The Keyblade Duo


Naruto x Kairi

Sora x ?

Riku x ?


Story Opening


Two young children are walking down along the beach side. The first was a young boy of about five years of age with spiky blond hair wearing a white shirt with a red spiral on it and black shorts. His complexion was of a very light tan and he had cerulean blue eyes and was wearing dark blue sandals of an unusual design. The other was a young girl with auburn hair, and unlike the boy's cerulean eyes hers was indigo. She is wearing a white apron-like shirt with blue flowers and a blue line across the chest, a pink skirt with a white line on it and large, white shoes with pink and purple lines on them. The girl is carrying the doll of a small orange animal of some kind and is following behind the boy by five feet.

(Kick things off by playing Rising Sun (Simple and Clean Rock Remix)

When you walk away

The children are slightly older. The girl is following behind the boy by four feet as they continued down to the beach to an unnamed location.

You don't hear me say

The children are about ten and nine years old respectively. The girl is slightly running after the boy, only three feet behind him.

Please, oh baby don't go

They age by two years, the boy is wearing a black t-shirt with orange cargo pants and the girl is wearing a black top with a violet skirt. She's two feet behind him with both of them moving at a jogger's pace.

Simple and clean is the way that you're making me feel tonight

They age by two more years. Both of them running, the boy is wearing an open orange Jacket with a black T-shirt and pants. A green gem is hanging around his neck and the distance between him and the girl is only a feet. She's wearing a white top with a black one underneath a purple skirt hem, with a blue belt and white slip on shoes.

It's hard to let it go

The two of them are aged by two years once more. The blond is wearing an orange T-shirt with black lining and Black cargo pants with a zipper pouch on the right side and black zipper less shoes along with the Shodaime's necklace with his companion wearing a dark pink mini-dress with pockets on each side that reached down to her hips with shorts. Both are running side by side, carrying key shaped weapons as a giant key hole of light appears and they both disappear into it.

The two of them then find themselves in a jungle area. Yellow lights began to illuminate the darkness all around them. They draw their Keyblades as the glowing golden orbs revealed themselves as Heartless. Some of them charged forward and jump in the area. Out of nowhere a shield flies around and smack into some of them, causing them to erupt into bursts of black wisps. Several more are knocked out of the air by lightning and fire. The boy and girl turned in surprise to see another boy of their age, with spiky brown hair along with an anthropomorphic duck in blue wizard's style clothing and an anthropomorphic dog with casual yellow slacks and green turtleneck joining them. Sharing a glance they all jolt in separate directions to fight the dark menace.

The blond haired boy suddenly finds himself on Destiny Islands, its land scape cloaked in darkness as he stands opposite of a white cloaked individual. The individual summons a scythe and they both charged each other with their weapons before both are enveloped in a bright flash.

The blond haired boy and auburn haired girl are standing back to back in a snowy landscape as three dark armored figures surround them. The boy said something to the girl who nods. They cross their Keyblades together and chant something as a bright power explodes from them.

The three teens find themselves standing opposite of a silver haired teen. The brown haired boy and auburn girl says something to the silver haired teen who throws his arm to side. The blond haired boy says something as his two companions look at him in shock. The silver haired boy summons a bladed weapon and the other three teens arm themselves, looking quite reluctant.

A blue haired woman is shouting at a dark skinned man. She prepares to strike, only to be blindsided by the man in white. The man in white then attacks the dark skinned man with the blond haired boy and auburn haired girl showing up, quite confused.

A white hall forms around the blond and auburn haired girl and they're soon separated. The blond haired boy finds himself facing down a pink haired man with a scythe whose smirking at him. The blond ran forward and the man swipes with his scythe. The blond flies forward, dodging another swing from the scythe.

The auburn haired girl finds herself jumping and dodging lightning strikes from a blond haired woman. She runs forward and leaps over the woman who fires a widespread field of lightning and brings her weapon down.

The blond youth arms himself with a Keyblade as he walks into a portal. He suddenly finds himself surrounded by thirteen black cloaked individuals with golden eyes. His Keyblade disappears as he falls into darkness. Before he could completely slip in the image of his companion breaks through it with light and grabs his hand.

The older image of the blond and his companion are surrounded by various Heartless and Nobodies. Putting their hands over their hearts they say a chant as they are covered in armor.

A giant Heartless appears to attack them when a Keyblade goes soaring through the air and cleave it in two. They turned to see who its wielder when their body movements react awkwardly, suggesting they are shocked by its wielder.

Out from the sky a black giant creature appears, warping time and space. It appears in a canon with six seraph wings sprouting from its back as darkness began spreading across the expanse.

On the other far side all the other Key wielders and anthropomorphic characters prepare their weapons and charge forward. Freeze Frame.


Story Start


"Okay, so you know that there are many more worlds than just your world and this one, right?" The woman named Aerith asked.

Donald quacked and then nodded. "But they're supposed to be a secret!" Goofy added, his hands covering his mouth like he was sinning just by talking of them.

