavily, favoring it's right leg, and clutched it's chest with a blood-stained paw.

Why was the Beast moving on? What made it so determined to keep going? Naruto wanted to know why it hadn't given up to lay on the cold stone as he had. Pushing himself to his feet, and drying his eyes Naruto walked slowly behind the Beast, catching up to it just in time to support it as it collapsed forward.

"Hey..." Naruto said softly. "You're hurt and if you move anymore you could worsen your injuries.''

This time, the Beast didn't respond with a roar, but looked up at Naruto curiously. "Why...why did you come here? I came to fight...for Belle." the beast pushed himself to his feet. "And though I am on my own, I will still fight. I won't leave without her." the Beast took an unsteady step forward. "That's why I'm here."

Naruto paused as the Beast pushed on ahead. Still having the strength to push on. It reminded him of another promise he made to Kairi. That no matter what, no matter what they learned or went through they wouldn't give up. He couldn't give up. 'Kairi-chan.' he thought as he walked over to where her keyblade was. The memory of her scream and the darkness tearing through his mind. 'I won't...I won't let your sacrifice be in vain.' he thought as he wrapped his fingers around the grip. 'I won't let what they did to you...' he trailed off as he lift up the keyblade. 'Happen to anyone else.' he asked, feeling a surge of power. It was as if Kairi's presence was watching over him, by his side as he was able to summon his Keyblade. It was model after a key with a crimson orange hilt, a sharp black handle.

The object in his pocket, the Wayfinder, Kairi's star-shaped lucky charm began to glow. It hovered out of his pocket and over his keyblade. It soon merged and enveloped the keyblade, transforming it into a new shape. The Keyblade's shaft than displayed two hearts, and its handle bears two angel wings with the keyblade's teeth fashioned in the shape of the Kanji for light. With both Keyblades in hand a new strength filled Naruto. ''We fight as one!'' he declared as he made way into the depths of the Hollow Bastion alongside the Beast to finish his mission.

Chapter End
This is a prologue. Anyway, I know I mentioned I was going to do this story in another story. Another, what if AU Kingdom Hearts Crossover story. So yeah, far too many lets transplant Naruto into traditional plot or crappy yaoi stories. I'm Kyuubi16, I like to be fun and use characters who are sorely underutilized.

So if you've all been waiting for a good Naruto x Kairi story than look no further.