"They've been a secret because the worlds were never connected. Until now. When the Heartless came, everything changed…"

Meanwhile in the Inn Naruto had come across the friend Yuffie mentioned. While it wasn't Kairi he was glad Sora was safe. "Someone or something has aroused the Heartless. Master Aqua told us the darkness had been restless lately which was why Kairi and I were going to be given our Mark of Mastery Exam. I didn't think it had gotten that bad."

"And you have no idea who the weirdo in white was that attacked you?" Yuffie questioned.

"No, the bastard was just toying with me." Naruto angrily answered. He wasn't angry at Yuffie, but just remembering his defeat caused his blood to boil. He was supposed to become a faster. A fact that may have been stroking his ego a bit, though the defeat left him with a bitter pill to swallow.

"What matters now is taking control of the situation." Leon said sternly and then continued with his statement. "If Kairi is here it'll only be a matter of time until we find her. She can defend herself unlike most of the inhabitants of tranverse town. The number of fighters that are capable of defending against the Heartless are one in a thousand. We have to find and seal the Keyhole."

"I'll have that done in no time!" Naruto announced as he stood up. "We just have to cleave a path through the Heartless. Master Aqua once mentioned this town being the center of the world henceforth finding the Keyhole should be no problem."

"Oh, before we forget, you ever heard of a guy named Ansem?"

"An-sem?" Goofy asked, pronouncing the word slowly.

"He was studying the Heartless. He recorded all of his findings in a very detailed report." Aerith said softly, as if saddened by something.

"Gawrsh… can we see it?" Goofy asked, scratching his head.

"No. Ansem hid it somewhere." The brunette answered.

"Hid it?" Donald inquired.

"On some world. I don't know which."

"Maybe the King went to find 'em!" Goofy cried loudly, causing Donald to glare at him and Aerith to laugh softly.

"Yes, those were my thoughts exactly."

Goofy looked at Donald. "We've got to find him quick!"

Donald nodded but then sighed. "First we must find that 'key'!"

"That's right, the Keyblade." Aerith stated.

Donald saw Pluto scratching at the door that led to the next room over and he rolled his eyes. "Goofy, do something to keep that dog busy!"

"It's at the tip of my tongue. That name, is so familiar." Naruto finally gave up in frustration. The memory was right there but something was blocking it out.

"Why? How did all of this happen!?" Sora angrily exclaimed. "What about my parents? Everyone back on the island? Are they all gone forever? All because of some stupid creatures who live on instinct?"

"I wish I could tell you man, I really do." Naruto sincerely answered. "Not everything that falls into darkness is lost forever. Master Aqua herself was lost in darkness, but she told Kairi and me one day that one day a path to the world of light opened. She was able to sustain herself because the strength in her heart. As long as we have strength in our hearts, nothing is lost."

Naruto's words did little to pacify Sora. "You'd better prepare yourself. The Heartless will find us soon." Leon announced.

"Prepare myself?" Sora wondered aloud, wondering what he had gotten himself into.

"To fight for your life. Do you think you can handle it?"

Sora opened his mouth to reply, but Yuffie's cut him off. "Leon! Look!" They whipped around to look at Yuffie and found that a solider Heartless had risen from the ground. Faster than he could blink Naruto cleaved it in two.

"Yuffie, go!" Leon yelled while pointing at the door that led into the adjoining room. She nodded and ran towards it.

When Goofy had no luck getting Pluto away from the door, Donald quacked in frustration and walked over to the yellow dog. "Now listen here, you stupid dog. If you don't stop with the distractions, I'll—" Suddenly Pluto jumped away from the door. However, before Donald could ponder the reason why, the door flew open quickly and flattened Donald against the wall.

"Yuffie?" Aerith asked when she burst into the room.

"The Heartless are attacking!" Yuffie cried as she ran past Aerith and out of the room. Aerith quickly followed, forgetting all about Donald or Goofy.

"Sora, come on! You have to be ready to fight!" Naruto shouted at the boy, snapping him out of his stupor.

Sora looked ahead as more soldiers materialized. He watched as their yellow eyes drew away from the crowd in general and focused on Naruto and the Keyblade. A sort of coldness emanated from the boy, as his anger channeled into a state of tranquil vengeance unlike the fiery explosion back on the island. The air around him became cold as a thin sheet of frost covered his hands.

On instinct small chunks of ice and snow erupted from his hand, piercing the creatures. The Heartless exploded into colored wisps of yellow, violet, and black. "Ready as I'll ever be!" He said. At least he knew what he could take his anger out on.

"Then let's go!" Leon yelled before slamming the gunblade into the ever arriving creatures, sending one of them crashing through the window and out into the alleyway below.

"Kairi's gonna be pissed. You got a second element much faster than she did." Naruto joked, interjected humor into the tense situation. "Let's go!" he exclaimed as he jumped out of the window after Leon. Sora was right behind him as he leaped out of the window out to the streets below.